Thornton weekly fishing report 11th October 2020

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Thornton Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 11th October 2020

A week when we saw more fish move onto the weed beds with fry patterns starting to take fish although we are still seeing buzzer hatches during the afternoon with a good evening rise.

Monday a quiet day with not many rods on the water as the forecast was giving windy weather. Much better day on Tuesday with Dave Simmonds catching 3 trout for his 4 hour visit, Garry Crag float tubed catching 5 on cormorant pattern with Peter Wrigley catching 5 taking 3 of them in front of the main car park

Busy day Wednesday, good weather all the boats out, everyone caught with some getting well into double figures. Phil Moore fished a small minkie along the weed beds of the lonesome pine catching 14 trout, Richard Price found black and green worked for him catching 9 trout. Bob Jones took to a boat and fished a cats booby, FAB, damsel pattern to catch his 14 trout with Peter Wurm fishing the evening rise catching 6 trout on small emergers

Thursday Howard Davies fished the evening rise with his claret snatcher taking another 6 trout. Cooler day Friday but that didn’t stop the trout with minki patterns & boobies helping M Cross and Chris Sayer to their 10 trout catch for the morning, J Bebbington & K Coley fished the weed beds to take their catch of 14 trout with Mark Hunt fishing a cold evening to take 3 trout during the late evening rise.

Saturday Mr Perkins fished the weed beds off the wood bank to catch his 11 trout, M Burrows found the fish in green bay catching 5 for his mornings visit, Jan Webber fished various booby patterns to take his 8 fish.

Sunday Rodger Guise and Adam Gunby fished boobies to catch 9 fish for their mornings visit, Richard Price returned for his second visit of the week this time fishing minky boobies to catch 10 trout, Steve Swinfield & S Zeleny caught 8 for their mornings visit on booby patterns as did P Hunt and J Thompson recording 8 fish between them. Dave Slessor caught 7 again off the weed beds with Andrew Wilson fishing in front of the wood with a booby and cats whisker to catch 5 for his mornings visit

With a rod average 3.5 and a good forecast for the coming week we should see similar sport with fry patterns around the weed beds with fish moving to buzzers from mid afternoon onwards.

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