Weekly Fishing report 1st September

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Thornton Weekly Report

Week ending 1st September 2019

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Water temperature remained stubbornly high at 20c+ although as I write this report the cooler conditions since Sunday is starting to see the temperature drop if a little slowly.

Algae bloom persists which isn’t helping us at all.

Generally, the deeper water in front of the main car park, dam wall & green bay is the area to try, but there doesn’t seem to be any consistency, an area that produces a few fish one day seems devoid of fish the next.

As reported last week on Monday Simon caught 7 on a booby fast sink line for his morning’s session fishing from the valve tower to green bay, John Thompson & Pete Hunt fished twice during the week catching 7 on sinking lines booby on the drift over the deeper water. All of the fish caught during the week were during the morning session.

As the water temperature drops we should start to see our clarity improve and more importantly be in a position to restock as we move into the autumn

Current rod average: 0.8

Main gate, lodge & bank fishing open 7.30am

Bank: 07:30 am till 8.00pm

Boat All Day: 08:30 to 8.00pm

Morning Boats:   08:30 until 2.30pm    Afternoon Boats: 2.30pm until 8.00pm

Last 4 Hours from: 4.00pm until 8.00pm (Tickets on sale from 3.45pm)

All anglers to be off site by: 8.15pm

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