Thornton week ending 7th June

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Thornton Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 7th June 2020

Hand sanitiser available at the lodge we recommend anglers also bring their own to use as required

Monday with another warm day forecast although for us anglers a spell of cooler weather was due to be with us by late Tuesday. Pete Hunt managed 9 for his visit, Steve Zeleny caught 4 for his mornings visit wit R Humphreis taking 5 trout with the deeper water in front of the dam, green bay and stones been the best area with the majority catching on sinking lines.

Tuesday and a rod average 4.5 with the deeper water, sinking lines with snakes, booby, green pea, blob and damsel patterns working. Scott Wilson caught 15 for his visit, Chris Flay and his father fished the last 4 hours to record their catch of 11 trout, Ian Morris returned 9 for his visit with members Mr & Mrs Warren deciding to fish the Markfield Arm catching 6 fish for their afternoon visit.

Cooler day on Wednesday and surprisingly tougher days fishing from the day before. Member Howard Davies caught 7 for his mornings visit, Neil Nates fished a green pea booby to catch his 4 for his afternoon fishing with Carl Bond taking 4 for his session on an orange blob

Thursday & the surface water temperature was dropping back. Nick Glover caught 6 with every fish feed he caught feeding on daphnia, Alan Johnson fished a morning session for his 4 with Neil Bates returning for another afternoon session with his green pea booby catching a further 4 trout.

Friday and noticeably cooler water temperature had dropped further to 17.5c. Garry Cragg fished from his float tube catching 6 trout, Robert Morton fished a red snake to take his 4 trout during a morning session with Chris Sayer catching 5 trout

Saturday and after another cooler windier evening our water temperature had dropped a further degree to 16.5c Saturday proved to be a cold, wet, hailstone, thunder & wind.

Colin England fished an UV cruncher to take 5 for his mornings visit with Mark Hunt fishing through the worst of the afternoon weather to catch 7 on booby & snakes

Sunday and another cool morning with the water temperature down to 16c degrees I was expecting the fishing to be good, well I was proved wrong, it tuned out to be the most difficult day of the week. Some anglers reported seeing fish feeding especially along the bank of the Thornton arm down to the car park & again off the corner of the wood. J Draycot found a cdc buzzer was the answer.

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