Weekly fishing report 7th May 2023

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending: 7th May   Rod Av: 5.8    Water Temperature: 13c+

Monday 1st May and noticeably the majority of the trout were caught on floating and intermediate lines as the fish start to move higher in the water. David Skudder fished a morning session catching 8 trout, Dave Rowbotham also fished a morning session catching 10 on an intermediate and cats whisker. Andy Lilley & G England fished the morning catching 20 trout to a washing line with fab on the point & buzzer on the dropper. Kevin Hart & Dave Pacey fished intermediate lines with buzzer, cruncher & booby to catch their 32 trout for their visit. Fish are starting to move across the reservoir with green bay starting to hold some fish.

Tuesday and similar weather conditions to Monday with black buzzer patterns in a #16 #12 working best fished on a washing line, under a bung or straight lined. Howard Davies caught 12 for his mornings visit on a #16 buzzer, Barry Deeley caught 11 some on a booby with others on a buzzer same patterns used by P Hunt who caught 7, P Cox caught 7 for his mornings visit on buzzer with George Jackson fishing buzzers to catch his 6 trout.

Wednesday and an easterly wind direction that increased during the day which saw most of the boats fish in the shelter of the wood bank. All water member D Skudder on seeing the east wind headed down to the bottom of the Markfield arm to get some shelter finding good numbers of trout along the farm bank catching 11. Jim Carrier & Bradbury caught 11 with P Hunt & John Thomson on their first mornings visit of the year catching 11 on a washing line. Bob Jones fished a washing line to catch his 6 trout

Thursday fresh easterly wind with a noticeable chill to it compared to the previous few days. Anglers opted for the shelter offered by the wood or down the bottom of the Markfield by the farm bank. Richard Price fished a morning session catching 7 down by the farm bank on a floating line and cats whisker. Phil Cross & Steve Windram caught 13 for their mornings visit on cats whisker and diawl bach with Tony Lorrimer catching 13 for his visit on his yellow bunny. Anglers reported increasing numbers of fish in Green Bay and once the wind dropped late in the evening fish were moving from Green Bay across the middle.

Friday, light southerly breeze with milder conditions greeting the anglers. Lots of daphnia to be seen with fish that were spooned from March onwards showing that daphnia was a major food item for them. Buzzers in a size #14 #12 in black & olive are still working well fished on a washing line, under a bung or straight lined. A small daddy on the point worked well for Jackson & Middleton who caught 7 all on the daddy. C Sayer caught 11 on buzzers with P Mee catching 7 for his mornings visit. Some fish still coming to booby & fry patterns with J Bebbington for his mornings visit catching 14 on a cats whisker with a white minkie catching 6 for R Bowers. Best area Green Bay, wood, corner wood down the Markfield arm to the farm bank.

Saturday with milder if at times damp conditions provided an excellent days fishing with a rod average 7+ Majority caught on #14 #12 black or olive buzzer fished under a bung, washing line. Mark Hunt went for the dries, bobs bits & Big reds to catch his 20+. Martin Clay fished a traditional #12 black pennell to catch his 16 fish. Anglers fished in front of the wood, corner of the wood down the Markfield arm. Clarity is good with large numbers of daphnia to be seen.

Sunday milder day with a south westerly breeze, perfect for a spot of fly fishing with the fishery returning a rod average of 7 for the day. Buzzers #16 #14 #12 in black or olive produced the majority of the catch fished under a bung or washing line. John Reynolds fished a washing line catching 12 to 4lb+ on a black buzzer, Richard Smith caught 8 for his mornings fishing on buzzer under a bung, J Mackay & D Mackay fished buzzer and an orange fab to catch 19 with Ian Leach & Jack Gascon opting for a DI3 & DI5 with damsel patterns to catch 17.


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Week Ending:     7th May 2023      Rod Av:  8.0    Water Temperature: 12 c

It was a nice start to the day on Monday morning with the wind blowing a little harder than was forecast. This, coupled with a change in direction, made for more challenging conditions than we had over the previous couple of days. Once again the bank here at Draycote is fishing well with season permit holder Richard Walker netting 5 fish from the Cornfield on damsels. Mr M Hock caught 3 fish from the bank in Rainbow Corner on “tiny black buzzers.”  Out on the boats Debbie and Sean Gilbert had a dozen fish along the Draycote Dam on white humungus, tequila blobs and a black dancer. Season permit holder Simon Enstock caught 10 fish off Lincroft Point and the Cornfield. Simon was straight lining buzzers and diawl bachs to catch his fish.

Fantastic conditions Tuesday with light southeast winds and warm overcast skies. As a result the fish responded well with a rod average of over 10 fish per angler. On the bank beginner member Andrew Tasker enjoyed a great morning landing 6 fish from Lincroft point. On the boats john Hoskins fished with Kevin Hart with the pair landing 33 fish to the boat. Finding the majority of fish at Dougie’s Gap along the Cornfield and in Toft first thing in the morning. Draycote members Ian Richardson & Bob Smith enjoyed a great day landing over 50 fish to the boat. Using muskins on the droppers and either a booby or a FAB on the point in Rainbow Corner. Another angler using similar tactics was Brendan Thomas who used an Airflo 12ft slow tip, with Muskins, cruncher & FAB. Who boated 44 fish catching at everywhere he fished, Cornfield, Lincroft Point, Biggin Bay & Rainbow Corner. All water member Ed Douglas landed over 40 fish fishing with buzzers on a floater and also taking fish on CDC’s in the middle around X Buoy.

The wind remained in the same direction Wednesday, but was stronger than the previous day. With a clear night on Tuesday there was a definite chill in the air. However this didn’t seem to deter the fish with the anglers once again enjoying good sport. On the bank Colin Day landed a dozen fish using a floating lines in Rainbow Corner with Buzzers and Diawl Bach’s to land his fish. On the boats Jeff Ide landed 17 fish on a half day using red buzzers in Rainbow Corner. Commenting that the majority of the fish came on the hang. John Jones also fished for a half day in Rainbow Corner and the Draycote Dam landing 23 fish. Taking these on a floating line with traffic light buzzers or using a Di sinking line and a sunburst FAB. Draycote members Martin Foster & John Vyse used a washing line to great effect landing 22 fish with the majority taking the FAB on the point but the buzzers did also catch. Peter Elliot lost count of the number of fish he had using buzzers all day. Starting off in Rainbow Corner before heading down to Toft to finish the day and found the fish had risen slightly in the water and washing lining worked best. John Dickens also used buzzers to land 27 fish, however, found the fish also willing to eat a Damsel. Overall a great day with the rod average sitting just below 2 for the day.

Strong Southeast winds Thursday, with bright sunshine for the middle part of the day. As a result of these conditions the bank anglers struggled although a the best areas for the members out fishing was Toft using Damsels. On the boats the hotspot was certainly Toft, fishing further of the bank than the previous days as the fish pushed out into the slight deeper water. Down from Scotland Alex Borthwick & Ian Mackie landed 48 fish to the boat using the bung and black buzzers in Toft. While Grey Borthwick & Jim Malcolm fishing nearby landed 40 fish to the same tactics. Mark Close also fishing in Toft landed 17 fish with all of the fish falling to buzzers. All water member Paul Havard used a washing line to land a dozen fish with small Diawl Bach’s and buzzers taking his fish. Fishing at Lincroft Point, near E Buoy. Ronan Cusack & Richard Cameron from Ireland landed 63 fish all in buzzers. In Biggin bay Fraser Duffy Snr & Jnr fished on a half day to land 26 fish on blob and buzzers. Utilising the rudder Jim Dempsey & Rod Wilson landed 14 fish on snakes and tubes. With the best area being Y Buoy and Musborough Shoal, catching on Di 3, 5 and Di 7 sinking lines. With the majority of the fish being overwintered up to 5lb in weight.

A big swing in the wind, as it headed into the South, Southwest bringing much warmed conditions. It was a dry day in the most part, however we did experience some very heavy rain showers and thunder in the afternoon. The favourable change in conditions certainly got the fish feeding and some of the catches proved to be fantastic. Mr Taylor enjoyed a great day off the bank landing over 30 fish from Toft using Damsels to land his fish. All water member Paul Walker also enjoyed a great days sport lading a cricket score on Diawl Bach’s. Muskins and Damsel from Toft. Tim Davies fished at the Swan’s Nest using Damsels and various nymphs to land 13 trout. In the evening we saw the Draycote Fly Fishers fish the first evening match of the year. With the members enjoying great sport landing 62 fish between them. On buzzers and Damsels in Toft from the Willow Tree all the way to the Swan’s Nest. On the boats Richard Cameron & Ronan Cusack enjoyed a great day landing 37 fish on buzzers fishing in either Rainbow Corner or Biggin Bay. William Brown & Ross Wilson started their 4 day break in style landing 42 fish to the boat in Toft using black buzzers and FABs on a washing line. Draycote fishery guide and ranger Lee Henfrey fished with fellow member of staff Michael Hanlon. The pair landed over 30 fish using a 12ft slow tip with a washing line. The best area being the Farborough Dam wall and also fish coming from Rainbow Corner. All water members Craig & Rob Middleton landed over 40 fish to the boat, but kept the method quite due to fishing in the England qualifier on Sunday.

Light winds coming from the east Saturday, with drizzle forecast. Draycote member Mike Garner fished from the bank at Lincroft point landing 9 fish using fry patten based lures. Alec Thwaites also fished the bank for a short 4 hour session landing a dozen fish. Using a black tadpole on the point and buzzers on the droppers, taking 6 on each. On the boats there was some fantastic catches, all water member Rob Edmunds fished with Sam Smith with the pair landing 40 fish. The pair fished all over the lake with the best lines being either a Di 3 or Di 5 sweep line with a mix of cormorants, blobs and boobies. G Borthwick & A Borthwick fished buzzers in Toft landing 37 to the boat by 2pm before coming off and heading back up to Scotland. Ross Wilson & William Brown fished on their 2nd of a 4 day break, landing 58 fish using a washing line with a FAB on the point and buzzers on the droppers from Toft. We also had a number of anglers practicing ahead of the England Qualifier the next day on Draycote. The anglers kept specifics on how they caught their fish quiet until after the match, but it was clear that good fishing was had by all. With the hotspots being Toft, Lincroft Point Biggin Bay and Farborough Dam wall.

A cracking start to Sunday morning with what looked like perfect fishing conditions for all the anglers heading out on a busy day here at Draycote Water. The rod average once again proved to be holding it’s own from both boat and bank with some great returns coming from all over the reservoir. Paul Walley caught 14 fish from the bank near the Swans Nest using diawl bachs on a washing line. Ian Western also fished from the bank down in Toft to land 7 fish on buzzers and flash back diawl bachs. Draycote Regular Lee Cheshire caught 4 fish from the bank near the Valve Tower, once again on buzzers and diawls. Out on the boats the father and son pairing of Frazer Duffy senior and junior, used a mixture of boobies and black buzzers to net nearly 40 fish between them. Bill Brown and Ross Wilson had over 40 fish to the boat straight lining buzzers through various spots such as Rainbow Corner and Biggin Bay. We also hosted the Angling Trust Loch Style England Team qualifier on Sunday with 26 anglers taking part. 18 of the anglers “bagged up” with a total of 362 fish caught, giving a competition rod average of 13.9. Top rod for the day was Stephen Smalley with a total bag weight of 42lbs 9oz, in second place was Mike Laycock with 42lbs 5oz, and third spot was taken by Pete Eville, with a bag weight of 42lbs 3oz.  There was a variety of methods used in the competition, from pulling a Di 5 sweep all the way to nymphs on a floating line. However the best method was a washing line with buzzers, Diawl Bach’s or muskins on various midge tips with a FAB on the point. The hotspots for the day were Toft Shallows from the Swan’s Nest to the Nature Reserve, then the Farborough Dam wall and near J buoy.


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Week Ending: 07 May 23    Rod Av: 7.6  Water Temperature: 14+°C

The week started with a warm spring day, light winds & consistent cloud cover. The Olives & Hawthorns have finally made an appearance & the first Mayfly of the season had been seen. Fish could be seen moving across the reservoir & consequently, there was some excellent returns from both the banks & the boats. From the banks, Eyebrook members Roy Swinfield & Keith Johnson landed 18 & 16 fish respectively from Sam’s Dyke on Straight Lined Nymphs & Buzzers. From the boats the most productive areas remain the shallower, warmer waters of the northern end of the reservoir with the fish well spread throughout. Eyebrook member Dave Etty had a very productive day landing 20 fish on Nymphs & Sam & Rob Edmunds also had a great day on Olive Buzzers straight lined. Dries have also been producing with Mark Hunt having a good day on Ginger Hoppers.

Tuesday brought with it a gentle north easterly breeze & plenty of cloud cover. The reservoir continued to fish well from both the boats & the banks with Sam’s Dyke & the middle of Stoke Dry proving to be very productive yet again. From the bank, All Water Member had 10 fish from Sam’s Dyke on CDC Yellow Owls & from his Float Tube Ian Jobe also landed 10 from various locations. On the boats, Stoke Dry continued to produce fish with the percentage methods being Straight Lined Nymphs or Dries. Tuesday also saw us host the first of four days of the RAF’s 2023 Festival Of Angling (FoA). With the onus on future squad developed we delivered a morning of casting tuition for those that required it, whilst other got out on the water to familiarise themselves with the water. By the afternoon, all anglers had taken to the water with experienced anglers being paired up with the less experience. With 19 anglers fishing, everyone caught & they produced a healthy rod average of 4.1.

Weather wise, Wednesday was a very similar day to the previous day with the exception that by late afternoon the overcast sky gave way to bright sunshine. The weather, on this occasion, did not impact the fishing as the reservoir fished extremely well with fish caught all over the reservoir. The whole of the Leicester bank fished very with fish caught from Dogwood Bay up to the Chestnut & everywhere in between with some very high catch returns being recorded. From the bank, washing lined floating lines with a FAB on the point & Nymphs above it fished well, as did straight lined Nymphs & Buzzers. It was a very similar story from the boats, with the additional method of pulling Boobies on medium sinking lines also taking a lot of fish. Day 2 of the RAF FoA saw 24 anglers taking to the water & producing a great rod average between them of 9.3. More importantly, all of them got into fish, which is not only great given the number of lesser experienced anglers fishing but it is also great for development.

Thursday started with a cooling north easterly breeze that fluctuated in wind speed during the day. The overcast early morning skies became intermittent with some periods of prolonged sunshine. The reservoir continued to fish very well with a lot of fish caught on Buzzers & Nymphs from the bank & the boats. Regular visitor, Dale Birch had a very productive last 4hr bank session landing 6 fish from the area of Sam’s Dyke. From the boats, All Water Member, Lynsay Bates & his boat partner, Rob Keeber, had a very productive day landing a very high number of fish all on Buzzers & small Muskins. Albert Coales popped down just for a few hours & caught well over 20 fish on a Fast Glass from the area of Sam’s Dyke. The fish are well spread & another productive area proved to be from the Seat, all the way down to Stoke Dry with fish caught all the way through. The most productive methods are fishing Buzzers & Nymphs either on the Bung, Washing Line or Straight Line. When the conditions are right, the fish do not need much encouragement to take flies off the surface or sat in the surface film.

Friday started with a light southerly wind & plenty of cloud cover. As it progressed, the day brought with it some isolated showers which were heavy at times. The reservoir continued to fish very well with plenty of fish caught from the bank & the boats. With the fish continuing to feed well on the Buzzers there were some excellent returns recorded. From the bank, Garry Mickley landed 30 fish on Buzzers from Sam’s Dyke which is an excellent return. Eyebrook members Keith Johnson & Dave Searson had 10 & 11 respectively from the bank, fishing Buzzers & Nymphs on Floating Lines & Dale Birch had 6 on a last 4-hour bank permit. From the boats, the fish were well spread getting caught all along the Leicester Bank, the Willows to the Tern Rafts & out in the middle also. The most productive methods from the boats have been Buzzers; Straight lined, on the Bung or Washing Lined & Nymphs on the Washing Line. Friday was the final day of the RAF’s FoA where 22 anglers caught 243 fish, giving a great rod average of 11. Everyone caught, including the novices & a special congratulations must go to the prize winners; Dave Eames was the top rod for the day & Dean Baker who was the top novice. Well done to all, it was great to host you.

Saturday was a very damp day, with a light southerly breeze. The England ladies enjoyed a training day where they caught 160 fish between 12 of them with fish getting caught on various methods, including Dries, from various locations around the Reservoir. All Water Member Lorenzo Serrano & his boat partner Eli enjoyed a very productive morning session landing well over 20 fish from Sam’s Dyke on Nymphs & Buzzers. Mr McLeod also caught well in Sam’s Dyke on Buzzers, Nymphs & on the Dries, landing 15 fish. Eyebrook member, Bob Margery, caught well from the bank down at the Hawthorns landing 11 in a very productive morning session. The most productive methods remain the Washing Line, Straight Line & with the right conditions, Dries. There has a been a few early season Daddies making an appear so when fishing the Washing Line, consider a Foam Daddy on the point rather than a FAB or Blob Booby.

There was a damp & overcast start to Sunday which gave way later to clear skies & extended periods of sunshine with the occasional spell of cloud cover. The conditions made the fishing somewhat more challenging than in previous days. Fish were still caught however from the banks & the boats. Due to the conditions the banks were a little slower to kick into gear but there were still excellent returns. Phil Caress landed 7 & Davis Eales landed 9, both caught on Nymphs & Buzzers, fished very slow, letting them naturally drift around. On the boats, the England Ladies had another very productive day, landing 128 fish between them & the Seabrook’s had a great day, landing over 40 fish between them. Chris Martin & his boat partner Neil Cohen also had a productive day with over 20 fish to the boat. The best methods from both the banks & the boats is to fish buzzers & nymphs on a Washing Line, Straight Lined or the Bung. The best areas remain the entirety of the Leicester Bank from the Lodge to the Cowshed & the Seat to Stoke Dry.