Thornton weekly report 27th March 2022

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending:  27th March    Rod Av:9.0       Water Temperature: 10c

Monday & a great start to the week with a rod average 10.8 Majority of the anglers took to the boats with Paddy Fitch deciding to fish the bank for the afternoon & been rewarded with 16 trout caught close in on the margins opposite the lodge. From the boats P Hunt caught 14 with L Serrano catching 20+ with the majority of the boat anglers catching on Intermediate or fast sink lines with booby, cats whisker or diawls. Water clarity is 3ft.

Tuesday with our water temperature creeping closer to 10c+ mark when we would expect to see more fish coming to the floating lines as the trout switch onto the buzzer. Trout haven’t yet fully switched onto the buzzer with our catch returns indicating buzzer, diawls, blue flash damsel, bloodworm, blob, cats whiskers and booby patterns all taking fish with anglers fishing a midge tip down to a fast sinker. Opposite the lodge continues to fish well for the bank anglers with A Topping catching 15 and Paddy Fitch 13. From the boats a number of anglers caught double figure catches, P Mee, Tut & Bet Miles, P Cox, P Wrigley, R Dunster, P Walker & Steve Windram. Opposite the lodge, in front of the wood, corner wood into the Markfield arm fished best with the trout to be found either tight to the bank or as the day got brighter 30 yards off the bank. Another excellent day with the rod average 10+

Wednesday with the catch return showing increasing numbers of trout taking buzzer and diwal bach with the midge tip, intermediate and slow sink lines best. Steve Fairgrieve and P Mee shared a boat fishing buzzer an diawls to catch their 25 trout, Ian Leach a new All Water member Ian Brearley fished diawls an damsels to boat their 28 trout wit C & R Grice fishing damsels to take their 16 trout.

Thursday and a cracking warm March Day, flat calm with the bright conditions called for long leaders. Tony Lorrimer caught his 10 trout on his rabbit patterns, member D Rechtorik fished a midge tip with diawls & buzzers to catch his 16 trout with D Slessor and his son catching 18 for their visit. Dave & Sharon Ryalls fished a DI3 with an orange and tequila blob to catch their 13 trout. Opposite the lodge and wood remains favourite with anglers who are venturing further up the Markfield arm finding increasing numbers of trout.

Friday and another excellent day’s fishing. Sun was pleasant on your back and its helping to raise our water temperature and with-it increasing numbers of buzzer hatching. Most anglers concentrated their fishing opposite the lodge, wood and the corner with S Zeleny & S Swinfield going further into the Markfield arm been rewarded wit 12 trout. G Clark bank fished mainly along the corner with a damsel and an ace of spades, now there’s an old pattern you don’t hear of much, but it worked helping him to his 14 trout. Bill Watson had his best day ever catching 23 trout with J Law also catching well into double figures. With a daily rod average 9.8 most anglers enjoyed good catches. Intermediate long leaders with blue flash damsel, diawls and buzzers was the winning combination for most.

Saturday`s catch return was all buzzer, diawl, damsel patterns with the intermediate, sink 3 lines with long leaders and the flies fished slow catching best in front of the wood and down past the lonesome pine. David Inglis & Ron Fullelove caught 20 for their visit with A Lilley & G England having a great day catching theirs all on buzzers. Ian Leach caught 12 as did K Cowen. Our Water temperature hit 10c for the first time definitely going the right way.

Sunday the easterly breeze felt cooler but that didn’t stop the fishing with trout during part of the day to be seen feeding through the surface. Bob Jones fished black buzzer and blue flash damsel to catch his 20 trout with his boat partner S Brooks fly fishing for the first time catching 8, well done. Dave Slessor enjoyed another good day catching 20+ with George Jackson finding a small sparkler booby and small white booby helped to catch his 15 trout. C Burdett fished buzzers to catch his 6 trout finding a few fish out over the deeper water

Overall, an excellent weeks fishing


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Week Ending: Sunday 27th March         Rod Av:  5.8       Water Temperature: 8 °C

Another lovely day Monday with the air temperatures reaching 16°C in the later part of the afternoon, however, a frost did make the fishing slow to start with. Dave Atkins fished from the bank along the Cornfield to land 4 fish using a 12ft slow tip with a Damsel on the point and Muskins on the dropper. On the boats John Dickens landed 12 fish using a black and green lure and buzzers. All water member Dave Smith landed 8 using small black buzzers fished under the bung and also landed one using a foam daddy with the fishing taking off the surface. The best catch of the day went to Ian Morris who used a floating line with Diawl Bachs and black buzzers to land 21 fish. Ian fished at Rainbow Corner, The Inlet and Lincroft Point to land his fish.

Once again the great fishing Draycote has seen in the previous few days continued Tuesday with a rod average of 7.2 fish per angler. On the bank Stan Hillman landed 5 fish from the various points around he reservoir on a team on buzzers. However, it looks like the last four hours with the sun dipping in the sky was the best time for the bank With John Hayden landing 10 fish from the Cornfield using a Damsel and a mini cat’s whisker. However, it was certainly a day for the boats as the sun pushed the fish out over the edge of the drop offs. Draycote season ticket holder Phil Waters enjoyed a good days sport landing 13 fish using a mixture of buzzers and nymphs. All water member John Duncan landed 11 fish on his first ever trip to Draycote. Ed Douglas fished in Biggin Bay using an Airflo 12ft Slow tip with a mixture of nymphs and a FAB to land 29 fish including a cracking 5lb 7oz rainbow. Kevin Hart also used buzzers and cruncher this time with a booby on the point to land 38 fish. Kevin fished at the Willow trees at the bottom of the Cornfield using a Di 3 to land his fish.

The sunny conditions remained on Wednesday, however there was a lack of wind. This lack of wind made the fishing drop off a little from the great sport we have been seeing, although the fishery still produced a number of good catches. Tom Cosford fished from the bank along the Cornfield using small size 14 black buzzers to land 7 fish. On the boats Iain Johnston landed 15 fish using a floating line with black buzzers, fishing along the North Shore with a very slow figure of eight retrieve. Draycote member Chris Discombe landed 10 fish from Biggin Bay using small black buzzers static. Mr Francis also used buzzers and a black and green lure to land 13 fish with his most productive area being D Buoy.

A very flat bright day here at Draycote, with saw the buzzer once again hatching in good numbers, however the majority small in size. As a result of the bright flat conditions it was certainly a day for the boats. Fishing for a morning session Emad, using sunk lines with boobies to land 13 fish from near Lincroft Point. All water season ticket holder Ged O’Donoghue fished with Steve Orton with the pair landing 22 fish to the boat using black buzzers on a floating line. Another all water member using black buzzers to great effect was Jamie Scott, who landed 22 fish, however Jamie had to use small size 12 & 14 black buzzers and fish them deep near the drop offs to land his fish.

We are beset with bright sunny conditions and light breezes here at Draycote water, but as long as the fishing stays the way it has been for the last few days, who cares! Rod averages from the boat and the bank are very good of late with most fish falling to buzzers and diawl bachs fished on either floating or midge tip lines. The best areas seem to be all along the north shore, with anglers strung out between Grays Barn and all the way up into Dunns Bay. You can if you wish, ply your trade up on the Draycote Dam where there is a good head of Perch mixed in with the odd trout, but trust me, it can be very frustrating. Mr C Massey chose to fish off the bank in the Cornfield and netted 8 fish on buzzers. All water season permit holder Mr Paul Walker had over 30 fish from the bank. Paul fished from Lincroft Point and the Cornfield using diawl bachs and buzzers on a floating line. Paul Walley fished an afternoon session and netted 5 fish from the bank in Biggin Bay, again on small nymph patterns. Out on the boats anglers were also fairing pretty well. Mr D and Mr T Moody had 20 fish to the boat along the north shore on black buzzers. John Dickens and Lorenzo Serrano had a bit of a red letter day with over 50 fish to the boat between them on cats whiskers.

Once again the sun was splitting the sky on Saturday morning, with a nip in the air to start with. As per the past few days report, the best of the fishing is to be had along the northern edge of the reservoir. In sunny conditions those fish will push out a bit into deeper water by the middle of the day, but it’s nothing that a bit of wading and a good cast won’t sort out. Whilst natural patterns such as buzzers, diawl bachs and crunchers are providing some good sport, pulling lures on a DI3 or a DI5 is also bringing some good fish to the net. Mr A Wheatstone caught 10 fish whilst bank fishing on the north shore on buzzers. Mr N Devine and his son took to the water for an afternoon session, netting 4 fish between them from the Cornfield on white minkies. Mr K Counihan and Mr M Kilford had 8 fish apiece to the boat on a mixture of humungus and blobs. Roy Palmer and Steve Jordan had a dozen between them using a pink FAB and buzzers. John and Dan Mcelligott used midge tip lines and buzzers with a FAB on the point to good effect to net over 20 fish, remarking that most fish took the FAB. Rob and Albert Edmunds had a good day out, netting well over 60 fish between them on booby snakes from various points around the reservoir.

Totally different conditions on Sunday morning with a foggy start and a definite cold snap in the easterly breeze, it wasn’t till around 1.30 when the sun finally broke through to give a bit of warm in the day. On the bank Ian Ross enjoyed a good day at the old pipe in Biggin Bay landing 6 fish on buzzers and Diawl Bachs. Draycote season ticket holder Paul Walley also fished in Biggin Bay on the bank landing 6 fish on Yellow Owl buzzers. On the boats Fishery Manager Tom Bird fished with Sam Smith with the pair boating 30 fish. They started the day in Biggin Bay with lots of fish moving to emerging buzzers, with the pair catching on a washing line set up. However, the wind swung slightly, and the fish dropped down so the pair swapped to a long midge tip to head down after them. Draycote member Ian Reeve landed 9 fish near E Buoy in Biggin Bay using a floating line with a Green pea on the point and Diawl Bach’s on the droppers. The best catch of the day came from the boat of James Maplethorpe & Trevor Moore, with the pair landing 57 fish. Fishing with buzzers on a long leader with a gold head hares ear on the point from a floating line. The best area was Biggin Bay anchored up about 40 yards off the old pipe and just inching the buzzers back to the boat.


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Week Ending: 27th March        Rod Av: 8.7          Water Temperature: 10c

Monday the 21st March 22 started off still and cold. -2C according to the thermostat in the car on the way on to the Eyebrook. The conditions were hardly inviting as there was a distinct lack of wind and a cold mist on the water. Eyebrook Season ticket holder R. Swinfield opted to fish the Rutland bank in the morning and had a nice half dozen rainbows between Robbo’s Cabin and the end of the netted bank on small Diawl Bachs. By around 10:30am, a gentle southerly breeze was making a bit of a ripple on the water which in turn, started to produce a few fish for Mr D. Wall up by the Chestnut tree. At first, he didn’t think he was going to do any good up that far. But the fish have made it up in to those areas as well. Small Diawl Bach’s and Buzzers fished Washing Line Style was producing good sport. The day finished off with a rod average of just under 9, with a majority of fish being taken on Diawl Bach’s and Buzzer patterns as well as a few Blob’s and FAB’s There are still fish across the front of the casting platforms and the Hawthorne’s, Fish caught in Mucky Bay and along the front of the Chestnut Tree. On the other bank, there are still fish from the corner of the netted bank to the Robbo’s Cabin and there are also reports of fish up by the Willows.

Tuesday started off a little bit warmer than Monday but still had that spring chill in the air. As the temperatures are starting to get warmer, we are seeing that the fish are starting to move on to the buzzers. The warmer weather and buzzer feeding will see more anglers out on the water in the next few weeks. So, it’s a good time to start planning ahead and book your boat if you require one. F. Colman and J. Colman had a fantastic day out on the boats and managed well in to double figures each while fishing size 12 and size 10 buzzers. Eyebrook Season ticket holder D. Shaer managed double figures to the boat with buzzers and Damsels. Mr & Mrs Rawson managed 14 to the boat between them on the first day of their 3-day package.

Wednesday started off with a bit of a crisp chill in the air but looked like it was going to be a bright and calm day. Early morning discussions with Eyebrook season ticket holders in the lodge sparked intrigue from Fishery manager Jim, as 2 Season ticket holders had mentioned that fish had been actively feeding on Corixa as well as buzzers. These conversations happened at different times and independently of one another. One had witnessed the fish feeding, and the other found corixa in the gut of a fish he had taken for the pot. As the water temperatures start to rise, it’s always worth giving a Damsel nymph a swim. As we all know, Eyebrook does have some fantastic Damsel hatches.

Thursday started off pretty much the same way that Wednesday had. There was a slight change of wind direction, but the fish were still feeding in the same areas. Eyebrook season ticket holder Dave Lawrence had a nice morning netting 4 good fish from the casting platforms while fishing buzzers. J. Vasey and G. Curry rounded up a few days visit with 16 to the boat in a morning session before heading North again. Most of the anglers are becoming fixated with Mucky Bay and The Chestnut Tree areas. These are fantastic spots at this time of year due to the silty bottom providing great buzzer hatches that go on for weeks. There have been reports of some good over wintered fish that are 4lbs+ coming to the net. It’s amazing what buzzer season can produce out on the lake.

Friday was another lovely day out on the lake All Water Season ticket holders Phil Mee and Steve Fairgrieve had a cracking day with both getting into double figures. Phil Met Steve while helping with the All- Abilities Friendly Fly Fishers (AAFFF) and Phil has been showing Steve the ropes and seeing his steady progress out on the water since last Season. That’s what Fishing is all about. Lots of anglers were now starting to find that the fish are all over the lake and they are experiencing great sport from the bank and boat with a lot of anglers getting into double figures while fishing buzzers on a washing line.

Saturday saw calm weather at the start of the day with an easterly building as the day progressed.  Eyebrook played host to the England Ladies team who had an excellent day catching 173 fish between 11 anglers giving them a rod average of 15.7; the majority of which were caught on Buzzers around various areas of the reservoir. We also hosted 2 of our Taster Sessions throughout the day. In the morning father & son; Mark & Tom Haines, enjoy a successful session with both catching fish. Under the watchful of Fishery Guide Andy Miller Tom caught his first ever trout whereas his father Mark, thought he would raise the bar by landing a large pike on of all things, a Size 10 Black Buzzer. The afternoons Taster Session saw us host a group of 5 potential anglers who once again enjoyed a very productive afternoon. All participants caught trout & had a very enjoyable afternoon under the guidance of Fishery Guides Andy Miller, Lee Henfry & Fishery Manager Jim Wright. Overall, the reservoir fished very well on Saturday with some excellent catch returns being recorded from Boat, Bank & Float Tube. Season Ticket holder Neil Shilton had a great day in his Float Tube catching 20+ fish including a cracking Rainbow of 6lb 13oz. The fish are starting to disperse around the reservoir with the most productive areas being the Hawthorns, Sam’s Dyke, Mucky Bay down to the Cowshed. As the water temperature increases so is the aquatic life with most of the fish falling to natural patterns; Buzzers & Diawl Bachs fished either static or very slow.

There was a foggy start to Sunday that saw us host the England Ladies for a second day & the All Abilities Fly Fishers. Both parties had a very productive day with all anglers catching & some recording catch returns well into the 20s. Natural patterns, fished slow or static, either on floating lines or washing lined tip lines with a FAB or Booby on the point proved to be the most productive methods. In addition, Eyebrook hosted a Tuition Day for 6 budding fly fisherman who under a tutelage of Instructor Andy Miller had a great day. From starting the day as complete novices every participant went on to catch which is great achievement. By the end of the day, they had managed a very respectable 14 fish between the 6 of them. Well done all. The banks and boats remain equally productive with numerous fish caught from most areas of the reservoir. On the bank, Season Ticket holder Malcolm Thompson had a very good day fishing buzzers in Sam’s Dyke and there has been some excellent catch returns recorded from the Netted Bank to Robbo’s Cabin. In addition to fishing nymphs & buzzers on a washing line or floating line, Season Ticket holder Mark Hunt had a very productive day from the boat fishing Dries; Bobs Bits in Claret & Red. As the water temperature continues to increase the prospect of top of the water activity will also increase with the fish happy to rise in the water column in search of food.

With the obvious improvement to the water clarity, the Pike fishing this week has also improved. One of our regular pike anglers experienced a very productive day, landing over a dozen Pike up to 21lbs 8oz.