Weekly fishing report 9th July 2023

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending: 9th July  Rod Av: 1.0    Water Temperature: 19c – 20c

Monday and better weather forecast, lower daytime temperatures, fresher wind which will certainly help the fishing. Our surface temperature is 19c+. Overall, the fishing proved challenging with the few trout taken falling to a fast sinker and booby fished from the main dam across the deep water.

Tuesday and the water temperature has dropped to 19c, forecast is for cloud mid-morning and a fresh at times brisk south westerly. Fishing improved from Monday still challenging but an improvement. Arthur Olding fished an intermediate with a 5ft leader & a white minkie booby on a back drift hooking 6 trout but landing 4, those trout weren’t deep. P Cross also caught 4 with 2 on a dry and the other on a booby. At 5pm Peter Wurm came to fish the evening fishing elk hair sedge patterns and then a daddy he rose around 8 trout successfully hooking and landing 3. Although a few trout were rising he was due to the good water clarity rising fish to his flies.

Similar forecast for Wednesday & Thursday with brighter, warmer conditions on Friday which pushed the surface water temperature from 19c to 19c+. It wasn’t easy fishing we recommended that rods got to the fishery for 7.30am & fished the morning session that currently goes up to 3pm. It was certainly different from the fishing enjoyed on Tuesday with top rod on Friday Colin Chambers with 3 rainbows.

Saturday & Sunday our water temperature was 19c+ we advised anglers to arrive by 7.30am as we would be getting the boat out earlier. Fast sinkers with minkie booby, red or orange booby on a short 5ft to 8ft leader caught with John Reynold catching 4 for his Sunday visit. We had some rain & cooler temperatures Saturday & Sunday late afternoon with some Thunder.

Early hours of Monday 10th July at 1.10am we received during the cooler conditions a stocking of 2095 trout taking the stock level in the fishery to 6,000+ which follows our trials over the past 3 years. View details on our www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore

Lost & Found Rods, Reels & Fly line.

This year anglers have handed in 2 sets of tackle they have found, 10ft rod with a reel & line & a 9ft Rod with a reel & line attached.

Both sets due to their good condition were lost this year. If you call the lodge 01530230807, we will need the following information.

  1. Make of the rod
  2. Type of reel with the style of fly line loaded.

If their not claimed in the next couple of months we will give them to the anglers who found them

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Exclusion Zone  Due to the work being carried out on the Hensborough Bank there is an exclusion zone in place, clearly marked with yellow buoys. Under no circumstances are anglers to enter this area as there are divers in the water.

Week Ending:     9th July  2023      Rod Av: 8.26   Water Temperature:  17-18°C

A very breezy day to the start the new week, however, we did have this teamed with mostly cloudy skies with the occasional sunny spell. Despite the windy conditions the fishery fished very well producing a double figure rod average, with a variety of methods working. The top boat went to Mick Glover who landed over 35 fish to the boat. Mick drifted from Rainbow Corner out to A Buoy using 2 daddies and Tan & Orange fished 9ft apart on a 18ft leader. Once the wind picked up, Mick swapped to washing lining with a 6ft fast tip with a FAB on the point taking most of his fish. Graham England also fished from a boat using daddies and a washing line to land 10 fish. All water member Andy Lillie used the rudder to great effect fishing for a morning session to land 18 fish. Andy, used a Di 3 or Di 5 sinking line with a tube to take his fish on a Di 3 or Di 5 sinking line and took some cracking fish. Peter Major also fishing in Rainbow Corner landed 10 fish.

Good conditions Tuesday, with overcast skies and winds remaining in the Southwest. As a result the fish responded well producing a rod average of 12.4 fish per angler. With the cooling water temperature Ken Key fished the bank landing 3 fish from Rainbow Corner. However, it was the boats the caught the lion share of the fish. Draycote members Peter Elliot & Lee Patten used dries all day land to boat over 50 fish, with Bob’s Bits being their best pattern drifting from Rainbow Corner to A buoy also off the Flat Stones towards B Buoy. Tim Grove starting the first day of his 3 day break landed 22 fish again all on dries using daddies and shuttlecocks. All water member Ed Douglas found the fish at Rainbow Corner particular keen to eat grunters as he went on to land 31 fish. Another angler fishing at Rainbow Corner was Dan McElligott who used daddies and claret hoppers to finish with 18 fish for the day.

A fantastic day Wednesday with over nearly 500 fish caught, with overcast skies and consistent wind from the Southwest. As with the previous day dries was the best method or flies fish high in the water column. Ed Wilson & Alan Masters enjoyed a good day out in the boat landing between 30-40 fish they lost count. All coming to dries either daddies or Midas. Fishing from Rainbow Corner to A Buoy. Fishery Ranger Lee Henfrey fishing with Kevin Hart landed over 40 fish to the boat. The pair found fish from Rainbow Corner all the way down to M Buoy near the exclusion zone. Using a claret hopper on the dropper and then an orange popper hopper on the dropper. The key was to cast them out then just use a steady figure of eight retrieve, with lots of sport every drift. All water member Ed Douglas headed out again to take advantage of the excellent fishing Draycote is currently experiencing. Yet again it was another great day for Ed who landed 49 fish all on dries using Bob’s Bits and Grunters fishing from the Draycote Dam Wall over the open water. Draycote member John Dickens also used Grunters to great effect landing 21 on the pattern. Pete Eville used CDC Culs and Bob’s Bits to land 30 fish drifting from Rainbow Corner to A Buoy.

A bright and sunny morning greeted us at Draycote Water and these conditions prevailed for most of the day. Once again the fish have provided us with some great sport right throughout the water column, with a good spread of fish across the reservoir. Peter Allen and Tony Broadway had a dozen fish between them using dries, as well as lures on sinking lines. Dave Adkins boated a total of 23 fish using once again, a mixture of dries on a floater, as well as lures on a sinking line. Season permit holder Paul Havard netted 16 fish using a 3ft midge tip and a washing line in Rainbow Corner. Geoff Brooks and David Holding had 16 fish to the  boat on sparkler boobnies fiushed on a floating line near A buoy. Young Kevin Rees had well over 20 fish to the boat using an F fly.

Friday started bright, sunny and warm, and stayed that way all day. Despite these conditions Gordon Byers used dries to net 19 fish from a drifting boat. Craig and Rob Middleton also used dries to net over 30 fish between them. Season permit holder Jamie Scott used a mixture of dries and diawl bachs to net 19 fish in Rainbow Corner. Draycote regular Tim Davies had 7 fish to the boast during a morning session, with the vast majority coming to dries. Don Coe and Mr A Baker had over 20 fish to the boat using hares ears and CDC’s.

Saturday was overcast with the slightest chance of a thunderstorm through the afternoon. This fishing report is virtually writing itself at the moment. We knew we had a good head of fish in Draycote, and these are now showing up all over the reservoir. The rod average is coming out at about 9, and practically all methods are working, with some being more successful than others. Dries seem to be a favourite, but a washing line with diawl bachs will produce, as will twiddling a couple of cormorants on a slow intermediate line. You can also chase the fish down through the water column on sinking lines with lures, if that’s what floats your boat. Draycote regular Jon Crowley had a bakers dozen during a morning session. Jon plied his trade around B buoy using a floating line and hares ears and a sugar cube. Young Ed Douglas has well over 20 fish for the day, all coming to dries. Mr T Fox and Mr M Heritage used cul’s, daddies and bob’s bits to put 40 fish in the net. Season permit holder Martin Hancox ventured out for an evening session to net nearly 20 fish on daddies and big reds.

Sunday started overcast and calm, but brightened up as the day progressed. The overnight rain put a lot of water in the boats, but helped cool the surface temperature to a balmy 17degrees.  Another good day was enjoyed by the anglers visiting the fishery with a rod average of just under 6. Husband and wife, Shaun & Debbie Gilbert landed 9 fish using hoppers and daddies and then a Di 5 and a black humungus when the sun came out. With lots of other pulls and lost fish while on a short morning boat, with the best area being the Hensborough Bank just near the exclusion zone. Fellow member Richard Walker also fished for a morning session landing 10 fish using a foam daddy and a claret hopper and later using a cats whisker on a sink tip. All water member Ed Douglas used dries once again to land over 20 fish, from Rainbow Corner to A Buoy and the around the Flat Stones and B Buoy. Kevin Hart fishing with Dave Pacey also landed 20 fish. With using a washing line with a popper hopper on the point and crunchers on the droppers while Dave used Damsels. Adam Larbalestier & Ben Bayliss drifted from M to N Buoy using dries to land 21 fish. Trevor Moore fished a washing line with Diawl Bachs on a floating line at Rainbow Corner and the saddle bank to boat 22 fish.

Competitions Due at Draycote:

Greys Pairs Draycote Heat Sunday 16th July – contact Phil Dixon to enter.

John Horsey Wychwood Individual Fly Fishing Championship Individual Competition Sunday 20th August entry details https://flyfishingchampionships.uk/

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Week Ending: 9th July   Rod Av: 5.0       Water Temperature: 19°c

Monday, Start of the week & a challenging days fishing with P Polito top rod with 3 trout. Looking at the weeks weather forecast its looking positive, cooler daytime temperatures of 17c to 20c and an average wind speed of 13mph – 16mphm much better for the fishing & with the stocking due on Tuesday it will all be positive as we move into July.

Tuesday with overcast & a brisk westerly wind & a water temperature of 19c had some fish to be seen in the surface. Anglers caught most of the trout to dries with a small daddy being the most successful pattern with anglers generally working the main basin.  We received a stocking of 1845 trout averaging 1lb12oz this stocking & average size over the past few years has ensured our fishing improved during the July the height of the summer temperature.

Wednesday with the overcast conditions, water temperature dropped below 19c and the previous days stocking we saw am excellent improvement to the fishing with the rod average 8+ for the day. Ian Jobe and Clive Moore caught 40+ trout over the deeper water, Mark Hunt fished lunchtime onwards concentrating his efforts to a single fly fished along the weedbeds from the hawthorns down to Sam`s Dyke fishing a single fly which he changed when sport went quiet, CDC owl, dry daddy, dry damsel to boat 14 trout. G Burnham came down at 5pm to fish the bank catching 6 trout to a 3lb+ grown on rainbow using a #16 hares ear.

Thursday another good day with some anglers working the deeper water in front of the dam whilst other went to fish along the weedbeds. Members Roy Swinfield and L Bates fished the morning session catching 21 trout to muskins and yellow owl. Bill Law and Ian Steele fished the morning session from 8.30am to 3pm boating 15 trout. Dean Stilton out in his float tube, concentrated his fishing along the weed beds fishing a daddy to catch 19 trout. M Woolnough fished dries, cdc, dry blue damsel to boat 12 with Eyebrook member S Billesdon boating 14 for his visit.

Friday brought with it some warm, bright & blustery conditions. It was a quiet day angler wise with those venturing out catching well in the Main Basin with some resident fish showing amongst those fresher fish that went in earlier in the week. All Water Member Kev Counihan caught well landing 8 fish, targeting feeding fish around the weedbeds in the Main Basin on the Dries. Fishing on a Last 4 Hour permit, Helen & Tom Haines had a productive session landing 4 fish from as far down as the Willows.

Saturday was a very unsettled day with several heavy showers, thunderstorms, bright intervals & wind direction changes. By early afternoon the storms had passed & conditions remained good for the remainder of the day. Subsequently the reservoir fished very well with fish caught from the boats, Float Tubes & the banks. Eyebrook member Malcolm Thompson enjoyed a brief bank session in the morning, landing 4 fish from the Dam. From the boats & Float Tubes, the Main Basin was the most productive area with good numbers of fish caught on a variety of methods. Those fishing with a bit of colour on their cast, be that a blob or FAB, seemed to be more productive than those that didn’t. Even if fish never came to the colour, they took the nymph nearest to it which proves its effectiveness as an attractor. Eyebrook members Bob Margery & Steve Lawrence had a very productive morning session with 30 to the boat, utilising this method as they caught on Floating Lines & Intermediates. Elsewhere in the Main Basin, there was also a few fish caught on Dries with a Foam Daddy featuring high on the catch returns.

It was a still, damp but dry start to Sunday which saw Eyebrook host the latest Fishery Management UK Interclub fixture with anglers from all 3 of the fisheries; Eyebrook, Draycote & Thornton. Starting the day with a round of Bacon cobs, they fished a morning & afternoon session that was interspersed with Burgers at lunch. The overcast morning gave way to clear, bright skies in the afternoon which made the fishing challenging after lunch. Fish were caught in the Main Basin & around the marginal weedbeds throughout the day, with the most productive periods being before lunch. The most productive method for the open water was 2 bits of colour, FABs or Blobs, with a couple of Nymphs between them on a floating line down to an Intermediate, as the fish were sat high up in the water column in the morning. Around the weedbeds, Dries or Damsel Nymphs proved to be the most productive methods. The reservoir fished well on the day to a respectable rod average of 4.2 & we hope all participants enjoyed the day, it was great to see you all. Elsewhere, day permit angler Bram Van Der Bos enjoyed a very productive day landing 19 fish on Dries from various locations across the Main Basin. Eyebrook member Dean Shilton targeted the Damsel feeding fish around the margins & landed a good number of fish on Damsel Nymphs. From the bank, another Eyebrook member, Malcolm Thompson had another productive morning landing 6 fish from the North end of the Dam.

Upcoming Events

22/23 July – 6 x 4 Team Competition, 26 boats each day.

29 July – AMFFC Group 1, 18 boats.

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