Weekly fishery report 7th November 2021

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Weekly Fishing Report: Thornton, Eyebrook, Draycote

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Week ending 7th November.  Rod Av: 1.7   Water Temperature: 10c+

Quiet start to the week with only two rods out on Monday and they fished the last 4hr but to no avail.

Tuesday and the first ground frost of the autumn. A mixed day of results with some catching on diawls and crunchers with other angler catching on fast sinking lines with boobies. Alan Wither caught 5 on a Sink 7 and snake but also caught on a washing line with diwal bach. Thornton member A Wilson fished a booby to catch his 5 trout. Wednesday proved to be another difficult day.

Thursday and a sign of improvement with fast sinking lines short 3ft leaders with booby patterns, cats whisker booby and sparkler booby. Richard Price caught 4 for his visit with another Thornton member G Weatherdon catching 3 but both rods reported fish lost.

Friday and a -1c ground frost, with a frozen pontoon & boats anglers had to wait for the sun to thaw the ice. Fast Sinking lines with short leaders and minkie booby, Cats whisker booby and sparkler booby caught the fish. Thornton member G Jackson caught 6 mainly on a sparkler booby, John Bebbington caught 5 with Chris Sayer & M Cross catching 5 for their visit. Peter Wurm & J Caestecker fished a short last 2 hour session with sinking lines & booby to boat their 4 trout.

Saturday fast sinkers with snakes and booby produced best with Jan Webber catching 7 on a cats whisker snake drifting down the Thornton arm. It is getting to the time of year that the trout will start to move out of the deeper water into the arms and onto the weed beds.

Quiet day on Sunday, Thornton member A Wilson fished a sinking line and booby to catch his 4 trout

Water clarity is still good.

11th November STW will be commencing work to improve the public car park. Anglers will still have access to the fishing lodge.


Draycote Fishery Weekly Report – 01788 812018

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 Week Ending Sunday 7th November        Rod Average 3.1   Water Temperature  9.5°C

 Pre payment; We will be asking you to pay for your fishing with a debit or credit card at the time of booking. This will prevent unnecessary queuing at the lodge. Your permit & receipt will be at the booking In area. Staff working the pontoon will allocate you your boat. We recommend you use the hand sanitiser provide & wear a face covering if its busy.

After the strong winds of the weekend and the driving rain thankfully Monday was a much dryer day, however, we did still have the gusty winds this time coming from the West. With the strong winds it was a quiet day at Draycote. On the bank Mr Warren landed 2 and lost 3 other from Rainbow Corner on an orange daddy fished over the weed. Draycote season ticket holders Ian Richardson Ian Richardson & Bob Smith landed 9 fish between them. The pair used Minkies around J-T Buoy and then up to the Hensborough Bank. Former manager Kevin Hart fished for a morning landing 4 fish, opting to keep in the calmer water around C Buoy. Kev landed 3 of his fish on a tube and one a small snake.

Tuesday, the wind dropped and it was a beautiful day, very well come late Autumn sunshine. On the bank season ticket holder Pete Allen landed 4 fish taking 2 from the Cornfield and the other two from the Swan’s Nest. Also on the bank John Dickens landed 8 fish on Humungus at the  Old Pipe in Biggin Bay. On the boats Steve Lees landed 9 fish all on Olive snakes fished deep and slow. Draycote season ticket holder Dan McElligott fished with his better half Ellie, with the pair landing 8 fish. They found a Di 3 sinking line with a white snake the best tactic teamed with a  slow Roly-poly retrieve, along the Farborough Dam wall. Graham England enjoyed a great days sport landing 12 fish all on Minkies taking his fish at the School Slips and Rainbow Corner.

The wind came from the North on Wednesday which certainly added a chill to the day. On the bank Tony Broadway landed 4 fish including 2 fantastic silver fish from the Cornfield. Using a washing line with a tequila FAB on the point with shrimp patterns on the droppers. On the boats Ian Reeve enjoyed a good day landing 11 fish using a hot head snake on a fast glass around the corner from the Farborough Spit. Fellow Draycote member Dan McElligott once again took the water enjoyed a fantastic day landing 14 fish. Dan, used a Di 3 forty plus fly line with a small white snake or olive snake around J Buoy. All water member Ian Jobe fished with regular boat partner Clive Moore with the pair landing 16 fish. Finding the fish high in the water on either a floater or intermediate with white minkies landing their fish. Fishery ranger & guide Lee Henfrey fished with Kevin Hart with the pair landing 25 fish to the boat using a Di 3 sweep and a small white snake. Their best area was T-J buoy, but also picked fish up at N and Y buoy.

Thursday was certainly not a day for the fair weather angler with a bitterly cold North wind really making for a cold day on the water. All water season ticket holder Phil Cross enjoyed a day on the bank landing 6 fish from Lincroft Point using a black cat’s whisker. On the boats the cold wind seemed to push the fish further down that they have been in previous days. Rod Wilson fished on the Rudder landing 15 fish using a Di 5 sinking line with a gold & silver tube and also a pink blob. Rod found the fish from Y-K Buoy with his best fish being 3lb 9oz. Draycote members Ian Richardson & Bob Smith landed 10 between them using white snakes on a Di 3 sinking line. All water member Lorenzo Serrano landed fishing near the Valve Tower. Fishery guide Lee Henfrey took Peter Harris out for a 4 hour guided session with Peter wanting to learn some hints and tips to help him land more fish. Peter “enjoyed a great session with Lee” landing 10 fish with white snakes in a Di 3 sinking line his best tactic.

Friday was overall a good day for fishing with overcast skies, a light wind and very little in the way of precipitation. Through the week the fish were being caught in the top few feet of the water, and while this is still happening, we should see some great sport.  On the bank some are finding it still a bit of a test with an average of 1.8 fish caught yesterday. Peter Allen caught one, while Tony Broadway had 3. Mr M Smith also managed 3 fish from the bank on lures fished from the Tower Bank and Rainbow Corner. Kevin Hart and John Hoskins ventured out on a boat for the day to net 14 fish between them using minkies and floating fry patterns. Dave Kennell caught 16 fish whilst boat fishing. Dave used a midge tip and blobs to start with but also swapped to a floating line and hoppers, drifting from Y to P buoy, around the Valve Tower and Lincroft Point.

There was a light but cold south westerly blowing on Draycote on Saturday, but it remained dry throughout the day. The bank fished reasonably well returning a rod average of 2.25. Both Mick Cronin and Mark Parsley kept on the move, fishing fry patterns around the reservoir to net 4 fish each. Out on the boats Mark Braun netted 15 fish on cats whiskers and snakes, all from the rainbow corner area of the reservoir. Mick Carrig caught 4 fish from various points around the water on white lures.

Strong Westerly winds Sunday made the bank fishing for the Interclub bank get together a little challenging. 18 members from Draycote, Thornton & Eyebrook angling club all gathered for a days bank fishing followed by a cup soup and a roll. All the members enjoyed the day, despite the wind making the fishing tough. Thornton FF Dave Leavesley landed the largest fish of the day a cracking Rainbow of 4lb 6oz. However the best catch of the day was that of Draycote FF Paul Walley who landed 6 fish on a Pitsford Pea in Dunn’s Bay. On the boats Draycote season ticket holder Richard Walker fished with N Barber with the pair landing 9 fish. Tim Tipton also fished from the boats to land a dozen fish. Sunday also was the All Ability Friendly Fly Fishers enjoy a day on the water with the 13 members landing 36 fish for a club rod average of 2.8 fish per angler.

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 The 2021 season at the Eyebrook has drawn to a close. We enjoyed an excellent season with the fishery returning a rod average 4.4

If you would be interested in receiving our membership details for the 2022 season email eyebrook@flyfishstore.co.uk

The 2022 season will open on Friday 4th March