Weekly fishery reports 4th June 2023

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending: 4th June   Rod Av: 1.5    Water Temperature: 17c

Monday weather was bright, but we still have the easterly breeze. Fishing was challenging with anglers picking up odd fish from various areas, green bay, main dam, corner wood & opposite the lodge. Methods varied from a floating line to a fast sinker with small #16 olive or black buzzer, orange fab or blob, damsel & various small cats whisker or olive booby.

Tuesday, the warm weather forecast seems to have missed us with an overcast easterly breeze and noticeably cooler start to the day. We could see some fish in the Thornton arm feeding but these proved challenging for the anglers who fished for them. Surprisingly for the time of year a fast sinker continuous to catch some of the better catches. B Deeley fished a Sink7 to catch 7 trout on a booby & small black snake. P Mee caught 4 for his mornings visit on buzzers. Lots of daphnia, pin fry, #16 olive or black buzzer, damsel & a few lake olives on the water.

Wednesday and a cool start to the day, overcast, light rain with the easterly wind. Those fish still to be seen smutting in the Thornton arm in front of the lodge. Mark Hunt decided to fish across the main basin finding a foam daddy and foam damsel nymph, catching 13 trout.

Thursday, similar weather conditions with trout still to be seen smutting out in front of the lodge & pontoon. Most anglers went for a sink 5 or sink 7 with booby patterns, B Foxon & C Memilan caught 7 on booby patterns for their mornings visit. Mark Hunt returned for a mornings visit drifting across the main basin fishing a foam daddy, dry damsel pattern & a single cdc when the wind dropped catching 15 trout.

Friday and the booby pattern caught every angler a fish with Chris Sayer fishing off the stones into green bay catching 13 trout for his mornings visit to a booby. Morning session is definitely fishing best as the continuous cooler northerly / easterly wind seems to be having an impact on our expected evening rise.

Saturday & were seeing an increasing number of pin fry around the margins but in particular around the pontoon. With a similar forecast, a northerly – easterly cool breeze anglers opted to fish the morning session. Top rods were Martin Clay catching 5 with J Bebbington catching 4 mostly on booby patterns. Water clarity is gin clear, cooler winds have dropped the water temperature to 17c

Sunday, bright and warm at 6.00am, by 7.00am cloud had increased with the air temperature dropping. We watched increasing numbers of fish moving in front of the lodge & pontoon which are feeding on this years pin fry, daphnia & small buzzers. Thornton fly fishers fished a morning boat competition with the Winner Martin Vernon with 3 trout beating Simon Thorpe who also caught 3 trout by 3oz Most caught on a variety of booby patterns.

The cooler overcast conditions & the easterly breeze has dropped our surface temperature to 17c Water clarity is, gin clear, we are seeing increasing numbers of pin fry across the water. Still huge numbers of daphnia. As we move further into the summer period our hatching buzzers are olive or black in size #18 #16 #14. Were also starting to see increasing numbers of sedges.


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Exclusion Zone  Due to the work being carried out on the Hensborough Bank there is an exclusion zone in place, clearly marked with yellow buoys. Under no circumstances are anglers to enter this area as there are divers in the water.

Week Ending:     4th June  2023      Rod Av:   2.65       Water Temperature:  14-15°C

It was a bit of a chilly start to Monday morning with good cloud cover. Mr G Whittingham caught 4 fish from the bank using sedges and daddies.  Out on the boats some anglers reported a bit of a slow start to the day, although Lee Henfrey and Nigel Keeber would disagree. The pair could be seen bending into fish out in front of the pontoon almost immediately. The lads used intermediate lines and black and gold humungus to boat over 20 fish in about 3 hours. Mr Raistrick and Mr Purdham caught a dozen apiece on a mixture of buzzers and dries. James Alexander and Alan Sharp boated a bakers dozen between them down in Toft Shallows using a washing line with a FAB on the point. Draycote regular Chris Campbell had 3 to the boat on hot head damsels along the northern shoreline.

More Northeast winds, again making it a chilly start. However thankfully the wind wasn’t as strong as the day before, giving a warmer feel to the day. Mr Finch Noyes fished the bank for the last four hours landing a brace of fish from the Cornfield. Draycote members Ian Richardson & Bob Smith landed 10 fish to the boat. Using a floating line and a small snake or  buzzers on a midge tip. With the best area being the Outlet and the section of the school slips that is outside the exclusion zone. James Foster fishing on his own also landed 10 fish. Taking 4 from Rainbow Corner, 4 in Toft & 2 in Biggin Bay commenting he used a mixture of “lines and flies”. Using the rudder to great effect Alan Guest & Andy Dowell landed 19 fish to the boat on a mixture of snakes.

Exactly the same weather as the previous days in the week cold Northeast winds. Colin Day fished on the bank and landed 2 from Rainbow Corner. On the boats brother Terry & John Evans landed 29 fish from Biggin Bay on buzzers and Diawl Bach’s. Also using buzzer Draycote member John Dickens landed 15 fish. With humungus also working for John in Toft and Biggin Bay. John Kelly & Mr Painter on a 2 day package, split between here and Eyebrook. Using buzzers and also dries they landed 29 fish to the boat. Also part of the 2 day beak in another boat Stephen McLean & Jim used the same tactics to land 20 fish. Fishing for the last four hours Gary Russel land 7 fish including a 5lb Rainbow back drifting black snakes around the Farborough Dam Wall.

A cloud start to the day, however, the sun did make an appearance during the middle section of the day before. The cloud rolled back in for the afternoon. Draycote hosted the RCSL fly event with 17 boats out on the water taking part. It was a mixed day for the anglers. Winning the day using snakes fished on a Di 3 sinking line was Nigel Conlon who fished around J Buoy and the Farborough Dam Wall. Outside of the match Draycote members Ian Richardson & Bob Smith enjoyed a great day landing 30 fish. Fishing at Rainbow Corner using an intermediate line with a humungous on the point and cormorants on the droppers. Fishing the rudder Jim Demsey & Rod Wilson landed a bakers dozen while out for the morning around B buoy and the Draycote Dam Wall. Peter Elliot used dries in the morning to land 6 fish before swapping to a washing line set up to fish the day with 19 fish. Fishing in Rainbow Corner and the Inlet. All water member Ed Douglas fished for an afternoon landing 9 fish all on dries from Toft.  Fishery ranger Mark Braun took advantage of a day off using an olive snake in Dunn’s Bay on a Di 5 to land 7 fish. #

A challenging day Friday with bright sun and the continuing Northeast wind making it a tricky day. However, a couple of anglers did manage to find the key to catching. Draycote member Tim Davies fished with son Johnathan with the paid landing half a dozen in the morning drifting from A Buoy into Rainbow Corner. However, it was Jason Hermon who really found the way to catch, landing 18 fish. Using a Di 3 sinking line with a black and green snake around Rainbow Corner.

The wind dropped from the day before, however, the sun remained bright. On the boats Ray Wallace & Dave Ward landed 17 fish from Rainbow Corner using a mixture of lures. Such as white & green snakes, boobies and olive snakes. Dave Jinks & Ken Warner also landed 17 fish using the same tactics as Ray & Dave. Jake Munro’s party of anglers with 4 boat started their first day taking advantage of our 5 day package break. They landed over 67 fish between them fishing in Rainbow Corner using black and green snakes on Di 3 and Di 5 sweep sinking lines in the afternoon and crunchers in the morning.

No change in thew weather for Sunday. Fabrice Dockier fishing he final day of a three day break landed 10 fish drifting from A Buoy to Rainbow Corner and around the Outlet. Before having to come off at 12pm to catch the ferry back to Belgium. Debbie & Sean Gilbert, Draycote household members. Fished till just after lunch on a boat landing 5 fish using a Di3 sinking line with a black snake. However, commented that with the amount of interest they got it should have been double that number that graced the net. Richard Walker also fishing for a half day landed 6 fish on a white snake using a 12ft sink tip. Andrew Whelidon fished down in Toft, using a snake and buzzers to land 8 fish. The Jake Munro party of anglers, once again enjoyed good sport landing fish in Rainbow Corner and around the outlet. Fishing for the afternoon Rob Sosbe, landed a dozen fish using a 3ft RIO midge tip with a FAB on the point and buzzers on the droppers. Drifting from K Buoy to the Outlet and also A Buoy to Rainbow Corner.


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Week Ending: 04 Jun 23       Rod Av: 6.3     Water Temperature:   17 °C

Eyebrook started the week exactly as it ended the previous week, fishing well. The fish continue to feed on Damsels (Nymphs & Adults) & buzzers, under the surface & during the emerging phase. The most productive methods were Nymphs on a Washing Line & Dries. The fish feeding on Damsel Nymphs have been getting caught relatively close to the margins which is where you would expect to find them. The most productive areas remain from Sam’s Dyke to the Cowshed & Stoke Dry down to the Willows. From the boats, Mr Cowan & his boat partner Mr Smith, had a very productive day landing over 40 fish on Yellow Owls & from the bank Ed Solomons enjoyed a productive Last 4-hour session landing 6 on Hoppers & Hare’s Ears.

Tuesday saw the weather take a turn for the colder, a stiff northerly breeze reduced the air temperature dramatically from previous days which resulted in a significant decline in the Damsel activity that was prevalent over the previous week. With no Damsel hatch occurring, the trout turned their attention to other food items, namely Buzzers & Terrestrials in the form of Crane Flies (Daddies). There were some good returns recorded with those fishing Dries faring better than those fishing below the surface. The most successful patterns were Daddies, Hoppers, CDC’s & Yellow Owls & the most productive area was Stoke Dry. Household Member Albert Coales enjoyed another successful late afternoon session, landing well into double figures on various Hoppers & visiting anglers Mr Purdom & Raistrick landed well over 20 fish, all on Dries. Elsewhere, All Water Member John Duncan landed 12 on the Dries & Eyebrook regular Mark Seabrook landed 10, also on the Dries.

The cool north easterly wind continued Wednesday which again reduced the likelihood of any early afternoon Damsel hatch although fish were still caught on Damsel Nymphs fished sub-surface, particularly by bank anglers. There were some very good returns recorded from the bank with Tony & John Machin landing 21 between them from Sam’s Dyke on Damsels. Sam’s Dyke had been a bit hit & miss of late & just goes to show how close the fish are feeding to the bank. Eyebrook member Keith Johnson also had 10 from the Chestnut to Cowshed area on a Washing Lined Floater. On the boats, the most productive area & method remain Stoke Dry with a good number of fish caught on Dries. A single Yellow Owl has been a great method in catching wary fish.

Thursday brought with it the same cold north-easterly wind as the previous days, but this time it brought some extended periods of sunshine. During these periods, there was some Damsel activity but not as much as there were previously. Despite the conditions, the reservoir fished well with some good returns recorded from both the boats & the banks with the most productive areas being from Sam’s Dyke to the Cowshed on the Leicester Bank & the Willows to Stoke Dry on the Rutland Bank. Method wise, Dries & a Washing Line with either a Foam Daddy or Damsel Booby on the point with Nymphs or small Buzzers on the droppers. On the bank Eyebrook regular, Stewart Normington landed 9 on Green Buzzers & Diawl Bachs which was great angling given the conditions did not really favour the bank angler. From the boats there were many double figures returns with the McLean party, who had spent the previous day on Draycote, landing 57 fish between 4 of them on a mixture of Dries & Buzzers.

There was no change to the weather on Friday, although at times the wind appeared to be stronger which made the fishing somewhat more challenging. There were still some good returns recorded, particularly by those fishing Damsel nymphs & adult Damsel patterns later in the day. All Water Member Andy Lilley & his boat partner Graham England had a productive day landing over 20 fish on Damsel patterns. Regular visitor Tony Barclay also caught well on Damsel patterns, landing 15 fish over the course of the day. Dogwood to the Chestnut remained the most productive area.

Saturday saw us host a Cancer Research UK Competition organised by Steve Owen. The day was a resounding success which saw 28 anglers take to the water catching 327 fish between them, giving an excellent rod average of 11.6. They also managed to raise a significant amount of money for an excellent cause. Well done to all those taking part & a special mention must go to organiser Steve Owen for his hard work & dedication in making the day so successful. Well done, Steve. The most successful methods on the day were Dries down at the Chestnut & Dogwood to Sam’s Dyke on Washing Line. Elsewhere, Sam & Rob Edmunds had a productive day down at Stoke Dry on the Foam Daddies landing well over 20 fish in a relatively short session. David & Jack O’Farrell also landed over 20 on Olive Crunchers & Foam Daddies from Mucky Bay & Stoke Dry.

It was a misty start to Sunday, which soon gave way to bright & clear skies with intermittent cloud cover throughout the day. The air temperature was somewhat warmer which resulted in a prolific Damsel hatch by late morning. Consequently, the reservoir fished very well with the fish intercepting Damsel Nymphs on their migration into the margins to start hatching in the mornings & feeding hard on emerging Damsels in the afternoons. To that end, a Washing lined floater with either a FAB, Damsel Booby or Foam Daddy on the point & Olive coloured Nymphs on the droppers has been a very successful method, particularly in the mornings. Dries have also proved to be very successful, both in the mornings & afternoons. Sunday saw us host the latest round of the All-Abilities Friendly Fly Fishers gathering, which saw 30 anglers take to the water & catch 333 fish between them, giving them a great rod average of 11 for the day. Well done to all who attended & a special mention must go to Mark Goodge for his selfless hard work & dedication in organising these events.