Thornton weekly report 28th April

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Thornton Weekly Report

Week ending 28th April 2019

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Another steady week for Thornton with bank and boat anglers catching with the area opposite the lodge, corner of the wood and lonesome pine best for bank anglers with boats fishing corner of the wood, stones and in the evening drifting across the main basin

Monday Mark Stone caught 5 for his 4 hour mornings visit, Bob Jones float tubed with damsel and buzzer patterns for his 7 trout. Tuesday Pete Hunt continued to use his successful patterns of cats whiskers and buzzers to catch 11 trout, by Wednesday were starting to see an improving evening rise with buzzers and suspender buzzers taking fish with Peter Wurm catching 6 during the last 3 hours and Clive Holt catching 9 again during the late evening session on traditional wets

Tut Miles caught 5lb rainbow on damsel, Phil Mee also caught a 5lb rainbow, P Hunt caught 5lb8oz with Keith Cowen over two trips catching 12 trout for 32lb

The Troutmasters fish off was fished on Sunday with Andy Lilley going on to represent Thornton and R Miller going to represent Foremark, the very best of luck in the final been held at Draycote water.

Water clarity is good   Our rod average 3.4

Due to the continued maintenance work on the Thornton Dam overflow the contractors have dropped the level of the reservoir further and currently were 5ft+ down, the work is scheduled to be completed by late July

Buzzer & Indicator Fishing As it’s the time of year for buzzers and indicators Tom Bird has written a new blog explaining the method we also have an online shop offer on indicators this week

Main gate, lodge & bank fishing open 7.30am

Bank: 07:30 am till 8.45 pm

Boat All Day: 08:30 to 8.45pm

Morning Boats:   08:30 until 2.30pm    Afternoon Boats: 2.30pm until 8.45pm

Last 4 Hours from: 4.45pm until 8.45pm (Tickets on sale from 4.30pm)

All anglers to be off site by: 9.00pm

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