Thornton Weekly Fishing Report 16th May 2021

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Weekly Fishing Report: Thornton, Eyebrook, Draycote

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Week ending 16th May.  Water Temperature: 13c+   Weekly Rod Av: 5.5

Monday a mix of weather, nice in the morning with the breeze picking up during the day with heavy rain showers at times. Floating lines, midge tips and intermediates worked best with buzzer – olive or black, pheasant tail working best with Jem Langley fishing buzzer and pheasant tail to catch his 6 fish during a morning’s visit

Tuesday a warmer day but again some heavy rain showers. Trout are spread throughout the reservoir with the majority of the trout feeding on the buzzer Mark Burrows fishing up the Thornton arm on spooning his catch found them to be on last year’s perch fry. Barry Deeley fished olive buzzer and blue flash damsel to catch his 12 fish, Paul Martindale kept on his buzzers boating 7 trout with Don Howatt fishing olive buzzers to catch his 6 trout.

Wednesday and a further stocking of 1200+ rainbows averaging 800g /1lb12oz went in today, should keep the good sport we have had during our opening 5 weeks going. Fish moved during the day to hatches of buzzer and increasing numbers of hawthorn during the afternoon with the area along the lonesome pine, stones favourite areas to find the hawthorn been blown onto the water. Excellent evening rise with lots of fish moving close in along the dam wall especially during the last couple of hours.

Thursday the wind was back in the east but that didn’t stop the fish from rising off and on during the day. The shelter from the chilly east wind given buy the Thornton arm, wood and green bay fished best with buzzers and a few hawthorn been on the trout’s menu. R Thorp returned for a days fishing at Thornton after a lengthy absence, he and his boat partner P Wesson caught 14 trout, member P Hunt enjoyed another good visit catching 12, All Water members L Serrano caught 11 for his mornings visit on damsel & buzzers with All Water member M. Ravenscroft catching 8 for his afternoon visit all taken on buzzers.

Friday and another day when the trout were to be seen feeding on & off all day, but they proved weren’t easy. Chris Sayer found a silver & white booby worked best for him as did G Jackson, All Water member P Walker caught his fish on nymphs and buzzers with Carl Bond fishing the evening session finding a buzzer or fab worked best for him.

Saturday proved to be an easier day, the fish still not easy but prepared to take a well presented dry, buzzer or nymph with Saturday returning a rod average 10

Joe & Tim Holder fresh from their days tuition with Andy Miller at Eyebrook a few weeks before visited Thornton and enjoyed a red letter day catching 25 between them on pheasant tail, buzzer & blob, B Perry who often fishes the bank opted on this occasion for a boat catching 17 on buzzers with Mark Hunt going way up the Markfield arm were he fond the fish prepared to take his klinkhammers & dries from a drifting boat

Sunday the expected rain that was forecast never came with the rods out on the water enjoying excellent sport. John Thompson and P Hunt fished buzzers to catch their 18 fish to the boat as did Andrew Wilson catching his 6 fish by the lonesome pine, Rob Knapp also fished the Markfield arm with buzzer patterns to catch his 7 trout for a morning’s visit. David Woodall fished yellow owls to take his 6 fish. We welcomed local angling club Thornton Fly Fishers click on the link for their website Thornton Fly Fishers Club ( They fished their boat pairs competition with nearly all the pairs taking part catching their limits it came down to weight with Russ Martin & Ray Jordan being victorious with Peter Birdsall taking the prize for the largest fish. Next week they visit Eyebrook.

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Week Ending Sunday 16th May 2021        Rod Av: 8.4     Water Temperature:12 °C

Yet another windy day Monday from the South with the winds in the afternoon hitting 20mph and making the North Shore very rough. All water season ticket holder Phil Mee fished at the Hensborough bank using green buzzers to land 11 fish in a half day session. On the bank fishing at the Hensborough Bank and also the Swan’s Nest Bob Barfoot landed 4 fish including one on a dry Hawthorn as they are now around the reservoir. Taking advantage of our last 4 hour permit Ali Tait landed 7 fish from the bank.

A drop in the wind saw the fishing improve Tuesday with the rod average just under 8 fish per angler. On the bank Peter Elliot landed 7 fish on washing lined buzzers, catching from various marks in Peter’s words “all over the place”. All water member Norman Perkins landed 8 fish also on Buzzers and FABS on the bank. Starting their 4 day break Gary McGinlay & G Pelini landed 25 fish to the boat using a washing line landing their fish at the Hensborough Bank and the School Slips. Ed Douglas enjoyed a good day with 26 fish with 10 of those falling to dries in the morning, with he rest coming on to Buzzers. Ed found the fish around the Outlet and then later in the day at the Spit.

Fantastic sport Wednesday with great conditions apart from a couple of heavy showers, the rod average for the day was 10.8. It was really a day for the boats, however, John Woodcock enjoyed good sport on a last 4 hour ticket landing 8 fish from the Swans Nest on a green pea. With Rob Bettinson landing 4 fish on buzzers and also black & green lures. On the boats buzzers was the order of the day Jimmy Burtle & John Cowell landed 45 fish to the baot straight lining buzzers catching “in all areas”. Sandy Robertson & Ali Tait landed 43 using the Bung with buzzers and also a midge tip line. Russell Swinbourne landed 18 fish with 4 fish over 4lb and 1 5.2lb and commented on “the perfect tails and great fish”. Draycote Manager Tom Bird took Brian Bywater out for a 4 hour guide after a 15 year break from fishing. Brian enjoyed a great morning landing 12 fish all on buzzers either fished on a washing line or straight lined. For bookings and enquiries for tuition call Tom on 01788 812018 or send him an email on

Yet more good conditions Thursday with winds from the North East and overcast skies the rain that was forecast held off for most of the day, however it was a very wet evening. Colin Day fished on the bank using buzzers to land 11 fish taking fish from the Cornfeild, Biggin Bay & Tower Bank and commented the fish “where excellent and in fighting fit condition”. On the boats buzzers were once again the key to good numbers. Season ticket holder Paul Mitchell landed 27 fish using a RIO Midge Tip with buzzers a FAB. Fellow season ticket holders Dave Kennell & Eddie Mitchell landed 40 fish to the boat using an Airflo 6ft Slow Tip with 2 FABS and 2 buzzers in the middle catching their fish from the Swan’s Net, Cornfield & Biggin Bay. Gary Murray also used Buzzers and a FAB landing 34 fish landing fish all over the lake. Draycote members Chris Discombe & Jim Brennan enjoyed a good days sport landing 19 fish all on buzzers. However the highlight of the day was Chris landing a 7lb rainbow witnessed by fellow angler Paul Mitchell.

Friday was an excellent day out on the water, with light breezes, overcast and the chance of a light shower. Tony Broadway netted 8 fish from the bank on Buzzers from Toft shallows and the corn field. Season permit holder Steve Lees also caught 8 fish from the bank, but this time on nymphs. The boat anglers faired a bit better with fish getting caught in Toft Shallows, Grays Barn,, Biggin Bay, as well as Rainbow Corner and the Hensborough Bank. Mr M Foster and Mr J Vyse had 20 fish between them from Biggin Bay on a mixture of Black Buzzers and Damsels. Ed Douglas caught over 20 fish from  a boat on Dries. Season permit holder Alex Urquhart had 18 fish to the boat on a sunburst blob and muskins.

Draycote regular Alex Campbell had a bakers dozen anchored up at Grays Barn. Alex fished size 12 Olive Buzzers and Hot Head Diawl Bachs straight through off a floating line to land his fish.

Another set of fine fishing conditions at Draycote water on Saturday helped produce a daily rod average of 9.6. Bank anglers had fish aplenty with Mr M Nicol taking 8 on buzzers, Mike Garner netting 5 on Hares Ears, and Lee Cheshire catching his 6 fish on Olive Buzzers with an orange cheek. The boat pairing of Bob Askew and Ian Roberts netted over 30 fish between them on a mixture of buzzers, damsels and snakes, remarking on a great day out. Mr Craig Culin and Mr John McVay also had over 30 fish to the boat using olive buzzers down in Toft Shallows. Mr M Schofield remarked on what a super day he had out on the water after netting 12 great fish, all on green buzzers. Mr Adam Price Hunt had nearly 30 to the boat on a mixture of buzzers and dries.

Sunday was yet another day with mostly good fishing conditions, interrupted by a storm which came through about lunchtime, but quickly cleared. Again the anglers returned a good rod average with fish being caught on lures, nymphs, buzzers, and dries. Nearly all of the reservoir is fishing well at the moment, with good returns coming from Toft Shallows, Biggin Bay, Rainbow Corner and The Hensborough Bank. James and Les Maplethorpe had a “Superb Day”, netting nearly 30 fish on buzzers and diawl bachs, with several fish of between 3 and 5 lbs. Season permit holder Paul Mtchell and his boat partner had over 40 fish to the boat on buzzers and dries. Jim Smith and Ed Douglas did nearly the whole day on various dries such as shipman’s buzzers, and had a large number of quality fish to the boat. Paul Walley ventured out onto the bank to net 11 fish in Toft on FAB’s and buzzers. Luke Orton also took to the bank to net a dozen fish on buzzers and lures, again in Toft Shallows.

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Draycote regular Mr Ron Bevan. Ron was a long time supporter of the reservoir and such a character. He always had a tale or a joke to make you roar with laughter on even the dullest of days. I know he will be sadly missed by many of the anglers and all the staff here at Draycote Water.


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Week ending 16th May   Weekly Rod Average 9.2  Water Temp: 12c

Monday started us off as gentle as a lamb, but by lunch time the wind and rain descended on Eyebrook making the fishing conditions challenging and a bit uncomfortable for most. However, those that found shelter were justly rewarded with some outstanding sport. A lot of our Eyebrook and All Water Season ticket holders have been catching large numbers of fish for the past few weeks. This shows that there is no real substitute for intricate knowledge of a reservoir and what patterns work best for that time of year. W Juniper and J Wilson had a good day out getting to double figures each from the boat as well as J Smith and K Haken getting good numbers of fish as well. Draycote regular P Biernaki has been a regular visitor to Eyebrook over the past week and has had some great days fishing from the bank, in a short session on Monday afternoon, he managed a cool 7 to the bank on buzzers and nymphs with plenty of action in between.

Tuesday has been a different day from Monday. The weather has been really pleasant for our anglers until about half past 1, when the heavens opened, and we experienced a heavy deluge. This was quickly followed by some of our anglers opting to call it a day and retreat to a drier environment. Half an hour later, the sun was shining, and the Hawthorne flies came out to dance around in the gentle breeze. This sent the fish in to a frenzy around mucky bay. Ian Watts and Rob Toptalo had a fantastic day out on the water bringing well in to double figures each to the boat on buzzers and damsel patterns. Lots of other anglers were reporting good numbers to the boats fishing buzzers washing line method. Andy Sturrock and Keith Arnold joined us for a day on the water after enjoying a tuition day under the direction of Andy Miller. They were having limited success on the top side of the Island. But once Eyebrook Manager Jim sorted out a little bung set up for Keith and cast it far enough to get to the feeding fish, he got a shock when a fish wrenched the line tight and nearly pulled him off his feet.

Wednesday was stunning, a gentle breeze and sunshine with occasional cloud cover. Neil Cohen arrived with the Fly-fishing Large Reservoir group for a day on the water to introduce a few new and experienced anglers to the delights of fishing from a boat on a large water. Ultimately, the FFLR group had a fantastic day out on the water. Bill McIlroy and Michael Rowe were top boated pair on the day and were rewarded with a free boat and 4 fish ticket each. Lots of anglers were experiencing some great catches, but fish of the day fell to Russ Dyer. He landed a lump of a fish weighing in at 4lbs 14oz. It fell to a size 14 Diawl bach by the Chestnut tree. This was only one fish from an impressive haul from the bank.

Thursday continued with fantastic buzzer action from all corners of the reservoir All water ticket holders and long-time boat partners Ged O’Donoghue and Steve Orton had yet again a spectacular day bringing a large number of fish to the boat. Roy Anderson ventured out in a boat  for a day out and managed an eye watering number to the boat. Fantastic angling Roy. Lots of anglers are reporting good numbers and the fishing seems to be most productive around the Island.

Friday seen Mr N Davies take a small group out for a day on the water. As self-confessed novices, they were given some guidance and direction from the staff on set up and where to go to catch a few fish. Everyone of them managed to hook in to and play fish with only 1 from the group practicing long distance release on every fish played. Peter Biernaki once again has been enjoying some fantastic sport from the bank at Eyebrook this week. He has been enjoying some fantastic results fishing buzzers or dry flies.

Saturday welcomed back the regular Eyebrook season ticket trio, Steve Lawrence, Bob Margery and Dave Chadwick. All 3 of them got well in to double figures and were off home by 3 o’clock for a well earned snooze to recharge themselves for more fishing in the coming week.

Sunday had the Mid Northants fly fishers join us for a small group gathering out on the Eyebrook with a majority of the anglers managing to get in to double figures. It was good to see a few familiar faces again joining us for a day out. Andy Lane had a phenomenal day out on the bank fishing CDC’s or buzzers to bank well in to double figures of fish. Lots of anglers are now enjoying the dry fly sport that Eyebrook has a reputation for. With a steady stream of buzzers hatching off in the evenings, Hawthorne flies being blown on to the water, Damsels now starting to hatch off and the occasional daddy long legs making an appearance shows how diverse the variety of food the fish have to choose from is.

The evening hatches have been providing some fantastic sport for the last 4-hour tickets in the past week or so. This only shows great promise for the evening boat league that will be starting on the 5th of June and run fortnightly. The aim of the league is not to turn our visitors in to competitive monsters, it’s so that anglers get to meet other anglers in a friendly setting and learn from one another and hopefully develop life long friendships. The chance of winning free boats and some cash in the end only makes it sweeter.

Contact the lodge to get booked in/ or for further details.