Thornton Fishery Update 23rd February

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Thornton 23rd February

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Very little to report as we advised anglers to stay away this week due to the high water level from the week before which coloured the water.

Water clarity is improving however we have to wait & see what impact the rain over the weekend has.

From our records you need to go back to 2002 or 2007 to find the last time we had the reservoir effected for so long by rainfall.

Had we not had the weekends rainfall we were looking at the clarity improving by Wednesday, following Sundays rainfall & depending on todays (Monday 24th) rainfall I will have a better idea tomorrow on when its likely to be worth fishing, ideally we need 14inch+ of clarity this morning at 10.00am we have 11 – 12inch of clarity.

My gut feeling looking at the various forecast and current localised rainfall  is that Thursday / Friday could be worth a visit

As always we recommend you call the lodge for latest updates 01530 230807

LOCAL ANGLING CLUB spotlight: Thornton Fly Fishers is, they arrange club competitions, social events & winter fly tying, visit their website they also have a Facebook page