Weekly fishery report Thornton, Draycote, Eyebrook

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending: 16th April   Rod Av: 2.8    Water Temperature: 9c+

Monday was a damp windy day with no boats out.

Tuesday was a better morning which turned wet in the afternoon. Fish are starting to move around the reservoir with Martin Hosking catching 11 at various depths. Barry Deeley fished an intermediate with a green and white humungus to catch his 7 trout, with Paul Martindale catching his 7 trout on buzzers.

Wednesday, we cancelled the boats as average wind speed exceeded 25mph

Thursday & Friday with the forecast for rain, heavy at times and a blustery wind, few anglers took a boat out, those that did fished the morning session when the forecast was at its best. P Wrigley caught 4 for his mornings fishing with John Bebbington catching 5

Saturday with the heavy rainfall during Friday afternoon & into the evening raising the level by 2 inch & reducing the clarity. Sinking lines with white & green booby, sparkler booby & UV Damsel produced best. Bob Jones caught 11, Keith Cowen caught 9, B Sibley caught 8 with J Webber catching 7 mostly on Sink 7 lines and booby. M Needham fished an uv damsel for his 5 trout.

Sunday, clarity continues to improve with a few trout to be seen feeding across the main basin. Most found success with fast sinkers and booby patterns, black and silver, cats whisker booby and orange booby. S Swinfield & S Zeleny caught 6, S Parnham & L Lawrence caught 7 with A Lilley catching 6 for his mornings visit. Most fished 30 to 80yds off the bank opposite the lodge, wood and around the corner towards the end of the wood. A few fish were taken during the late afternoon by boats drifting across the main basin.


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Event – Boatmen / Boatwomen required for Seniors International

Draycote 19th May hosts the seniors International with teams from England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland. We require boatmen / women for the event. You will receive £30.00 & a Draycote or Eyebrook boat voucher. If your interested or require further information, contact Tom Bird at the Draycote Lodge 01788 812018

Week Ending:     16th April 2023           Rod Av: 4.4     Water Temperature: 8°C

With gusty strong winds and rain forecast it was a welcome sight Monday, to see the wind speeds down on what was forecast. However, this didn’t last long and the strong winds soon picked up in the later part of the morning. On the bank Draycote season ticket holder Stephen Dewhurst landed 4 fish on buzzers from the Swans Nest. On the boats member Ian Reeve took his Grandson Cian out with the pair boating 7 fish, with Cian landing 3 of them. They fished buzzers under the bung in Rainbow Corner, to see some pictures of Cian follow the link www.facebook.com/flyfishstore. Richard Walker fished with P Davies with the pair landing 5 fish with 2 coming to a white minkie fished on a sink tip and the other 3 coming to a black buzzer. Gordon and Cam Elder landed 5 fish on a hares ear from Rainbow Corner.

It was certainly a hit and miss affair at Draycote on Tuesday as the wind blew up and down and some heavy showers drifted through. Mr K Williams and Mr C Barkley had a brace between them to the boat , while Mr R Bannister also caught a brace. Season permit holders Bob Smith and Ian Richardson had 17 fish to the boat between them using buzzers on the bung, as well as white snakes fished on a DI 5 sinking line.

Another day plagued  by winds on Wednesday, with the strong winds resulting in the boats not being able to head out. However we did have some hardy souls venture out on the bank. Mr Mould landed a brace from the bank in Toft. With Mr Humphries enjoying a great day in the gusty conditions landing 9 fish all on buzzers fished down in Toft, a great catch in the wind.

A much nicer day Thursday with blue skies and the winds dropping back enabling the boats to take to the water once again. The wind was a little gusty in the morning from the Southwest but by the end of the day it had dropped back to leave much more pleasant conditions. Fishing from the bank Phil Cross landed a brace of fish on a cat’s whisker. On the boats Dennis Tidmarsh used the same flies to land 4 fish including a 4lb overwintered fish from the Draycote Dam also using a Cat’s Whisker. Ian Johnston fished for a half day in the boat to land 11 fish on buzzers, commenting that the fish were sitting at 5ft down. All water members Fraser Duffy Snr & Jnr fished for the second half of the day landing 16 fish, although left no comments on how they had caught their fish unfortunately.

Much lighter winds Friday, swinging to the Southeast, with showers throughout the day. As a result of the lighter winds the angler were able to get to areas and hotspots that had been difficult to fish comfortably in the previous day. All water member Norman Perkins fished from the bank to land 3 fish on buzzers in Toft. Draycote member Stephen Dewhurst fished for an afternoon on the bank landing 7 fish all falling to buzzers fished in Toft. On the boats Ed Douglas was pleased to find a large number of fish moving first thing in the morning from the Farborough Dam wall. Landing 6 fish in his first drift and going onto land 18 all on dries. Ed found that a size 12 crippled midge and a bob’s bits on the droppers the key to success. Fishing from a boat in Toft, Ian Richardson & Bob Smith landed 20 fish to the boat. Using a mix of methods some fish came to a Di 5 sinking line and a booby with the others coming to buzzers fished under the bung at 12ft. Father and son duo John and Dan McElligott landed 17 fish to the boat using buzzers on a midge tip in the morning then a pink snake in the afternoon.

Saturday dawned again with good fishing conditions and great returns from all across the reservoir. Draycote regular Stan Hillman had 3 fish from the bank whilst Mr T Ward caught a brace. Mr Steve O’Farrell caught 16 fish from the bank down in Toft Shallows using a combination of buzzers in the morning and snakes through the afternoon. Out on the boats Mr Nathan Brain had 8 fish to the boat once again using a combination of buzzers and snakes. Mr D Davies and Mr J Rydell caught 10 fish between them using size 16 buzzers fished around X and G buoy. Season permit holder Martin Hancox ventured out for an afternoon session in a boat to net 3 fish, and returned one in excess of 5lbs. Mr John McVay had 15 fish to the boat using red and black buzzers.

Good conditions for Sunday, with overcast skies teamed with light winds from the Southeast. On the bank Alan smith landed 6 fish with 2 of them coming to bung and buzzers and the other 4 falling to lures. On the boats husband and wife household members Debbie & Sean Gilbert enjoyed a great day. They landed 20 fish from Lincroft point on blue flash damsels and black buzzers in size 10. Fellow household members James Alexander and Alan Sharp landed 10 fish on black buzzers from Toft. Trevor Moore & James Maplethorpe fished in Biggin Bay near E Buoy landing 32 fish all on Buzzers. Fishing small size 12 & 14 black buzzers and commented “on a great day”. We also had both 2023 England squads for the home internationals out enjoying a squad get together. With the team enjoying good fishing using buzzers in mainly in Toft either straight lined or on the bung.


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Main Entrance Road Maintenance – The Great Easton Road main entrance to Eyebrook is now open as normal.

Week Ending: 16 April 23     Rod Av: 6.5    Water Temperature: 10°C

It was a relatively quiet start to the week & what a difference a day makes weather wise. The previous high pressure had succumbed to a low pressure that brought with it heavy showers & a moderate to strong south westerly wind. The fish continued to feed on the abundant buzzers, however the strong wind pushed the hatching buzzers out into the middle of the reservoir & the fish duly followed which made them difficult to locate initially. Once found, they would readily take black buzzers fished on a washing line or straight lined. Chris Hartley & his boat partner John Wilson had a great day finding buzzer feeding fish in the open water out from the Chestnut. They had over 30 fish between them on the washing line with a FAB on the point & Buzzers above it. Off the bank Eyebrook Member Dave Etty enjoyed a very successful session landing 9 fish on black & a Grey Boy Buzzer.

After an initial bright start Tuesday was a day of very heavy showers & a strong southerly winds. Chris Hartley & John Wilson returned for the 2nd day of a 2-day package & enjoyed a very successful day on the boat, once again landing over 30 fish on Buzzers & FABs on the washing line. From the bank, Eyebrook Member Roy Swinfield fished Buzzers down by the Chestnut & landed 15 fish which is a great return. The Chestnut area & across to the Willows, is, as it does this time of year holding a lot of fish.

There was a clear bright start to Wednesday, which as forecast, deteriorated into a very wet & very windy day. The mean windspeed was just below our boat limit of 25 mph with buffeting gusts that brought a series of very heavy showers. The wind direction was a consistent southerly so the boat anglers that did venture out, found themselves fishing under imposed restrictions limiting them to the south of the Island & the main basin.  Fish were caught throughout the day on Tip Lines & Nymphs from various locations withing the Basin. From the bank, All Water Member Ian Jobe ventured up to the Chestnut & fished between there & the Cowshed. Fishing Nymphs on a Floating Line, Ian had a very productive day landing 17 fish which was a great return given the conditions.

Thursday saw a moderate to strong wind swing round to the West which brought with it some isolated heavy showers & periods of bright spring sunlight. These changeable conditions made the angling somewhat challenging as the fish continuously moved in & out of the margins & up & down the water column. During the overcast spells they would feed confidently in the margins & higher in the water column. Whereas during the brighter spells, as expected, the fish moved out & into deeper water. The bank anglers fared slightly better than the boats with some excellent returns. Eyebrook members Roy Swinfield & Keith Johnson landed 16 & 14 fish respectively, fishing between the Chestnut & Cowshed on the Leicester Bank. Both were fishing Buzzers & Nymphs on floating lines. Local angler Dale Birch landed 6 on what proved to be a very productive Last 4-hour session on the Buzzers & Nymphs along the Leicester Bank. A massive congratulations must go to Cameron Kell who whilst out fishing with his Grandad, James Vasey, hooked & landed his first ever Rainbow Trout. Well done, Cameron, that will be the first of many, we are sure.

The reservoir fished very well on Friday yielding a rod average a daily rod average of 12.2. The weeks earlier winds had coloured the Rutland bank meaning that any anglers would need to concentrate their efforts on the Leicester Bank. The most productive area was Sam’s Dyke with great catch returns being recorded from the banks & the boats. Eyebrook member, Dean Shilton had a very enjoyable day out in his float tube landing a very high number of fish on Lures & Nymphs. On the boats, Fishery Guide Lee Henfrey & his boat partner Martin Rowson also had a very productive day landing over 50 fish between them on the Diawls on the Washing Line. All Water Member Kev Hart got amongst the fish also, catching on Buzzers, Nymphs & Kev even managed to catch a few on the Dries. From the banks, regular visitor Gary Mickley had a great Last 4-hour session landing 17 fish on the nymphs. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the fish around the banks are very sensitive to weather conditions. When it is overcast, they will feed right in the margins but when there is an element of sunshine, & without any prominent weed beds to hold food, they will move further out into deeper water.

Due to the previous evening of heavy rain, Saturday saw Eyebrook’s water level raise significantly overnight. This did not seem to affect the fishing too much as the fish continued to feed hard the buzzers & were consistently caught from various locations. The most productive yet again though, seemed to be Sam’s Dyke, where fish were caught throughout the day on Buzzers & Nymphs on either the Washing Line, Straight Lined or the Bung. When the fish are feeding on the Buzzers it is worth noting that these buzzer feeding fish will in fact happily take nymphs, particularly Diawl Bachs & Muskins. You don’t need to fish buzzers to catch buzzer feeding fish. Saturday also saw Eyebrook host the Annual Dave Carter Masonic Charity Pairs Match in aid of Cancer Research UK. Fished to an 8 fish pairs limit with prizes for the Heaviest Pairs Bag & the Largest Fish, 14 anglers took to the water & caught 106 fish between them producing a rod average of 7.5 which was a great return. Well done to all participants, who not only fished very well but also managed to raise a significant amount for the chosen charity. Congratulations to the prize winners, Tony & Phil with a bag weight of 16lb 3oz & Mr Bingham who had the largest fish of 2lb 5oz’s.

Sunday brought with it a very light South-South Westerly breeze & intermittent bright spells. There was a lot going on at Eyebrook on Sunday what with the Eyebrook Fly Fishers holding a bank match, the All-Abilities Friendly Fly Fishers (AAFFF) out on the water & resident Instructor Mike Oliver held a bank tuition course. Mike took his course through all the basic elements of Fly-Fishing including Casting, Knots, Flies & Entomology that make up a Trout’s diet. For anyone interested in attending a tuition course, please use the following link https://www.flyfishtuition.co.uk/. The Eyebrook bank match was, as always, a keenly contested affair with the prizes for the biggest & smallest fish. Ian Jobe took the largest fish with a cracking Rainbow of 3lb 4oz. Whereas Clive Moore took the smallest fish with a Rainbow that was somewhat smaller. Between those attending, they produced a rod average of 7, which is a great rod average for a bank match. Well done to all. This was the AAFFF’s first visit of the season to Eyebrook, where 26 anglers of varying experience took to the water. They had a very successful day with everyone catching & the 26 anglers caught a total of 200 fish, giving a great rod average of 7.69. The reservoir continues to fish very well with fish feeding hard on buzzers. The most productive methods continue to be Buzzers or Nymphs fished on the Washing Line with a FAB on the point or Straight Lined; Buzzer on the Point & Diawl Bachs above it.