Thornton update 31st May 2020

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Thornton Weekly Fishing Report.


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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 31st May 2020


We are still working to limited boat numbers to ensure social distancing on & around the pontoon details of our updated guidelines are on our website

Two members / season permit holders may now share a boat; guidelines updated above.

Hand sanitiser available at the lodge we recommend anglers also bring their own to use as required

This past week pin fry have shown in the margins, increasing number of damsels, buzzer but smaller 14s

Monday and before the heat of the week kicked in anglers were catching along the wood and Markfield arm with buzzers and hoppers, Simon caught 9 from his float tube for his mornings session, Mr Keeber caught 8 on buzzer and damsel with Mr Measures catching 12 for his visit. Chris Flay fished with his father for the last 4hr session catching 7

Tuesday the weather was noticeably warmer, with the bank fishing becoming noticeably more difficult as the water temperature climbed & bank side weed growth

Float tubers Andre Russell caught 7 with Shaun Higgins catching 6, Ian Brealey fished 100 yards off the wood catching 6 fish to 3lb+ with members Mr & Mrs Warren catching 6 for their mornings visit

Wednesday our surface water temperature had increased to 18+degrees with anglers eventually finding fish out over the deeper water in front of the main dam, green bay and stones

Thursday and on advice from the lodge boat anglers headed towards the deeper water, Chris Sayer caught 14 in Green Bay on black and green tadpole, M Beck caught 7 for his mornings visit with member Howard Davies catching 6 for his afternoon session

Friday again the deeper water produced best with trout to be found the length of the dam, green bay and along the stones. Mick Cross fished a cats whisker snake catching 12, Andre Russell and Gary Cragg fished from their float tubes Andre catching 9 on an intermediate and damsel with fish to 3lb+ while Garry caught 14 using cormorants and damsels. David Coote took his mornings 4 fish limit again on damsels with Chris Fray and his fathere returning for a 4 hour session catching 6 trout

Saturday, bright, hot and breezy Keith Cowen caught 11, Mark Hunt caught 12 to 3lb+ using a DI5 and snakes and later in the day a 12ft RIO Streamer Tip and buzzers

Sunday and similar conditions to Saturday. J Edwards headed towards the dam with a booby basher and pink snake catching 29 trout for his visit. Simon took to his float tube to catch 11 trout with Matt Vickers also float tubing catching 8 for his visit. Adam Gunby fished a pink snake for his Sunday morning visit landing 6 fish to 4lb+

Cooler weather forecast for this week will help to ensure good sport as we move into June

Current weekly rod average 3.0  Water Clarity excellent

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