Thornton Weekly Report 21st June 2020

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Thornton Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 22 June

Monday and another bright hot day with a 1400 trout delivery from Torre trout farm delivered during the morning. The forecast indicated a rapid change in the weather on its way with heavy rain & thunderstorms. Sport on Monday was generally slow.

Tuesday & a change to the weather cooler with heavy thundery showers. Water temperature dropped to 18c. B Deeley fished a tequila blob on a fast sinker to catch 7 trout, David Pritchard recorded 6 for his visit with the dam wall & deeper water fishing best.

Wednesday the forecast was for substantial rain & localised flooding due to thunderstorms, the few rods who did venture out fished the morning, Alan Johnstone fished a minkie booby deep to take his 4 fish limit with member John Thomson catching 6 on buzzer between 6ft & 10ft down. By teatime the thunderstorm arrive with torrential rain, in just over an hour it put 20 gallons of rain water in each boat with the reservoir rising rapidly, local weather stations reported 48mmwhich is nearly 2inch of rain in a 24 hour period.

Thursday and the water level came up 6inch but thankfully with all the crops in the field our clarity remained fishable. Members Steve Windram & Phil Cross fished orange blobs to catch their 20 trout, Martin Vernon caught 6 with N Brain & M Hunt fishing the afternoon session with Snakes & damsels to record their catch of 7 trout. Member Peter Wurm drifted the main basin during the late evening rise fishing a G&H sedge to boat his 4 trout

Friday & the water temperature was down to 18c with clarity well over 2ft & fishable. Member Greg Weatherdon caught 7 on snakes & blobs, Steve Jordan & Pam Shuttlewood shared a boat fishing boobies & buzzers to catch their 8 trout, Andy Dermott on a day off from his Thornton & Eyebrook duties took a boat out for the morning session catching 14 trout out of green bay with All Water member Jamie Scott fishing a DI7 with blobs & boobies to catch 21 trout . Mark Hunt went out for the last 4hr hoping for some dry fly sport and wasn’t disappointed fishing big reds, cdc he caught 7 trout

Saturday with the water level starting to return to normal and our water temperature 17.5c we were expecting a good days sport, and we weren’t disappointed. Andre Russell & Garry Cragg fished from their float tubes with cormorants, damsels & snakes catching 19 trout, All Water member Tim Davies fished the first half of the morning session without a take, during the second half of his morning session he boated 6 trout. B Perrin decided to fish the washing line with diawl on his dropper, a good choice as he caught 19 trout. Phil Mee also fished diawls to catch his 6 trout. B Sibley caught 9 for his mornings visit with J Kilby fishing buzzers to record his 8 trout. Jan Webber alternated between a booby, fab, snakes & damsel to catch his 9 trout.

Stuart Thompson reported his fish “were stuffed with large bloodworms” while other anglers reporting their catches had been feeding on daphnia or pin fry

Sunday, cooler morning with the water a fishing friendly 17.5 degrees. Most anglers headed towards the green bay, dam & stones with James Edwards enjoying an excellent morning in green bay catching 14 trout on a washing line & sinking with snakes, Dave Skudder caught 5 for his morning visit with Steve Jordan using buzzers & boobies to take his 4 trout

The heavy rainfall & cooler evenings resulted in our water temperature dropping to 17.5c with anglers then catching at all depths from a floating line with dries to a washing line, with a sink 3, sink 5 & fast sinking lines also taking fish with snakes, boobies & damsels resulting in an overall rod average of 3.5 for the week.

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