Thornton Weekly Report week ending 6th October 2019

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Thornton Weekly Report

Week ending 6th October 2019

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It certainly rained at the beginning of last week, enough rain to raise the water level by 6ft during a 48hr period.

We are lucky that the fields along our two feeder streams have not yet been ploughed, resulting in less dirty water running off the land and into the reservoir. Our water clarity therefore remained good enough for anglers to catch fish all last week.

With the rising water levels covering the previously exposed banks and vegetation the trout have moved onto these newly flooded areas and are currently running along the shallows opposite the lodge, wood bank and around the corner down towards lonesome pine

Tuesday during the heavy rain S Wright banked fished and caught 5 on a floating fry, with J Fry and T McInally fishing the last 4 hour from the bank off the corner of the wood catching 8 on white muddler, Silver butcher.

By Wednesday we were 6ft up with water clarity a good 2ft+ K Saxton caught 9, K Prowting caught 11 with D Pritchard catching 6 all in front of the wood fishing over the flooded vegetation with montana, viva and small snakes.

Friday C Sayer and M Cross shared a boat catching 18 for their mornings visit, Dave Slessor caught 12, C Holt caught 11, J Scott caught 21, S Meachem 6 with P Wurm catching 8 during a short 3 hour late evening session. A variety of patterns worked, buzzer, hares ear, lures, damsel with a floating, Intermediate or DI3 line best.

The weekend continued to fish well with the water clarity continuing to improve with a good 4ft of clarity. Again the shallows opposite the lodge, wood bank, lonesome pine fished best although a few fish were caught from the stones and green bay

Jan Webber caught 11, M Clay caught 9, Mark Hunt 17, S Thompson 7, Szymon caught 10 with Russ Martin catching 5

Current rod average: 3.4

As always we recommend you call the lodge for latest information 01530 230807 if your coming to fish the bank you will require waders

Main gate, lodge & bank fishing open 7.30am

Bank: 07:30 am till 6.30pm

Boat All Day: 08:30 to 6.30pm

Morning Boats:   08:30 until 2.00pm

Last 4 Hours from: 2.30pm until 6.30pm (Tickets on sale from 2.15pm)

All anglers to be off site by: 6.45pm

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