Our Fisheries YouTube Channel & Evening Boat Comp

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Thornton, Draycote & Eyebrook

YouTube Channel

We have our own YouTube channel, we will be posting short instructional videos, fishery advice videos, product reviews & filming competitions & their results held at our waters. Our aim is to produce a video per week.

To promote our YouTube channel if you follow the link below & leave a comment on the Eyebrook Fishery video you will be entered into the draw to win one of RIO new floating lines. The draw will take place on the 25th April.

Click on here  Flyfishstore – YouTube

Or copy & paste this link into your browser:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4yilqitfPHhsmKAzkffVPg

Evening Boat League Draycote & Eyebrook

Tom at Draycote & Jim at Eyebrook will be running an evening boat league.

Evening Boat League.

Fishery Management (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce it will be running an evening league. There will be Leagues ran at both Draycote & Eyebrook with a total of 7 heats being ran at each fishery. The idea behind the league is to offer a friendly competition, introducing new anglers to competition fishing, & enjoying some great evening sport at both waters.

The format of the league is as follows.

  • 7 Heats with your best 4 results counting towards the overall league standing. You will receive 1 point for 1st, 2 points for second and so on. If you do not fish a round you will be rewarded the maximum points for that heat. Overall the lowest combined score over 4 rounds wins the overall league. However there are prizes for each weeks winner
  • There is a £5 League entry fee this is a one off payment and goes straight into the prize pot.
  • After this 10% of all the fishing fees for the evening go into the prize pot for the end of the league. This will then be split between 1st,2nd & 3rd. Then winner of each round will win a boat voucher for a full day boat.
  • The league will be fished to full Catch & Release with score cards being produced for each boat. Your partner will be responsible for recording your catch. It will go on number of fish released with the time of the first 2 fish being recorded in the case of a draw.
  • To enter into a round you will have needed to register before 4pm the day before. A draw will then be published for that evening on arrival you will collect your score cards and head out on the water, on returning to the dock the cards will be handed in to fishery staff.
  • The first round for Draycote will be Monday 31st May & Eyebrook Wednesday 9th June and will be ran bi-weekly.
  • They will start at 5.30pm until last boats in this will alter with the daylight.
  • The results will then be published the next day on social media.

Draycote Evening League Dates.

Round 1- Monday 31st May

Round 2- Monday 14th June

Round 3- Monday 28th June

Round 4- Monday 12th July

Round 5- Monday 26th July

Round 6- Monday 9th August

Round 7- Monday 23rd August


Eyebrook Evening League Dates.

Round 1- Wednesday 9th June

Round 2- Wednesday 23rd June

Round 3- Wednesday 7th July

Round 4- Wednesday 21st July

Round 5- Wednesday 4th August

Round 6- Wednesday 18th August

Round 7- Wednesday 1st September

To book yourself into the league please call the lodges Draycote on 01788 812018 or Eyebrook on 01536 770264