Covid Guidelines Update 13th July 2021

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Covid Update 13th July 2021

Governments lifting of Covid legal restrictions in England on the 19th July 2021

The UK Government on the 19th July due to the success of the vaccine rollout is moving the country towards a more normal lifestyle, as we learn to live and work with Covid, always present in one form or another within the community.

Currently a high daily infection rate of 30,000+ people and expected to increase.

Government advises us to continue to wash & hand sanitise our hands regularly, manage our own social distancing & to wear face masks / coverings within enclosed crowded public spaces.

Basically, their asking us to take our own sensible precautions.

What will it mean for you the angler visiting Draycote, Eyebrook & Thornton Fisheries.

Draycote, Eyebrook & Thornton fisheries will continue to:

  • Disinfecting, we will continue to disinfect boats & lifejackets after every session


  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at the lodge entrance & booking in & out area, we recommend you carry your own hand sanitiser & use it as required.


  • Staff Face Masks, staff will be provided with face masks / coverings to wear within the lodge, it will become a personnel choice for them.


  • Customer Face Coverings, will be at their own discretion, but government advice is they should be worn if you’re in a crowded public space


  • Pre-payment requested for boats & day permits, as it prevents queuing within the lodge.


  • Pre-payment moves you through the booking in & out area & away out fishing quicker.


  • Pre-payment allows the lodge staff more time to interact with the customers, offering fishing & tackle advice.


  • Pontoon, fishery staff will still manage angler numbers on the pontoon and continue to issue you with your boat number.


  • 3 People will be allowed per boat


  • Competitions, it will become easier for organisers & the fishery staff to manage large groups, angling club, associations, competitions especially at the weigh in & presentation. However, be prepared at any competition / event to follow the fishery, competition, club organiser Covid guidelines for any event.


Thank you for your cooperation during the last 16 months, and as we move forward.


Ifor Jones

Fishery Management