Weekly fisheries report 21st May 2023

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending: 21st May 2023   Rod Av: 2.4    Water Temperature: 16c+

Monday and a cold start to the week with a fresh northerly wind which blows directly into green bay & the stones. To get out of the cold wind anglers fished the shelter offered by the Markfield arm. Everyone caught 1 to 3 trout for their mornings visit but Norman Perkins found the method a blob &  black buzzers fished from the farm bank down to the tern rafts catching 10 trout

Tuesday and a warmer start to the day which didn’t last, by mid-morning a cooler fresher north wind arrived. Some rods fished green bay before the cooler north wind moved them to the shelter of the corner of the wood & down the Markfield arm. Martin Hosking caught 6 for his mornings visit on diawl bach & nemo patterns, P Cox caught 7 for his mornings visit with S Fairgrieve & K Cowen for their mornings visit catching 9 on cats whiskers & cormorant patterns on a variety of lines from a fast sinker to a floater.

Wednesday & milder conditions greeted the anglers with some heading towards green bay while others went towards the corner of the wood and down. Proved to be a trickier days fishing than expected Scot Wilson was top rod with 9 trout caught from green bay, Howard Davies caught 4 for his mornings fishing on olive buzzer with Rosemary Gunn & Rob Anderson catching 6 for their visit. J Foxall fished buzzer patterns to catch his 4 trout with some being caught close to the bank.

Thursday a warmer day but with little wind at times. Paul Havard fished buzzer patterns to catch his 6 trout, T Evans & J Evans fished buzzers & diawls to boat their 8 trout with Dave Slesser fishing his buzzers deep to catch his 5 trout.

Friday, the water clarity is excellent. Mark Hunt fished a single cdc pattern to catch his 13 trout, often the case a single fly will work better when the water clarity is good. Proved to be a mixed day for the other rods, John Bebbington caught 4 for his mornings visit with Mr Stringer fishing a black midge to catch 4 trout.

Saturday & bright day, warm in the sun out of the wind, but in the strong easterly wind it was surprisingly cold. It didn’t help that the wind direction changed a few times during the day. The fishing, challenging is a good description for the day. S Swinfield & S Zeleny fished a morning session catching 6 trout on a fast sinking line & booby with most coming within the shelter offered by the wood & Thornton arm. Tim Price fished a midge tip with cats whisker and small olive buzzer to catch 5 again out of the cold easterly wind.

It was certainly a mixed end to the week as the chilly north easterly, easterly wind persisted. Few fish to be seen on the surface with most been caught down in the water. Dave Skudder caught 4 for his mornings visit with them all taking a buzzer deep at around 15ft fishing out of green bay. Boobies on fast sinkers also caught with the drift out of the Thornton arm to the main car park being the most productive area.


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Exclusion Zone  Due to the work being carried out on the Hensborough Bank there is an exclusion zone in place, clearly marked with yellow buoys. Under no circumstances are anglers to enter this area as there are divers in the water.

Week Ending:     21st May 2023      Rod Av: 5.3   Water Temperature:  14°C

Weekly fishing report

A cold start to the week with a strong North wind, this teamed with sun certainly make the fishing more challenging that the exceptional fishing we had seen over the weekend. Draycote member Ian Richardson & Bob Smith enjoyed a good day landing 36 fish. The pair fished at the Tower bank using a Midge Tip line with a washing line of buzzers and FABS. Commenting on the “lovely silver fish” Fishing for the morning Tony Broadway & Jim Hall landed 11 fish to the boat using a floating line and team of buzzers. Ray Rawlings landed 17, using a DI 5 sinking line and snakes. In the morning landing his fish from Toft before heading to Rainbow Corner in the afternoon. Monday also saw the first of the teams arriving ahead of the international here at Draycote on Friday. As you would expect specifics were being a closely guarded secret. However, all the anglers seemed to enjoy a good days sport.

The North winds remained for Tuesday, with a little more west in it that the previous day. However, there was still the same chill in the air. On the bank Tim Davies landed a brace of fish from Lincroft point using buzzers. Out on the boats we had all 4 home nations team out on the water practicing ahead of Friday. From speaking to some of the team members, it was quite tricky due to the cold wind and the while they were catching. They felt that once the chill had dropped out of the wind towards the end of the week that the fishing would improve.

Wednesday was a much improved weather day with overcast skies and a drop in the wind. Although it did remain in the same direction, with some sun around mid day and early afternoon. On the bank Draycote season ticket holder Paul Walker landed 4 fish. Out on the boats the 4 teams fished the first of the official practice days ahead of Friday. With the improved the conditions, there was a number of fish on the top and feeding on small buzzers and small beetles. However, while there was lots of fish up on the top, the provided challenging to tempt on dries. With the best flies for the job being small olive CDC shuttlecocks. Other successful tactics from speaking to the teams was the bung, washing lining Diawl Bachs and buzzers and also Straight lining. With fish coming out from all over the lake but the hotspots seemed to be the School Slips, Draycote Dam Wall, Toft & Biggin Bay.

A very different day on the final practice day ahead of the match. With flat calm conditions, and very warm bright sunshine for most of the day, although some cloud did roll in later on the afternoon. As a result of this warm bright conditions we saw the first algal bloom of the season. With these challenging conditions it was expected to be a very tough day. However, while it wasn’t as productive as the day before, all the teams still caught and actually caught quite well. There was a variety of methods on display with the Bung featuring heavily given the flat conditions. However, washing lining also features as to did dries. With the fish getting caught in Rainbow Corner, Biggin Bay, Toft & N Buoy out over Musborough Shoal. On the bank Neil Butler landed a brace of fish on a Goldhead Hares Ear from Rainbow Corner.

Friday dawned calm and overcast with the promise of sunny spells later in the day. The international teams were on site early, preparing boats and tackle for todays match. After the briefings everyone lined up, and the piper played the teams onto the reservoir. A loud hooter sounded at 10:00 o;clock and 28 competition boats headed off in different directions across Draycote Water do battle for their respective countries. There was a variety of different methods, with straight lining buzzers working for the Scottish Team in Biggin Bay so too did buzzers either under a bung. However, washing lining of 6ft midge tips with Nymphs, Buzzers and a FAB on the point was used by most competitors. Although, dries produced a few fish for others. There was 3 distinctive areas on the match day Toft, Biggin Bay & Y to B Buoy. The largest fish of the day was caught by Darren Maguire from Ireland, which measured 68 cm’s, and was weighted at an impressive 7lb 9oz taken on a size 14 CDC. The winner of the Brown Bowl was Richard Hooper of Wales, with a total of 15 fish. The winning team was England with a total of 139 fish caught a very impressive team performance, Second was Scotland with 94, Ireland in third with 63 fish and final Wales with 54 fish. The bank proved very quiet for the DFF’S evening match, with the winner being Draycote staff member Michael Hanlon , who used size 16 culs on a 4 weight outfit, to net a brace from the parsons arms. We would like to thank all the volunteer boatmen who helped out on the day, without whom competitions like this cannot go ahead.

Saturdays weather was just an extension of the previous few days, with light breezes which strengthened through the middle of the day. Tougher fishing conditions with sunshine through the afternoon seemed to push the fish down in the water column. On the bank buzzers were the order of the day with Mike Garner and Tom Rochford netting a brace each from Lincroft Point. Out on the boats Julian Hubbard and Rick Gray boated 26 fish between them using DI7’s and tube flies out over Y and N buoy. Mr Blythe and Mr Pete Taylor also used DI7’s up near Y buoy with boobies to net 5 fish.  Frazer Duffy and son had 11 fish on buzzers and a FAB up in Rainbow Corner. Mr P Tanner had 9 fish to the boat on a humungus at various points around the reservoir.

Another warm sunny day Sunday, with the wind remained quite blustery at times. On the bank Luke & Dave Orton landed 7 fish between them fishing on the North shore. On the boats John Dunbar & George Leaton, landed 28 fish between them using Damsels and buzzers in Biggin Bay. Draycote member Richard Walker landed a dozen fish on a green snake on a 12ft sink tip, from Biggin Bay, Toft and the Farnborough Dam Wall. Also using snakes Mr W Parkes landed 9 fish on a white snakes fished on a Di 3 sinking line. James Maplethorpe and Trevor Moore used Olive Buzzer landing 14 with there best fish weighting 8lb 2oz. All water member Ed Doulgas landed 10 fish with 6 of them coming to dries, and the other 4 taking buzzers.



Eyebrook Fishery Weekly Report 

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Week Ending: 21 May 23       Rod Av: 4.7     Water Temperature:   16 °C

The week started with a stiff northerly wind that brought a distinct chill to the air. The wind remained blustery all day & coupled with it some extended periods of sunshine, this would make for some challenging conditions. When there was sufficient cloud cover the Dries fished very well with some very high catch returns recorded on the usual suspects, Yellow Owls, Big Reds & Foam Daddies. Down on a short break, Billy McGranaghan & his boat partner Alan Martin had a great day on the Dries landing a very high number of fish. Billy & Alan targeted the fish that were feeding on the abundant Hawthorn Flies here at Eyebrook by using small black Hoppers.  For further information on our Short Break Options please use the following link: https://www.flyfisheyebrook.co.uk/about-us-2/short-break-packages/.  During the brighter the spells, the fish sat a little deeper where they were caught on the Washing Line with Red Ribbed Diawl Bachs on the Droppers, which was duly demonstrated by Mr P Nesbitt who landed 11 fish from the general area of Sam’s Dyke. Monday saw us host the Phillips Championship, which is a pairs competition fish to a 12 fish boat limit, with the heaviest bag of fish winning. Everyone caught fish & congratulations goes to, with an excellent bag weight of 25lb 3oz, the winning pair of Mr Chewter & Ormiston. Well done to all participants &we look forward to seeing you all again.

Tuesday brought with it clear skies, bright sunlight & a moderate north westerly breeze. The initial lack of cloud cover meant for a challenging start today which improved as the day wore on & the cloud cover built. The boats & the banks fished well, with some good bank returns being recorded from the area of the Chestnut down to the Cowshed. Buzzers, Daddies & Damsels fished on Floating lines were the order of the day from the bank with All Water Member Jim Greasley & regular visitor Stewart Normington landing 13 & 11 fish respectively. Another All-Water Member, Ed Douglas had a very successful day on the boats, landing over 30 fish from various locations, 20 of which came to the Dries. Washing Lined floating lines & Dries remain the percentage methods from the boats & there are still a good number of fish in the vicinity of Sam’s Dyke. Other areas that have been producing are Mucky Bay, The Island & over at Stoke Dry as the fish continue to feed well on the abundant aquatic life in Eyebrook. Terrestrials have also featured high on the fish’s menu of late with an early season hatch of Daddies & the Hawthorn flies becoming more & more prevalent.

Wednesday started with a light mist, which gave way to extended periods of sunshine with some patches of cloud cover appearing by mid-afternoon. There was also a light changeable wind which changed direction numerous times during the day which proved to make finding fish somewhat challenging. One area that has consistently held fish over the last few weeks has been Sam’s Dyke & Wednesday proved to be no different as some very good returns came from that area once again. The fish there were caught on Dries, Orange Foam Daddies & Yellow Owls, & Washing Lined Buzzers in as little as 4ft of water. Greg Meech enjoyed an 8hr Guided session with our resident Guide & fishery manager Lloyd Thompson. Targeting fish in top 12inches, Greg fished size 12 buzzers on short droppers on a Washing Lined Floating Line with a very buoyant fly on the point, to land a very high number of fish. For more information on our Guided Sessions, please use the following link. www.flyfishstore.co.uk/?s=Guiding&s_cs=true . It was obvious there was a lot of fish in Sam’s Dyke that were feeding hard on buzzers, taking them just under the surface. What else was blatantly obvious was there were also some fish in Sam’s Dyke that had turned their attentions to Damsel Nymphs with the amount of water that was being disturbed & moved as they fed.

Thursday was a warm, bright day with very little wind which resulted in the reservoir being flat calm for large portions of the day. Bright sunshine & a flat calm always make for challemging conditions. There was still a good number of fish caught in Sam’s Dyke on Dries & Buzzers from the boats fishing in shallow water. However, Eyebrook member Malcolm Thompson had a great day off the bank up by the Chestnut. Malcolm landed 14 fish in a relatively short session, all of which fell to Damsel Patterns. Yesterday’s hunch of the fish feeding hard on Damsels was indeed true. When fishing for Damsel Feeders there are a few key points that we must remember. The first point is an obvious one, Match the Hatch. Ensure that your Damsel Nymph patterns match the size & colour of the Damsel Nymphs that are swimming in the water. The other key point is that you need to be fishing where the Damsel Nymphs are, that is, close to the banks & around the weedbeds. The adult Damsel Hatches are not yet happening in full swing, but what is obvious is the Damsel Nymphs, driven by an increase in water temperature, are clearly starting to migrate to the areas from where they are going to hatch.

Friday’s weather was a very similar to yesterday except for more breeze which resulted in a healthy, inviting ripple. The reservoir fished well consequently with some good returns recorded from both the banks & the boats. Fish were caught on Buzzers, Damsels, Dries, FABs & Nymphs on floating lines. The Leicester Bank from the Lodge to Sam’s was the most productive bank area & from the boats it was Sam’s Dyke. Regular angler Garry Mickley had a great day off the bank landing a very high number of fish from Sam’s Dyke on the Nymphs. Whereas, from the boats John Cowell & his boat partner Ali Tait caught very well on a mixture of FABs, Damsels & Buzzers.

There was a misty start to Saturday caused by the low air temperature overnight. The early mist soon cleared, burnt away by the rising sun, to reveal a bright, clear sky that remained all day. These bright conditions & the moderate North Easterly wind made for challenging conditions. The bank anglers fared better early on before the sun got high in the sky with Eyebrook Member Roy Swinfield landing 13 fish from Sam’s Dyke on Buzzers. Another Eyebrook Member Malcolm Thompson also caught well from the bank, landing 6 from the Chestnut area. From the boats the most productive was 150m out from the Chestnut where All Water Member Kev Counihan & his boat partner landed well over 20 fish on Hare’s Ears out in the open water. Other successful patterns from the boats included Damsels & Red Ribbed Diawl Bachs. Saturday also saw us host another Tuition Course here at Eyebrook where we took 4 complete novices through the various elements of Fly Fishing, including knots, fly lines, rods, reels, tippets, flies & Fly Casting. Although conditions were far from ideal, they all had a great day culminating in a few hours fishing where plenty of fish were hooked but unfortunately none were landed. Thank you to Trevor, Oliver, Alan & Holly, it was great to see you & we look forward to seeing you again.

Sunday saw the weather conditions improve slightly; it was still bright & breezy but there were some periods of extended cloud cover. It was also more apparent on Sunday that the fish were beginning to on the Damsels in earnest with a few fish caught on Adult Damsel Patterns as well as on Damsel Nymphs. Eyebrook members Dean & Neil Shilton both enjoyed productive days in their Float Tubes landing 15 & 12 fish respectively. Dean caught most of his fish on Blue Foam Daddies over by the Willows. From the bank regular visitor Bill Livingstone & another Eyebrook Member, Dave Etty both caught very well in Sam’s Dyke on Buzzers & Nymphs, with Bill landing 20 & Dave 12. On the boats we hosted the latest round of the Alex Booth, Colwick & Foremark Fly Fishers competition which saw 19 anglers take to the water & catch 110 fish between. Which given the conditions, gave them a very respectable rod average of 5.8. Well done to all. There was a lot of fish caught today between the 2-3lb+ bracket which shows just how the fish are currently feeding.

With the weather for the week ahead forecasting lighter winds & some decent cloud cover, watch for the damsel feeding to really kick into gear….!!!