Thornton weekly report week ending 9th October

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Thornton weekly report week ending 9th October 2016

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With our water temperature down to 12 degrees the trout are moving out of the deeper water towards the banks and the weed beds to feed on the large shoals of coarse fish fry.

Although the trout are on the fry its generally the smaller fry patterns currently working best with sparkle booby, small minkie booby two of the better patterns

Intermediate or floating lines worked best with the stones, corner of the wood, farm bank & weed beds along the Thornton Arm best area to try

Over the weekend we fished the Steve Parton memorial competition with float tube anglers fishing against boat anglers, we were pleased to see members of Steves family in attendance to hand out the awards pictures on our facebook page

Thornton Fly Fishers fished their Single Fly competition with the eventual winner being John Kirk visit our facebook page for report.

Steve Cross took time off from his new business and was rewarded with 5 trout with Richard Dayman also recording 5 trout for his visit mainly on micro booby, Andrew Wilson bucked the fry feeding trend and opted to fish a gold headed damsel boating 3 trout for his mornings visit, Pete Hunt & his boat partner John Thomson found the fish down the Markfield Arm boating 10 fish for their mornings visit.

Overall average for the week was 1.4

Thornton 2016 Closing date is Sunday 20th November

Car Park, Lodge and bank fishing open 7.30am

Full Day Boats 8.30am – 6.30pm

Part Day Boats 8.30am – 1.30pm  /  1.30pm – 6.30pm

Last 4 Hour 2.30pm – 6.30pm

 All anglers off site by 7.00pm

 Sunday 16th October we will be at the Uttoxeter Game Fishing and Fly Tying Fair held at Uttoxeter race course, doors open 10.00am, call and visit our stand

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