Weekly Fishing Report Thornton 10th February 2020

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Thornton Weekly Fishing Report.

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Fishery Report: Week Ending: 9th February 2020

First full week of the season produced a weekly rod average of 4.8 with some individual days returning an average of 7+

When fishing catch and release please ensure you de barb the flies your using.

Monday boats again enjoyed the best of the sport using DI3 and DI7 sinking lines, the key to success was fishing sinking lines with orange lures, cats whisker, green pea, blobs and boobies. Lee Henfrey caught up the Thornton arm fishing 40yds off the bank. R Cotterill and S Wilson boated 18 fish for their visit.

Tuesday and better conditions saw an upturn in the sport with a rod average of 7+ with the fish been a bit more spread out along the Thornton arm, wood bank and into the Markfield arm. All Water member Ian Jobe bank fished off the corner of the wood with a floating line and weighted nymphs to catch his 9 trout. Steve Windram fished up the top of the Thornton arm with a DI3 and orange lures catching 22 trout. Rodger Dunster and Peter Wrigley boated 15 trout for their visit with Arthur Olding catching 10 fish for his visit

Wednesday the weather dropped a bit cooler with a ground frost greeting the anglers, again the DI3, DI7 lines produced best with the corner of the wood to the lonesome pine fishing well. Kevin Hart shared a boat Rodger Kerrison boating 19 between them. All Water member Clive Moore on his first visit to Thornton caught 17 trout with another All Water member Dave Slessor catching 10. Dave Leavesley banked fished catching 6 trout on a weighted black and green tadpole & appetizer.

Thursday a sharp ground frost greeted the anglers with the frost on the pontoon not clearing before 9am resulting in the boats not going out until the pontoon and boats were considered safe by the fishery staff. Not surprising the sinking lines caught best again with Bob Middleton catching 21 for his visit , All Water member Ed Douglas visited Thornton for the first time catching 14 trout with P Harding fishing a small white and green snake to catch his 14 trout using a DI3.

Friday and you could sense a change in the weather A Topping bank fished using a midge tip and hot head damsel to catch his 8 trout, R Middleton and D Lovegrove shared a boat catching 22 on yellow blob, orange and yellow humongous, black and gold humongous and coral booby. Saturday and the wind was starting to pick up Phil Mee caught 11, Lee Henfrey also caught 11 with Mark Hunt recording 16 with at least 3 overwintered fish. We have seen a few more overwintered fish caught this week with the majority in excellent condition and weighing 3lb+

Sunday due to the storm the fishery was closed, we seem to have missed the worst of the rain, the level is up a little with some colour running along the shallows, although no where near as bad as expected.

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