Fishing report week ending 29th August 2021

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Weekly Fishing Report: Thornton, Eyebrook, Draycote

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Stocking Policy As we enter the period of the year higher water temperatures we alter the average size of trout we stock our stocking policy for Thornton is explained on our website Stocking Policy | Fly Fish Thornton – Leicestershire Fly Fishery

Week ending 29th August   Rod Av 2.9   Water Temperature 18c

Bit of a mixed start to the week with some catching well whilst others struggled. All water members Phil Mee caught 6 on buzzers and diawls whilst P Walker caught 9 on a washing line, Fab on the point with buzzers on the dropper. A few of the larger claret buzzers were showing but nowhere in the numbers we would expect.

Tuesday a better day for most of the anglers fishing the morning session, J Carrier caught 5 on buzzers whilst Thornton member P Cox fished the Dawsons olive to catch his 7 trout. CDC and Sedgehogs helped P Birdsall & M Norman to their 5 trout with Bob Menhams finding a cats whisker pulled on a floating line through the wave caught him 5 trout for his 4 hour mornings visit. Carl Bond fished the evening session catching 4 and losing another 4 on orange blob, damsel and buzzer with Carl reporting a nice evening rise across the top of the Markfield arm.

Wednesday Max Bazeley, Frank Chambers & Liam Ford caught 13 between them for their groups morning visit reporting plenty of follows to a small booby or muddler stripped through the surface. Thornton member Stuart Thompson caught 5 for his mornings visit with M Litchfield boating 5. Fish were moving off the stones, dam and green bay but the majority were into the Markfield arm down level with the end of the wood.

Thursday and the fish are starting to move during the day and into the evening with a good number of fish during the afternoon and evening moving down the Markfield arm. Float tubers S Frakes, R Dunnett & T Ward caught 40 between them with the majority being caught after lunch into the evening on muddlers, midas. Claret hopper & claret diawls. Thornton member Neil Bates caught 4 for his afternoons visit with Russ Martin fishing the last 4 hour session catching 5 on an orange shipman.

Friday and despite fish to be seen feeding on the surface some rods found a sinking line was the best approach using booby, blob, humungus and snake patterns during the day. Late afternoon into the early evening some success was had with claret hopper, small daddies, GH Sedge and buzzer patterns. M Cross and C Sayer caught 11 for their mornings visit, it was good to see M Beck back out fishing again and catching, recording 5 trout for his visit. R Bartley on his first visit to Thornton fished the last 4 hours boating 2 but losing another 4 trout during the evening rise.

Saturday & were starting to see the early afternoon into the evening starting to fish with some of our larger claret buzzer showing in the afternoon & evening. J Hickey caught 4 on a small Montana, Keith Cowen having not fished for the last 12 weeks was rewarded with 5 trout for his visit with M Carrig fishing the last 4 hour session reporting plenty of fish moving as he went on to catch 2

Quiet day on Sunday with few rods on the water. Andrew Wilson fished hoppers and cdc buzzer to catch his 4 trout, P Hunt & J Thomson caught 8 for their mornings visit wit S Zeleny catching 4 for his morning’s session. Most of the fishing has been concentrated along the Markfield arm and out in front of the wood with increasing numbers of fish to be seen moving, its definitely starting to fish better late morning through to the evening.

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Week Ending 29th August Rod Average 2.8                 Water Temperature 17 °C

BOATMEN NEEDED On Sunday 12th September Draycote is hosting the Youth National final. For the event we will require boatmen, however, we are unsure at the point how many. If you’re interested please give the lodge a call and leave your name and number then we will give you a call back to confirm your place as a boatman when we know exact number.

 ANGLER PARKING NOTICE All Anglers please note that from Monday 23rd August Severn Trent has requested that all anglers will now have to return their car to the main car park after unloading, if you require a yellow parking pass please ask for one in the lodge on the morning of your visit.

 The week started with some drizzle first thing in the morning with the wind remaining in the North, later in the day the sun broke through and resulted in a very warm day. The fishing started where the previous week had left off, with Daddies featuring high on the catch reports. Dave Mynors with 2 other boats with all the boats catching their limit and returning other with Orange Daddies being the best pattern around C Buoy. William Hunt landed 6 fish on a cream sedgehog fishing around C Buoy. Mr C Merry also enjoyed a good day landing 7 fish.

A cloudy day Tuesday with the wind remaining in the Northeast. Graham Homer fished on the boats using a washing line with Diawl Bachs to land 7 fish. Graham stuck to long drifts over the open water to land his fish. Matt Crisp & Paul Newman landed 7 fish from the boat in a half day session using orange daddies. Geoff Allsop & Graham Wood landed 11 fish to the boat, Graham using daddies and hoppers while Geoff opted for shuttlecocks.

Yet more great conditions Wednesday with cloudy skies and light winds from the Northeast, these couple of days really helping to switch the trout back on. Fishing from the bank Mr M Wright landed 6 fish with 4 falling to a Bibio hopper and the other 2 on snail patterns fished over the weedbeds, with all the fish coming from Lincroft point. Mark Braun landed 15 fish using a washing line drifting from C, B & A buoy with a FAB on the point and gold ribbed hares ears on the droppers. A great day to christen his new Vision Stillmanic Reel. Draycote members Bob Smith & Ian Richardson landed 17 fish between the on a mix of dries and washing line. With muskins and Nemo crunchers being the standard pattens, the pair also reported lots of lost fish. Former manager Kevin Hart landed 11 fish washing lining crunchers from C- B Buoy. Mr J Thompson landed a dozen fish on small dry flies with a size 14 olive shuttlecock & Size 14 olive para hopper being his top pattens.


A cloudy start to the day, however the sun made an appearance around mid-morning, this appearance of the sun made the fish more finicky that the previous day. Jim Dempsey & Rod Wilson used the rudder to land 16 fish in a half day, using Di 3 sinking lines and snakes. Stuart Lee visiting from Canada fished with Draycote member Tony Broadway, with the pair landing 15 fish to the boat. Using washing line tactics around C & B Buoy. Fellow Draycote member Gordon Bramwell and Ken Cooke landed 15 fish also using a washing line with a small pink and sunburst FAB being their best fly. Lianne Frost & Chris Booby boated 21 fish between them on a mixture of washing lining and also dries fishing around the open water in the middle of the lake and also around G Buoy in Toft.

There was certainly a chill on the water Friday with the cool northerly wind, reminding us that we are approaching the end of summer. All water members Norman Perkins & Steve Orton fished together in the boat landing 10 fish on dries with daddies being their best pattern. Draycote members Ian Richardson & Bob Smith landed 9 fish between then in Toft using a minkie booby on the point and then nemo crunchers and muskins on the droppers and reported lots of swirls. Ian Watts & Paul Cramp landed over 20 to the boat using white humungus boobies pulled on a Di 3 sinking line. Kev Hart once again fished this week landing a bakers dozen from Toft, catching on washing lined crunchers and also CDC pattens and Big Reds.

A bright breezy start greeted  the anglers at Draycote on Saturday morning, and these were the conditions for most of the day. Mike Garner did well off the bank down in Toft Shallows, netting 4 fish on crunchers, as did Tony Kirk, who also netted 4. Jim Dempsey and Ivor Jones had 17 fish to the boat on sinking lines and lures. Steve Cullen and Stuart Lee also netted 17 fish from a drifting boat on a wide variety of patterns.

Sunday was forecast for some bright conditions but good cloud cover remained for most of the day. Overall the reservoir fished quite well with a lot of fish being caught in Toft Shallows. Good returns are also coming from D buoy in Dunns Bay, and also C, B and A buoy up in Rainbow Corner. Nearly all methods are working including lures fished in the top few feet of the water on sinking lines. Most anglers however, are using either dries or a team of nymphs fished on floating or midge tip lines. Sean and Debbie Gilbert had a few fish and also said that they dropped a few using a variety of patterns such as an orange fusion blob. Stuart Lee and his boat partner fished dries for most of the day and boated 10 fish between them. Season permit holder James Alexander and his boat partner Alan Sharpe had a total of 7 fish to the boat, again using various patterns and methods.

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Stocking Policy As we enter the period of the year with expected higher water temperatures at the Eyebrook we alter the average size of trout we stock. Our stocking policy for the Eyebrook is explained on our website Stocking Policy | Fly Fish Eyebrook – Leicestershire Trout Fishery

Week ending 29th Aug 21              Rod Average:2.2                  Water Temp: 18 – 16.5C

The start of this week has seen a lot of the anglers spread out across the lake in search of pods of fish. Early indications were that fish are still out along the netted bank area and into the open water. we have also had reports of fish between the Hawthorne’s and the point of the Island and then from the top of the Island to the Chestnut tree just outside Mucky Bay.

Monday saw our anglers have some steady sport to drifting boats. Most of the action came to foam daddies (natural and orange colours), grunters, midas and small CDC shuttlecock patterns. All water Season ticket holder Roger Kerrison was top rod on the day with a cool dozen fish to the boat while fishing various dry fly patterns. Others were having some success with sunburst FABs and small black crunchers.

Tuesday seen a lot of the anglers landing around 2 fish a piece, mostly to small black or red emerger patterns and occasionally a foam daddy. But top rod of the day was Eyebrook season ticket holder Karl Cowzer who managed to land 8 fish by fishing a single dry fly. Sometimes less is more.

Wednesday seen anglers pick up the occasional fish from different parts of the lake. Chip and his son Brandon managed 8 fish to the boat as well as a fantastic 2lbs Perch. But top rod of the day was Ian Brearley, he managed 9 to the boat while fishing Daddies and Yellow Owls.

Halfway through the week and we can see that most fish are being taken on dries and emerger patterns. Drifting boats have had most of the success due to them being able to cover more water. The banks are still proving difficult due to the fish enjoying their feeding out in the open water but that could all change in the coming weeks as the weed starts to recede and the water temperatures cool.

Thursday saw the wind coming from the north and hitting a steady 15mph according to the weather reports but in the morning, it looked to be coming from the North East on to the lodge. The conditions presented their own challenges, but most of the anglers had a hard time to find fish willing to come to the net. Reports were coming back about fish coming off in play or at the net due to being lightly hooked. Brian O’Hara was top rod on the day with a half dozen to the boat.

The weekend saw us experience the same sort of wind conditions that been coming down the lake all week. With wind coming from the North East, it makes it a bit more challenging in around the more exposed areas of the main basin. The fish that had been out from the netted bank have started to move along the Rutland bank up towards the willows area. Friday seemed to be the better day of the weekend with quite a few of the anglers catching 4 or more fish throughout the day. Saturday seen a lot of angles pick up 1 or 2 fish from different areas. But once again, All Water Ticket Member Ed Douglas got well in to double figures once he figured out the right method. On Sunday, a lot of anglers were picking up 2 or 3 fish throughout the day on the boats. Once again, Daddies were accounting for a majority of the fish.

If fishing daddies’ static has fish trying to drown the fly but not take it, try a couple of CDC’s with a daddy on the point. If they are coming up and chasing in the surface, try a popper hopper with a hog daddy on the point and tweak it through the waves, the sport can be amazing. Fish have been taking daddies sub surface as well while anglers have used them to fish washing line style rather than using a booby or a FAB.