Thornton Weekly report week ending 27 May

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Thornton Weekly Report

Week ending 27th May

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Its turning into a fishing season dominated by the weather, this week we had good weather, windy weather stormy weather with the bright conditions helping to produce an algae bloom, overall a difficult week with our rod average 1.6

Generally last week the morning session produced best.

Monday morning Bob Menhams caught 7 on black buzzer, Mick Jay recorded 5 during his morning session with Adrian Freer during his mornings fishing catching 4 trout including a brown of 4lb+, Rodger Guise also caught 4 for his mornings fishing.

Tuesday morning and the algae was starting to build, Peter Wrigley caught 8 on buzzers with Nev Welsh fishing a damsel to take his 5 trout, John Simpson fished the afternoon session enjoying continued success with his bunny patterns recording 6 trout.

Wednesday and the algae bloom had started to impact on the fishing, the cooler mornings fished best, with Thursday and Friday strengthening north easterly winds and rain certainly not helping.

Saturday morning Brian Sibley was one of the few anglers to master the conditions catching 7 trout for his mornings visit while his boat partner Martin Clay caught 3, conditions didn’t improve much better for Sunday morning with Thornton Fly fishers morning competition won by Martin Vernon with 3 trout.

The deeper water in front of the stones, green bay and dam continues to be the area producing a few fish, we need cooler weather and for the algae to clear.

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Rod Average 1.6

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