Thornton Weekly Report 19th July

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Thornton Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 19th July 2020

Monday and following the brighter weekends weather our water temperature had climbed to 19c although the days forecast for cloud and a breeze would help to reduce the temperature. Overall a tough day with a rod average of 1.5

Tuesday, more cloud and a good breeze with our water temperature getting closer to 18c. A much better day with trout in the top layers taking buzzers, crunchers, snatchers. The cooler morning session fished best. Tim Whiting & P Cox manged 4 apiece on buzzers but the star of the day was Thornton member Howard Davies fishing his home tied snatcher patterns to record 17 trout for his mornings session, with Howard picking up fish all around the main basin.

Wednesday the main basin fished best gain to floating lines buzzers and the traditional Bibio size 12 working well. J Considine caught 6 for his mornings visit, Richard Maycock headed for the stones and caught 5, Mick Hewitt arrived late morning and fished into the early evening reporting plenty of follows and takes to a Bibio managing to land 7 trout. P Wurm decided to try the late evening, armed with the information regarding the Bibio he went on to catch 5 trout between 6.00pm & 9pm, best late evening session we have had for a while.

Thursday a warmer day switched the fish off, Mick Huffer caught 5 for his mornings visit with Robert Moreton taking 4 on a booby fished deep with few fish moving during the evening session

Rod average 3.1 saw an improvement to the sport on Friday with anglers finding a fast sinking line short leader and boobies caught well with Malcolm Beck catching 11 for his mornings visit with John Bebbington and Keith Coley also fishing boobies deep boating 7 for their part day session. D Coote opted for a sink tip long leader with a weighted damsel on the point and buzzers on the dropper fished static catching 6 for his mornings sport.

Saturday anglers took our advice and fished sinking lines with boobies and fabs returning a rod average of 6.0 for the day. Bob Jones took to his float tube fishing boobies and orange fab to catch 7, Martin Clay caught 12 for his mornings visit with Alison and Brian Sibley catching 8 with two over 3lb

Sunday with our water temperature at 19.5c at 7.30 it was always going to be a day for fishing deep. Anglers who reached for their fast sinking lines with booby patterns on a short 6ft leader although a few anglers who persevered with a floating line & long 20ft+ leaders did have some success with damsels & buzzers. S Swinfield & S Zeleny shared a boat & fished fast sinkers & Boobies to catch 8 for their mornings visit, A Wilson also fished boobies for his 5 trout, D Skudder fished a damsel pattern catching 5 trout during his mornings visit. Pete Hunt & John Thompson opted to fish a floater with a long 20ft+ leader with damsel & buzzers catching 13 trout for their mornings visit.

With the weekly rod average at 2.7 the morning session has generally fished best especially as the week progressed with the brighter warmer conditions.

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