Day Permits

Thornton Day Permit & Boat Rates 2022

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2022 1st February ~ 30th November

PRE-PAYMENT FOR BOOKINGS: To enable the fishery staff to have more time to interact with their customers when they arrive at the fishery, reduce queuing at the lodge & unfortunately to prevent “No Shows” we will be asking you to prepay at the time of booking.

  • We will be asking for payment at the time of booking if your visit is within the next 4 weeks.
  • If your booking is further away than 4 weeks the fishery staff will take your booking & will contact you 2 to 3 weeks prior to your visit to arrange payment.
  • If the fishery cancels your visit due to any reason, a full refund will be given
  • If you cancel your visit up to 24 hours prior to your visit, the fishery will provide a full refund
  • If you fail to notify the fishery that you wish to cancel or are a “no show” no refund will be issued
  • Permits & receipts will be at the booking in area for you to pick up on arrival
  • Staff working the pontoon will allocate your boat number
  • Organisers for Angling Clubs, Associations, Competitions need to contact the lodge to enable us to arrange your group booking & payments.
  • Group discounts are available when booking 5 or more boats

Day Permits

  • A junior may share an adult’s permit
  • No permit has a time restriction on it you come along & choose the best permit to suit your availability.
  • All our permits offer a catch & release option.
  • Group discounts are available when booking 5 or more boats
  • Float Tubing allowed, No launch fee
1 Fish Kill + Catch & Release £19.50
2 Fish Kill + Catch & Release £22.50
3 Fish Kill + Catch & Release £24.00  New for 2022
4 Fish Kill + Catch & Release £25.50
5 Fish Kill + Catch & Release £27.50  New for 2022
6 Fish Kill + Catch & Release      £29.50
Our Popular Last 4 Hour Permit – Perfect for the Evening Rise
Last 4 hour 1 Fish Kill + Catch & Release £10.50

Our 2022 Stocking Policy explained

Boat Prices

  • All our boats are rowing boats. You may bring your own electric motors.
  • We have electric engines for hire
  • Lifejackets to be worn at all times, you may wear your own, FM(UK)Ltd also provide lifejackets
  • No Boats Allowed Out If  Average Wind Speed of 25mph plus is forecast.
  • Call the lodge to book your boat: 01530 230807
Full Day Rowing Boat
Available from 8.30am – ½ after sunset
Part Day Rowing Boat Morning / Afternoon
Times displayed in the lodge.
£  5.50
Last 4 Hour Boat £  4.00
    ELECTRIC ENGINE HIRE – New for 2021
Electric Engine Hire Full Day £10.00
Members Electric Engine Hire Full Day £  8.00
Electric Engine Hire Part Day £  6.00
Members Electric Engine Hire Part Day £  5.00