Weekly fishing report 9th August 2020

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Thornton Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 9th August

Monday & Tuesday were both difficult days, we started at 7.30am with a water temperature of 20c which increased during the day. The algae bloom hasn’t helped. Unsurprisingly sinking lines with boobies, fabs and snakes produced best.

Wednesday & Thursday followed the same pattern, water temperature 20c at 7.30am climbing to 21c+ by 3pm, not surprising therefore that the rods who did venture out fished during the morning session and concentrated their efforts o the deeper water.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, the forecast 30 degree daytime temperatures arrived, on our advice most anglers cancelled or moved their bookings to the larger waters Eyebrook or Draycote. We recorded our highest water temperature of the year, starting at 7.30am 21c climbing to 24c by 3pm.

All in all a difficult weeks fishing, high air and water temperature with an algae bloom, not great conditions for fly fishing.

On the plus side the shortening daylight hours and increasing cooler darker hours will allow the water temperature to drop quickly once were out of this current warm spell. Weather forecast does indicate cooler temperature mid week onwards.

As always, we recommend you contact the lodge for latest updates

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