Thornton fishing report week ending 28th June

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Thornton Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 28 June 2020

Monday and the warmer weather continued although the forecast indicted cooler conditions midweek onwards. Swinfield and Zeleny back drifted to get their snakes and boobies down and it worked catching 7 trout for their visit. Rodger Townsend fished a foam back daddy on the dropper with a weighted fly on the point to pull it just under the surface, a tactic that worked as he went on to catch 4 for his mornings visit, Bob Jones on his first outing of the year float tubed catching 4 on a diawl bach while I Brearley fished a DI8 with blobs and snake to catch 11 trout to 3lb

Tuesday had a rod average 3.5, cooler mornings fished best with the car park, green bay and dam wall best. M Beck caught 6 for his mornings visit, Dave Coote fished a sink tip with olive buzzers catching 7 trout for his short 4 hour morning session, B Doleman fished bloodworm patterns static catching 5 trout for his half day visit with Arthur Olding taking our advice fishing the cooler morning session to catch his 4 trout

Wednesday and the hot spell of weather wasn’t helping the fishing as our surface temperature went to 19cAnglers who fished the cooler morning session caught best with members M Glover catching on a damsel 8ft down with another member P Walker taking his fish on Diawl`s and a gold head. This time of year its important to follow our advice to be successful for example the morning session we recommended angers to fish averaged 3.00 while the hotter afternoon session averaged 0.9

Thursday was a day for sinking lines S Zeleny & S Swinfield caught 10 for their visit fishing the cooler morning session with fast sinking lines, they reported plenty of missed takes. R Moreton caught 4 in the first few hours finishing his morning session with 6. A Miles caught 6 for his mornings visit with P Cross & S Windram catching their 7 trout on DI3 and fast sinking lines, for those prepared to fish fast sinkers on the drift casting out of the side of the boat and allowing the sinking line to sink fully behind the boat a great day despite the weather with a rod average 4.6

Friday following a humid night a bit more of a cooler breeze although our water surface temperature was still high all anglers caught up until midday. S Swinfield & S Zeleny returned for their second outing of the week this time catching 10 trout but reporting lots of pulls and follows. R Moreton caught 6 by midday with P Cross & S Windram catching 7 for their visit.

Saturday and a cooler day, more wind with showers, top rod was J Webber who found the fish off the stones and across the main basin catching 18 on a pink snake and orange fab on a DI5, M Watkins and his son enjoyed their first trip in 2 years and weren’t disappointed catching 11 trout on small orange boobies, tequila boobies and orange headed damsels. Brian Sibley & Alison caught 8 for their mornings visit. Again, the most productive session was the cooler morning.

Sunday cooler wind and heavy showers are all helping to cool the water. Members M Vickers & Simon shared a boat & caught 8 for their mornings visit. J Parrot & partner new to the sport enjoyed their best session yet catching 10 for their mornings visit with most falling to a pink snake. Andrew Wilson decided to fish 100yards off the wood finding a pod of fish willing to take his cats whisker & orange lure catching 14 for his mornings sport.

Rod average for the week was 3.4

Best time to fish was the cooler morning session 8.00am – 3.00pm with intermediate, DI3, DI5 & fast sinkers with snakes, booby, orange Fab or Blob, damsel, size12 diawl bach

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