Thornton fishing report 1st August 2021

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Weekly Fishing Report: Thornton, Eyebrook, Draycote

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Stocking Policy As we enter the period of the year higher water temperatures we alter the average size of trout we stock our stocking policy for Thornton is explained on our website Stocking Policy | Fly Fish Thornton – Leicestershire Fly Fishery

 Week Ending 1st August     Rod Average 1.6   Water Temperature 20c – 22c

Monday the morning session was still likely to be the most productive with All Water members Steve Windram & P Cross fishing the top 3ft of water in front of the main car park with holographic buzzers catching 10 trout between them for the morning session. Despite a good evening rise on Sunday filmed and posted at the evening rise Monday was poor, having said that J Brody fished 4pm till 8pm & caught 3 again on holographic buzzer

Tuesday was a mixed day, Arthur Olding caught 3 on an intermediate with small booby and nymphs with other rods catching 1 or 2 fish to damsels and olive booby

Similar mixed fishing continued on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, All water member Ian Leach and I Brearley catching 8 on damsel patterns

Saturday & Sunday with overcast cooler temperatures anglers reported fish feeding on the surface especially during the early morning. Adan Gunby and S Jordan fished a washing line to catch their 12 trout with Andrew Wilson also fishing a washing line with a claret bumble been an effective fly

Water Clarity is good

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Week Ending Sunday 1st August 2021     Rod Av: 5.3  Water Temperature: 18c+ / 19c+

A bit of a change in the weather from the weekend with a bright flat calm day on Monday. DFFA member Michael Wright ventured out onto the bank to net 5 fish from Lincroft Point. Michael also lost another 4 fish and said that he only caught when the cloud cover came in. Season permit holders John Dickens and Lorenzo Seranno had 6 fish in total. Lorenzo caught 3 fish pulling in the aerators, whilst John caught 1 fish pulling and another 2 on a crippled midge.

A difficult day Tuesday with none of the anglers really finding a consistent way to tempt the fish. The best catch came to all water season ticket holders Ged O’Donoghue and Steve Orton the pair landed 4 fish between them on shrimps, buzzers and minkies fished on intermediates. With other anglers landing 1s commenting it was hard work, but still better than work.

Wednesday was rain on the forecast for most of the day, which never really happened. Although, the fishery did get some heavy thundery downpours later in the day. T Evans & J Bilinski landed 7 fish from Rainbow Corner. Draycote season ticket holder Stephen Dewhurst landed 6 fish drifting from Rainbow Corner and then down towards the Sailing Club. Fishing from the bank for the last 4 hours Slav & Jony landed 4 fish between them, a good sign the fish are starting to move back towards the banks with the cooler weather.

Thursday with the unsettled cooler weather helping to reduce the water temperature Draycote switched on finishing with a 7.4 rod average for the day. A variety of methods worked with sinking lines snakes, fabs & blobs working around A,B,C & J,T buoy with anglers on the drift over open water catching on midge tips with nymphs, buzzer & fab or floating lines with bobs bits, big reds & hoppers #14 #12. Water clarity is good.

Friday was overcast with showers and light winds. The bank anglers struggled to catch as the temperature of the water is still keeping the fish out in the deeper parts of the reservoir. Mr Naylor and Mr Houlton took the only boat out on the water on Friday and netted a total of 29 fish on dries such as hoppers and daddies.

Saturday was again overcast with light winds but definitely fished well with a rod average of 7.1.  Both James Kelly and Paul Lloyd had a brace each from the bank whilst Mick Cronin netted half a dozen. The boats fared better with a lot of anglers getting well into double figures. Quite a few methods were putting fish in the net such as dries, a washing line with nymphs fished on an intermediate line, and even nymphs fished on a DI3. Andy Lilley used CDC’s to catch some of the bigger fish from the middle of the reservoir, netting 10 overall. Kevin Rees, along with David Hoppe and Peter Elliott also resorted to dries to net well over 30 fish each for the day. Mark Braun caught a bakers dozen up in Rainbow Corner using a DI3 and red diawl bachs. Richard and Jim Hall had 14 fish to the boat on dries and FAB’s. Mr T Moore and Mr J Boxham had a total of 10 fish to the boat on crunchers and FAB’s.

Sunday & the dries reigned supreme with a number of anglers catching double figure numbers on crippled midge, bobs bits, big reds & small hoppers generally size #12 #14 with anglers reporting lovely silvered trout up to 4lb taken on long drifts across open water. Washing line was another successful method with small red diawls & hares ears. Water clarity is good with our water temperature closer to 18+c

With the cooler forecast for the week & our water temperature at 18c its looks as if early August could provide excellent top of the water sport

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Stocking Policy As we enter the period of the year with expected higher water temperatures at the Eyebrook we alter the average size of trout we stock. Our stocking policy for the Eyebrook is explained on our website Stocking Policy | Fly Fish Eyebrook – Leicestershire Trout Fishery

Week ending 1st Aug 21                 Rod Average:2.9                  Water Temp: 21C – 19C

With cooler more overcast days forecast , we should be expecting to see the fish starting to come up in the water column and hopefully start to see a few fish starting to move in the surface. Monday proved to be a little bit challenging for most out on the water. However, all water Season Ticket holder Ian Jobe was once again showing how well he knows Eyebrook. Ian managed to get in to double figures from his float tube and fishing a Di7 line. Fishing deep wasn’t quite getting the results he was looking for. But after adjusting his count down to around 10 seconds, it gave him the indication that the fish were indeed starting to come back up to the surface levels after a week or so hiding in the depths. A week ago, a countdown of 30 – 40 seconds was putting the Di7 down at 20 feet deep. With a count of 10, the line is getting you in to around 6 – 7 feet deep. Just a clear indication of understanding fishing a sinking line can produce some fantastic sport. If fishing a sinking line is something you are missing out on, then why not try a guided day with one of our fantastic guides who can enlighten you on the finer details of fishing sinking lines.

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With Tuesday starting off a bit cooler we were definitely witnessing a bit of a change in the weather front. The afternoon was still hot and humid which didn’t help the anglers out. The fishing being presented was still really quite challenging and only a few managed a fish to the boat. With the changes in water and temperature, it was making the fish behaviour quite unpredictable.

Wednesday proved to be yet another challenging day with most of our anglers getting takes that were tentative and hard to convert to a solid lock up. Those that managed to hook fish were often beaten at the net as the fish slipped the hook and escaped. Regular boat partners Clive Moore and Ian Jobe had a day where Clive managed more than Ian. Obviously a more trying day for Ian after having such a good day a few days before from the float tube. Sinking lines were not performing as well as they had done just a few days before. The cooler overcast weather is starting to bring the fish out of the depths and making it a little more challenging to figure out what depth the fish are holding at.

Thursday seen a few of the anglers starting to catch fish closer to the surface. Ron Brown had great day out searching the reservoir and managed to take a few fish by the Island out in open water and then again just outside dogwood bay. He was fishing the washing line method with Diawl Bach’s and a floating fry pattern from a drifting boat.

Friday presented us with some gentle winds in the morning with the occasional bluster of wind. Quite a few fish have been seen moving just off the tower and drifting boats were having some success. A Smith and T Fox had an outstanding day fishing small dries and catching a boatload with both of them getting well in to double figures. A clear sign that the fish have come well up in the water.

Saturday seen quite an increase in the rod average as our anglers were starting to find fish in the upper layers. Eyebrook Season ticket holder Malcom Thompson managed a cool dozen from the bank just by the Bell. He was fishing small CDC patterns. All water ticket holder Mark Hunt was top rod on the day getting well in to double figures while fishing a Bibio Grunter. Mark said that the fish were coming blind to the fly.

Sunday was a strange day with the weather. The morning started out perfect for fishing dries, but then the rain started and kept going for most of the morning. By lunch time the temperatures started to rise, and it became very humid. Fish were still topping and tailing out in the open water and kept the anglers focused on them. Eyebrook Season ticket holders Steve Lawrence and Dave Chadwick had a cracking morning session by getting in to double figures each while fishing intermediate lines and lures. On a whole, the lake produced some fantastic sport on a variety of different methods. A lot of the anglers managed good numbers of fish to the boat and the day ended with a fantastic rod average of 4.3