Thornton Weekly Report 13th October

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Thornton Weekly Report

Week ending 13th October 2019

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Good sport continues at Thornton it’s a case of watching the weather and picking the good weather days, we use XC Weather app put in Thornton post code LE67 1AR we find its pretty good with the 24hr to 48hr period.

The reservoir level continues to creep towards the full mark, less than a foot to go to achieve that.

Anglers have found fish over the newly flooded banks along the Thornton Arm, wood bank & down the Markfield arm, at times the fish have been tight on the margins on other occasions 20ft off.

Floating lines and intermediates have worked best although on occasion a fast sinker has also worked, its transition time of year when we see fish still on the buzzer but also a few are turning onto the fry not surprising therefore it’s a real mix of flies which worked this past week, Snakes, boobies, cats whisker, green pea, damsel, buzzers, cdc and dries.

Monday Dennis Barnes caught 4 for his mornings visit, Tuesday Arthur Olding caught 4 for his mornings visit. Wednesday Richard Price caught 6 with Dave Leavesley catching 6 from the bank with P Walker going one better catching 7 from the bank. Thursday Kevin Last bank fished using a sinking line and booby to catch 3, Terry Miles fished a fritz damsel gold head pattern down the Markfield arm to catch 8 trout before the increasing south westerly winds made it too uncomfortable to fish.


Friday and a slower day with Chris Sayer being top rod for his mornings visit and 5 trout. Much better day on Saturday, calmer conditions, Jan Webber caught 6, Brian & Alison caught 9, Mark Hunt caught 10 with Jason Pusey taking a morning off from his Eyebrook duties to catch 8 trout at Thornton. Sunday and yet another wet day Keith Cowen was top rod hooking 10 trout and landing 6 for his mornings session.

If your coming to fish the bank we recommend you bring waders.

Water clarity is still good with a good.

Current rod average: 2.5

As always we recommend you call the lodge for latest information 01530 230807 if your coming to fish the bank you will require waders

Main gate, lodge & bank fishing open 7.30am

Bank: 07:30 am till 6.30pm

Boat All Day: 08:30 to 6.30pm

Morning Boats:   08:30 until 2.00pm

Last 4 Hours from: 2.15pm until 6.15pm (Tickets on sale from 2.00pm)

All anglers to be off site by: 6.30pm

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