Thornton Fishing Report 30th May

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Weekly Fishing Report: Thornton, Eyebrook, Draycote

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Week Ending 30th May   Rod Av: 3.7    Water Temp: 16c+

Quiet start to the week with rain forecast, which did indeed come & was heavy at times. Fishing remained good despite the weather with a rod average 5 for the day with the majority of trout been taken on buzzers. Ian Leach caught 16 for his visit with All Water member D Skudder fishing the morning session & catching 7 trout. H Davies fished the afternoon session & caught 6. All anglers reported good numbers of fish moving at times across most areas of the reservoir.

Tuesday morning the water level was up 4inch with some coloured water up the top of the arms & running along the shallows opposite the lodge, although the vast majority of the reservoir remained gin clear. A good days fishing with the rod average 5.6 What was noticeable was the increasing number of trout taking damsel patterns. P Cox for his day visit caught 16 trout on a white & silver booby fished on an intermediate. Barry Deeley caught 10on a blue flash damsel with damsel & buzzer patterns taking 10 fish for Paul Martindale. Another good evening rise with J Scott catching 6 on dries & James Smith fishing the last 4 hour session catching 4 on a size #12 grey buzzer & fab

Wednesday, no water clarity issues, a tinge of colour at the top of the arms but in general reservoir was clear, gin clear. Allan Wither & Stuart boated 27 trout for their visit taking fish from various areas on orange Fab, diawl bach and buzzer patterns

Thursday and a busy day with anglers again reporting fish moving at times all over the reservoir with the largest concentration of fish to be found down the Markfield arm and green bay. Buzzer patterns size 14 and 16, damsel patterns and diawl bach fished on a floater, midge tip or intermediate proved best.  T & J Evans caught 24 for their visit on buzzers, All Water members H Wood and P Mee fished a morning session catching 11 on buzzers, Keith Cowen fished a damsel pattern to catch his 6 trout. Thornton member S Martin fished buzzers catching 9 for his visit. Tony Lorrimer fished his rabbit patterns to catch his 19 trout. Water clarity is good.

Friday was a mixed day, anglers reporting trout moving well during the day but proving difficult to tempt with no pattern to what the fish were taking. Russ Jackson fished the morning session taking 10 trout on an Idiot Proof Nymph, Chris Sayer and Mick Cross caught 15 with a booby pattern taking some of theirs, Richard Price persevered with small olive buzzers catching 4 trout.

Saturday, warmer forecast with little wind, again a variety of methods worked with a rod average 4.1 for the day. R Hopkins & J Jessop on a two day package fished Draycote on Friday and visited Thornton for the first time on Saturday, they fished the washing line catching 9 trout with the majority taking the Fab on the point. Jan Webber fished damsel, buzzer and booby patterns to catch his 5 trout with M Clay fishing buzzers to catch his 7 trout for a mornings visit, M Hunt fished small hopper patterns to catch his 7 trout.

Sunday with a cool east wind and fog greeting anglers at 7am it was a contrast to the day before, fishing was more challenging with a rod average 1.6 for the day. A Woolloff fished a weighted black pheasant tail and caught 4, P Hunt caught his 4 fish on buzzers with Nathan Brain fishing the last 4 hour across by the stones, eventually the rise did happen and he caught his 4 on a washing line, fab on the point with buzzer on the dropper.

Looking ahead to the coming week another stocking due this week will take our fish levels in the reservoir to over 4500 trout. We are 3 weeks away from the longest day, the sun is at its highest and most powerful we will start to see the water temperature creep upwards. As we move into June the buzzers tend to get smaller #14 #16 #18, damsels will become more active, expect sedges in the evening with pin fry expected to be about in the next couple weeks, look out for caenis on the warmer evenings. Water clarity is currently good. Time to fish leaders as long as you can manage with low diameter leader material.

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Week Ending Sunday 30th May 2021        Rod Av:5.6   Water Temperature: 14c

The weather for Monday looked perfect, however about 10am the heavens opened, and at various times throughout the day the Reservoir experienced heavy downpours. These heavy showers did not put the fish off with he rod average of the day 7.1 fish per angler. Alan Martin & Bill McGranaghan fished the day with 32 fish to the boat all n crunchers fished on midge tip sinking lines. On the bank Steve Lees landed 6 fish all on buzzers. All Water season ticket holder Ed Douglas used dries and buzzers to land 18 fish fishing near the Hensborough Bank and Rainbow Corner.

The wind was strong than forecast coming from the West, with good cloud cover with it. Once again the fishing remained good with a rod average of near 6 fish per angler. On the bank season ticket Brian Allwood commented “on the good sport” landing 12 fish on nymphs from the Cornfield. Fellow season ticket holder John Clifford also fished on the Cornfield to land 12 fish on washing line buzzers. Mr McGill & Muir landed 35 fish to the boat on buzzers fishing around Hensborough Bank. All water season ticket holders Keith Coley & Bob Toft landed 28 fish between them fishing a washing line on a long midge tip.

A busy day with 69 anglers all taking to the water to enjoy the fantastic fishing Draycote is currently enjoying, and they were not disappointed with a rod average for the day of 10.78 fish per angler. On the bank season ticket holder Peter Allen landed 8 fish using buzzers fishing down the Cornfield. Fellow season ticket holder Colin Granger also enjoyed good sport from the bank taking 8 fish. On the boats Russell Swimbourne landed 22 fish using a team of buzzers at the Inlet including some cracking fish up to 4lb. John Dickens & Lorenzo Serrano landed 28 fish between them using a washing line with buzzers catching their fish in Toft and around the Hensborough Bank. Season ticket holder Jim Smith stuck to dries all day landing over 30 fish with the fish really starting to move in the afternoon, with CDC Culs and Shipman Buzzers being his best patterns.

A lovely late spring day Thursday with warm sunny conditions and light winds. While, it was a very pleasant day to be out on the water it wasn’t the easiest of conditions for the anglers out there. Colin Day fished on the bank landing 6 fish 2 from the Hensborough Bank and the other 4 from the Cornfield using a Damsel Nymph on a fast intermediate. On the boat Gordon Byers, Tim Grove, Alister Baker & Don Coe down taking advantage of our holiday package enjoyed a good days sport landing 27 between them using Buzzers fished at the Willow Trees at the bottom of the Cornfield. All Water season ticket holder Ed Douglas used nymphs fished on a washing lime and dries to take 27 fish. Jim Dempsey & Rod Wilson fished with lures on sinking lines targeting the deeper water to land 15 fish including an estimated 9lb brown. It was also a busy day for the Tuition Team with both Lee Henfrey & Tom Bird taking clients out, both clients landed just short of double figures on a 4 hour guide. With both also landing fish over 6lb to see pictures of these fish and the 9lb Brown visit

Another warmer day on Friday, however, the anglers were treated to cloud cover all day, the only thing letting down the fishing conditions was a lack of wind, which came and went as the day progressed making the presentation a challenge at times. Season ticket holders Jim Smith & Ed Douglas fished washing line in the morning around the school slips catching well before changing to dries in the afternoon. Former manager Kevin Hart fished with John Hoskins landing 27 fish around J Buoy and the Farborough Dam wall again on a washing line with nemo crunchers being the pairs best flies. Peter Elliot & Lee Patten used a variety of methods to land their fish dries, the bung & straight line buzzers. Catching at the school slips, Hensborough Dam and Rainbow Corner. The traveling Scottish Anglers from the Edinburgh Post Office enjoyed a good final day catching well on buzzers once again around the School Slips. The Draycote Fly Fishers held an evening bank match on Friday with a total of 8 rods taking part. Paul Walley was third  with a total of 5 fish to the net, with his first fish at 19.18 hrs.  Anthony Hart came in second place,  also with 5 fish, but his first fish was caught at 17.50 hrs. But clearly out in first place was Dave Adkins, who had a grand total of 7 fish to the net. A total of 22 fish were caught during a four hour session with calm and dry conditions throughout. The next match for the Draycote Fly Fishers will be on Friday 11th June. All those wishing to take part should meet in Toft car park at 5pm. Thank you to Mark Johnson-Jones for the competition report.

Saturday dawned flat calm, with a very light easterly breeze coming on through the middle of the day. We had some cloud cover in the morning but things brightened up as the day progressed. Anglers reported that the fishing was a lot better in the morning than it was in the afternoon, with a few boats sitting on the Hensborough bank, anchored up fishing buzzers on the bung. A number of good fish were caught in Toft Shallows while other boats faired pretty well in Rainbow Corner and Biggin Bay. Even in the bright conditions bank anglers faired pretty well with Lee Cheshire, Mr N Harris and Mr P Mann managing 17 fish between them on buzzers. Out on the boats Mr S Thompson netted a dozen fish on black diawl bachs and black buzzers. Season permit holders Jim and Richard Hall had well over 30 fish to the boat on black diawl bachs fished on a midge tip line. Visiting anglers Mr Mcvay and Mr Davis also netted over 30 fish between them using buzzers, diawl bachs and GRHE’s.

We were greeted by thick fog here at Draycote on Sunday morning, which we were hoping would hang around for a bit. But this had cleared into bright sunshine by about 11 o’clock or so with a light breeze. Once again the fish seemed determined to cling to the top few feet of the water throughout the day, allowing for some great buzzer fishing on the washing line. Keith Harding and Mike Clarke had 20 fish to the boat between them using a washing line with FAB;s and nymphs. Robert Ball and Tony Bott managed 19 to the boat on much the same method plus 2 nice perch. Trevor Moore and James Maplethorpe netted 23 fish to their boat on buzzers and diawl bachs and also had a perch of 2 lbs 8oz.

 Fishery manager and guide Tom Bird also took to the water for a couple of hours on Sunday and netted 25 fish on a Rio Midge Tip Long, with a mixture of crunchers and muskins. Tom fished quite a few drifts but said that the best place for him was the outer margins of Biggin Bay. To book a guided session with Tom, or indeed any of our guides on any of our waters, contact the fishing on 01788 812018.      

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Week ending 30th May                   Weekly Rod Average: 6.8               Water Temp: 14-16c

Monday signalled the start of yet another fantastic week on the Eyebrook. With perfect weather conditions forecast, predominantly overcast with gentle breezes, sport was likely to be excellent and so it proved. As in previous weeks, a lot of the anglers have been eager to get up around the Island and Mucky Bay, the anglers being as preoccupied with this area as much as the fish are with buzzers. However other areas of the reservoir are well populated with fish and successful, areas have included Stoke Dry and the Willows, as well as Chestnut, the hawthorns, the Bell and Sam’s Dyke. In fact, during the evenings when the reservoir is quieter, the rangers have noticed fish feeding all over the reservoir, often only a few yards from the bank. With the fantastic form continuing at the Eyebrook increasing numbers of anglers are taking advantage of the fishing break packages, with some opting to split their visits between Thornton, Eyebrook and Draycote to experience the sport that our different venues offer. Further details on where to stay and our package options can be found by following the links below;-

FM Fishing breaks: short-break-packages

Accommodation: Where to stay

During the week nearly 300 anglers visited the Eyebrook, which being over 400 acres and with over 4 miles of easily accessible bank, and fish spread all across the reservoir, ensured space and solitude were always available if desired. Reviewing the catch returns over the week, natural patterns were to the fore, with crunchers, diawl bachs and small olive or black buzzers being the most successful patterns. With June approaching we are starting to see damsels about the reservoir, and anglers choosing to use blue flash damsels have been successful. As we move into June, we will see a lot more damsels on the water, and in anticipation of this, we have ensured a plentiful supply of damsel patters are available at our shop. We have also started to see daddies around the lodge, so it isn’t surprising that hoppers are catching a few fish Other dry fly patterns that have proved to be successful have been yellow owls, emergers, hawthorns and suspender buzzers. Another noticeable thing has been that smaller flies (14 and 16s) are often more successful than the larger patterns, especially when fish are moving to nut only swirling at the larger patterns.

Successful methods across the week have been washing lines with either booby, FABs or Blobs on the point or straight lining a team of naturals. The bung has also brough success to those anglers who have used this method. With the dries, we have found that either a team on a long leader or simply a single dry or a single dropper spaced 6 feet apart have been most successful.

With regard to catches, there have been numerous double figure catches recorded which is not surprising given that the overall rod average for the week has been around 8. Several nice fish have been caught with numerous 3-pound fish and a fair sprinkling of 4 pounders. Following on from the magnificent near twenty-pound brown caught last week, another double figure fish was successfully returned on Friday. This weighed in at 12 ½ pounds and was taken by Mr Haugh who was visiting us from the north- east on a two-day trip split between the Eyebrook and Draycote. Having caught this when fishing from Boat number 13, we were told that he had requested that boat at Draycote on the Saturday hoping for more good fortune.  Although the majority of the anglers have chosen to fish from the boats, with the majority of the fleet out most days, our bank anglers have enjoyed some good sport with a lot of fish still patrolling the margins. Probably the hardest day was Thursday, as we were treated to a calm sunny morning for the first time in ages, which moved the fish off the margins, into deeper water. Anglers fishing the float tube were also successful with some good catches being recorded. We do have float tubes for hire should anglers wish to try out this method for themselves, simply contact the lodge to arrange this.

Now that we are moving into summer and the longer warmer days, our last four-hour ticket is becoming increasingly popular and is available either from the bank or the boat. Although only a short session, this time of year often sees good evening hatches as the air temperature and light levels fall, and double figure catches are often recorded as the fish respond to the emerging insects. To book a last 4-hour ticket, please call the lodge on the day. It is easier for us to determine if there will be a boat available for you if that is what you require. Due to the warmer temperatures the damsels are starting to emerge, and we are starting to see the start of a Mayfly hatch which will only make the fishing that little bit more exciting for anglers who love a bit of dry fly action.

As the week came to an end, the reports coming back have been quite eye opening when we were looking at the variety of flies that were taking fish. Everything from small dry flies, to fishing lures quickly near the surface, to fishing static buzzers at depth. Mr N Organ was fishing buzzers at depth from his float tube when he was fortunate enough to snare one of the other Eyebrook residents. A splendid 4lbs Tench. Customers were phoning in to book their up-and-coming trips and were commenting on how hard the fish have been fighting and been surprised when only one fish has come to the net when they have been convinced that the fish they were fighting was either a double hook up or a fish over 5lbs. There have also been 2 instances of angler’s rods being dragged off of the boat or pulled right out of their hands in the past week. Both rods were caught and handed in the following day by other anglers. Hold on to that rod folks, and don’t make the mistake of just leaving your flies in the water while you take care of other things in the boat. With the water temperature starting to increase, no doubt we will be seeing more hatches coming off and the fish feeding voraciously on those tasty morsels that will be trapped in the surface film of the lake.