Thornton weekly report 5th July 2020

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Thornton Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 5th July 2020

Thornton was built in 1854 and is shallow reservoir by today’s standards, 30ft at its deepest with large areas of shallow water. With no aerators and only fed by two small streams with reduced summer flows It does suffer from the warmer summers with higher water temperatures which can affect us during late June to August. Without doubt our seasons are altering with warmer temperatures during the summer period.

This year during this summer period peak period of higher temperatures were trialling a different stocking policy by stocking triploid trout from 1lb8oz to 1lb14oz. With more anglers wanting catch and release these sized trout will return easier and as I suspect they will be still be catchable in reasonable numbers compared to our regular stock size of 1lb12oz to 2lb+ giving you the anglers the sport and rod average you’ve come to expect.

Anglers are already reporting these fish seem more aggressive, prepared to chase a fly & importantly return easier. Our rod averages for this period are currently higher than previous years.

Late August / September we will return to our usual stocking size of 1lb12oz to 2lb+

Monday and a great start to the week with a rod average 4.5 with the cooler morning session fishing best with green bay, stones, dam and 100yds in front of the wood fishing best. Variety of methods taking fish from anglers back drifting with sinking lines to a washing line with dries and diawl bachs. Ian Brearley found the fish in green bay using a sink tip with snakes & damsel to catch 14, Bob Menhams found surface feeding fish along the bank from the pontoon to the car park catching 4 in 4 hours on a small foam backed daddy with Stuart Thompson commenting “best sport in a long time, fish bow waving behind the flies” catching 5 but missing many more during his mornings visit fishing diawls.

Tuesday another warm day but we still averaged 4.0 with anglers reasonably spread across the water again catching on floaters all the way down to fast sinkers

Richard Price caught 7 for his mornings visit with B Deeley catching his 8 on a DI7 with green & gold humungus. During the morning we were watching fish feeding out in front of the pontoon & to the right, we showed these to Alan Smith who set up with a floating line & traditional Wickham’s & Hare Ear pattern to catch 6 for his 4 hour mornings visit. Bob Jones took to his float tube catching 12 on a washing line combination of a small booby on the point & diawl on the dropper.

Wednesday & a much brighter warmer day resulting in a 2.5 rod average Dave Leavesley caught 6 on a damsel with All Water Member Ged Odonoghue fishing from his tube with diawl & damsel patterns to catch his 6 trout, member D Button found fish feeding on damsel nymphs along the edge of the weed in front of the wood catching 5 for his visit.

Thursday and a rod average 2.6 with the morning session fishing best. P Hunt caught 6 for his mornings visit, Steve Windram caught 5 including an overwintered 3lb8oz rainbow. Ian Leach bought his daughter fishing catching 5 between them for their mornings fishing with Scot Wilson recording 7 for his mornings fishing.

Friday with a fresher wind & overcast conditions & our rod average was 4.1 member M Cross catching 6 for his mornings fishing, Mr Chamberlain fished a Candy Fab, green tadpole & booby to catch his 13 trout with J Batit catching 17 on a green booby, coral booby & Pitsford pea patterns, again the morning session produced best.

Saturday, cooler fresher overcast day with light showers produced another good day with a rod average 4.8 Alison an Brian Sibley caught 11 for their mornings visit fishing out from the corner of the wood with DI3 and damsel patterns, Mark Hunt decided to concentrate on the dries catching 16 trout from all over the water with Big red & black hoppers, again catching the majority during the morning session.

Sunday and a very windy day which saw the anglers who ventured out go looking for the calmer sheltered water, a tough day with a rod average 1

Peter Hunt tucked himself away under the cover of the dam & ended up being top with 3 trout taken on buzzer.

Much better forecast from Tuesday onwards with Thornton enjoying excellent early July sport.

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