Thornton Weekly report 20th March 2022

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Weekly Fishing Report: Draycote, Eyebrook, Thornton

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Week Ending:  20th March   Rod Av: 6.5     Water Temperature: 8c

With an improving forecast and our water temperature creeping upwards, our fishing has certainly picked up with intermediate lines with buzzers and diawls featuring in Mondays catches. P Mee, L Serrano & H Davies all caught double figure numbers mainly on buzzers and diawls. Opposite the lodge along the Thornton arm, down to the corner of the wood and into the Markfield arm.

Tuesday water clarity 4ft+ with the water temperature creeping above 8c. Catch returns indicate intermediate with blue flash damsel, black buzzer and diawls taking the majority of the trout along the shallows of the Thornton arm, wood and down past the lonesome pine. This time of year the bank fishing at Thornton can be good with All Water Member Norman Perkins catching 13 for his bank fishing session, a word of advice, bring waders. Good catches from the boats with Carl Bond catching a personal best rainbow of 5lb2oz. P Mee fished again today catching into double figures on diawls and buzzer with his best rainbow weighing 4lb5oz

Wednesday once the rain arrived it rained all afternoon. With a rod average 2.2 for the day it was a bit more of a challenge than the day before. The successful patterns from the day before were replaced with booby and green peas patterns working best. By the end of the day following the rain our water level had risen but the clarity remained 2.5ft+

Thursday and an improvement with the rod average 3.5 with the afternoon fishing better than the morning. P Cox caught 8 with 3 of the trout caught in Green Bay. Robert Morton fished opposite the lodge with his best fish weighing 4lb12oz. The majority of anglers continue to fish opposite the lodge and down past the wood, as the clarity improves and our water temperature climbs we would expect to see the farm bank start to produce a fish or two.

Friday and a much better day considering the influx of rainwater two days previously with Friday producing a 4.4 rod average. As the clarity improves from the bank outwards Alan Topping fished black & green lures to catch 11 from the bank with G Clark catching 8 & S Proffitt catching 5 on a hot head damsel also from the bank. From the boats all water member D Slessor caught 14 for visit with Alan Johnstone fishing a fast sinker & booby to catch his 6 trout. A mixture of patterns worked during the day with boobies, green pea, damsel & diawl bach.

Saturday with a much stronger easterly wind developing during the day made fishing conditions uncomfortable but the anglers still returned a rod average 4+. Jan Webber fished an orange booby to catch his 12 trout with Mark Hunt fishing a Dawson olive booby to catch his 10 trout with Neil Bates fishing his old favourite, the cats whisker to catch his 10 trout during his afternoon visit.

Sunday with a breezy cold easterly during the morning giving way to flat calm conditions by late afternoon. Booby patterns worked best during the day with anglers using booby patterns from a midge tip line down to fast sinkers. Pam Shuttlewood & Steve Jordan caught 9 on boobies fished on fast sinkers drifting from the corner of the wood along the wood with D Slessor fishing a cats whisker booby from an anchored boat using a midge tip line to catch his 13 trout for his afternoons visit.

Considering the weather from Wednesday onwards wet, breezy and cold easterly winds I’m pleasantly surprised how well Thornton has fished this week

Water clarity is improving & will improve this week especially with the excellent weather forecast


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Week Ending: Sunday 20th March         Rod Av:   9.0       Water Temperature: 7°C

A great start to the week, with a real feel of spring in the air and the trout responded well to the slightly warmer temperatures with the rod average finishing at 9.63 fish per angler.  All water members Steve Orton & Ged O’Donoghue landed 20 fish to the boat fishing buzzers and a blob at the school slips. Draycote members Ian Richardson & Bob Smith also enjoyed a good days sport landing 25 fish on a mix of buzzers, diawl bachs, muskins and blobs. The pair found the fish at the Hensborough bank, Farborough Dam and Cornfield. Andy Berkett & Brent Vinall enjoyed a great start to their three day break landing 37 fish to the boat using Midge Tip lines teamed with a blob and various Nymphs. Landing the majority of the fish from the Hensborough bank but also taking fish from Rainbow Corner and the Outlet. Fishery Manager Tom Bird fished in a boat with Ed Douglas with the pair enjoying a great day’s sport. Not only catching good numbers of fish but also some cracking overwintered fish up to 5lb. The key to their success was to fish the drop offs along the Farborough Dam & Hensborough Bank with Midge tips an 18ft leader, blob on the point and 2 black diawl bachs on the droppers.

Another great day Tuesday with a sunny start, light winds with cloud arriving later in the day. It really did have a very springlike feel, as a result of this better weather the water temperature has increased to 8°C. This increase in water temperature has really got the fish feeding hard and the fishing was even better than the previous day with a rod average of 13.0. Peter Elliot & Lee Patten fished in Biggin Bay near the old pipe landing 20 fish each using a Fast Glass teamed with an Olive snake. On the boats Mr Moore landed 35 fish anchored near the old pipe with all his fish taking size 12 black buzzers. Andy Birkett & Brent Vinall enjoyed a good second day on their three day package taking 39 fish to the boat. The pair fished the same tactics of the day. With the highlight being when the fish began to rise about 5.30pm and Andy managed to land a 5lb 9oz overwintered fish. Draycote members Dave Atkins & Richard Hanlon landed 49 fish to the boat with Richard going for a Di 5 sinking line and a snake will Dave used a midge tip and nymphs. All water member Ed Douglas also enjoyed a great day landing 39 fish from the bottom end of the Cornfield near the Willow Tree. Again like the day before taking them on nymphs fished on a midge tip with a blob on the point.

Wednesday saw a drastic change in the weather which resulted in a prolonged period of heavy rainfall. However, the wet weather did not dampen the fishing with those braving the elements being rewarded with some excellent fishing. Tim Grove had a cracking day with 38 fish to the boat, the majority of which were taken on buzzers on a washing line. Andy Birkett & Brent Vinall yet again had an excellent day & signed off their 3 day package in style with over 60 fish to the boat. This takes their tally for a 3 day break to 157 which is an excellent return. The successful tactics were to fish small Nymphs & Buzzers almost static on Midge Tips and they caught in all areas of reservoir.

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Hensborough, Draycote Bank, Lin Croft, and The Spit were all areas that produced good number of trout during Thursday with a variety of methods working from midge tip all the way down to a fast sinker. Increasing numbers taking buzzers patterns as the water temperature slowly starts to rise. Other patterns working were damsels, blobs and booby. Matt Crisp boat partner recorded a 6lb overwintered rainbow with Tony and Ruth Kirk taking overwintered rainbows of 3lb+ and 4lb+

Friday dawned bright and sunny with a cool easterly breeze. Once again the returns for both boat and bank anglers were pretty good with quite a few good quality over wintered fish being caught. Mr Andrew Farmer remarked on having an unbelievable afternoon, having not caught a fish from the bank until 1pm. After that they were coming thick and fast on white lures, with numbers in excess of 30 fish to the net. Young Mike Oliver also did well from the bank, netting 20+ fish on black buzzers. Both Rob and Craig Middleton had well over 30 fish to the boat between them on buzzers, from various points around the reservoir. Greg and Ken Williams also had over 30 fish to the boat using buzzers fished on a floating line. Dan Mcelligott and Bob managed 18 and 21 fish to the boat respectively, on midge tip lines and black buzzers.

It is nice to have some sunshine for a change but the easterly wind that was blowing on Draycote on Saturday could have cut corn. The rod average remains high at 5.8, with a good spread of fish being caught throughout the reservoir. Notable areas are The Farborough Dam, Toft Shallows, Grays Barn, Biggin Bay, The School Slips and The Hensborough Bank. Most of the fish seem to be coming from the top 8 feet of the water and falling to a DI3 and snakes, or a midge tip line with black diawl bachs and a blob on the point. Season permit holder Les Lerigo netted over 20 fish from a boat on black and green snakes down in Toft and noted that in the bright sunshine the fish were hard on the bottom. Ryan Gibson and Craig How had their 20 fish from the Hensborough Bank on lures fished on a DI5 sweep line.

Once again a lovely sunny day here at Draycote Sunday, with he wind dropping slightly from the day before put remaining in the East. On the bank Draycote season ticket holder Jon Crowley landed 7 in a half day. Jon, used a team of buzzers to land his fish with the best buzzers being a Vicar and a yellow owl buzzer. With Biggin Bay and Toft being his best areas, also, on the bank fellow season ticket holder Stephen Dewhurst enjoyed a good day. Stephen landed 5 fish again with the fish coming to buzzers. Out on the boats Lee Patten & Peter Elliot also found buzzers to be the best tactic landing over 40 to the boat. With the commenting the buzzers had to be fished deep on a midge tip. Richard Walked fished over in Biggin Bay landing 15 fish, Richard found the fish again sitting a little deeper. Using a midge tip line, 12ft leader and a single weighted black and green nymph. Greg Howe & Ryan Gibson used black and green snakes to tempt their fish landing 18 apiece.

Overall it has been a great week here at Draycote with 1,691 fish caught for a weekly rod average of 9.0 fish per angler. With the weather set to get even better this coming week we expect the fantastic fishing to continue.


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Week Ending: 20th March        Rod Av: 4.0          Water Temperature: 8C

As this week starts off, we are seeing a bit of improvement in the weather with lighter winds and brighter days. Spring is well into full flow and we are starting to hear more song birds in the trees and hedgerows as well as seeing snowdrops, daffodil sprouts and some blossom on a couple of trees.

The bank anglers seem to be doing better than the boat anglers at the moment, but occasionally a couple of boat anglers are having some great sport. Eyebrook season ticket holders L. Bates & K. Jones were top anglers on the day catching up in around double figures. W Couldrick had a great day afloat getting in to double figures as well. Varying reports are coming in about methods and flies, but the method on Monday was a floating line and fishing a gold head Montana or Ali McCoist according to L. Bates. Good Angling!!

Tuesday started off crisp and bright with a light south easterly wind that was nice for the anglers on the bank. Eyebrook Season ticket holder D. Lawrence had lots of nips and pulls from the casting platforms. New All Water Season Ticket Holder Peter Harris rounded off a 2-day visit to Eyebrook with double figures to the boat while fishing a blob on a washing line to great effect. On the Bank M. Woolnough and N. Woolnough searched along the banks to find the right spot and were justly rewarded with well into double figures each. It just goes to show, if you are prepared to move and work as a pair you can figure out the right lines, leader setup and flies to catch consistently throughout your visit.

Wednesday started off quite still and a little bit colder than it should have been. The forecast was showing light winds from the southeast which will be swinging through to a north westerly by the end of the day. The banks continue to fish well with Mr Hardy taking 8 fish on small black buzzers fished on a floating line almost static. It is becoming more noticeable that as the days progress, the warmer afternoons are increasing the water temperatures which are in turn increasing the aquatic life within the water. This results in more fish being caught on nymphs in the afternoons with Black Buzzers & Diawl Bachs being the best patterns. Robbo’s Cabin to the Willows remain one of the more productive areas with the fish laying in the deeper water during the colder mornings and moving up in the water as the water temperature rises.

Thursday saw the wind switch round to the west southwest. The warmer winds bought an improvement to the fishing with some healthy catches; into double figures, being recorded from the boat & the bank. As on previous days the fish were caught predominantly on dark lures in the morning & nymphs in the afternoon. The most productive areas remain Robbo’s Cabin to the Willows with the more grown on fish being found towards the Willows feeding on the abundant natural food in that area. Water clarity remains an issue in some areas which can make the fishing somewhat challenging.

The wind swung around to the southeast on Friday & completely dropped down to a gentle breeze by the afternoon. Coincidently, as the wind dropped the fishing dramatically improved with some excellent returns being recorded. Numbers into the high teens were recorded by both bank & boat anglers, predominantly from the afternoon session, with the best areas being the Bell to Hawthorns & over by Robbo’s Cabin. The remaining colour in the water means that dark flies are the most productive with larger profiled lures being more effective during the colder morning sessions. Whereas, during the warmer afternoons, Black Buzzers & Black Diawl Bachs fished on a Floating Lines or a Washing Lined Midge Tip being the most effective.

Saturday was greeted with a stiff easterly wind that cooled the air temperature and the water clarity was down to 2ft. All of which made for challenging fishing conditions. Braving the elements in his Float Tube was season ticket holder Neil Shilton who had found a good number of fish up by the Willows area, relatively close to the bank & it is worth noting that these fish were sat in extremely coloured water. This serves as a gentle reminder that if a known fish holding area is indeed coloured, do not immediately discount it; it could well be worth a look.  The settled weather forecast for the coming week will result in an increase in the water clarity, this coupled with the warmer temperature it should be an excellent week for taking fish on natural patterns at Eyebrook.

Sunday saw another Easterly wind on the lake. The ideal locations were along the Rutland bank if you were looking for a bit of shelter for a calmer day’s fishing. Top rod on the day was Sam Edmonds who was in to double figures while fishing the Diawl Bach’s in the coloured water by the willows. Bob Margery managed a cool 9 to the bank on Blobs and Black & Green Lures. There are clear signs that the fish are starting to move towards feeding on the buzzers. There have been a few clouds of small black buzzers around. The fish have also been more likely to take lures in the morning and small nymphs in the afternoon.

The Week ahead looks to be warming up slightly and should see the buzzer life spring in to action, then after that hopefully we will have a return to some great dry fly sport. But don’t discount trying a few lures when the going gets tough.