Weekly fishing report week ending 14th April

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Thornton Weekly Report

Week ending 14th April 2019

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Despite the cold easterly winds we enjoyed a rod average of 4.0 last week with the majority of fish taken on floating, midge tip or intermediate lines. On the colder days a Sink3 or fast sinking line did work best, it was a case of matching the line to the conditions.

The corner of the wood down past the lonesome pine fished best for boat and bank anglers on the windier days the sheltered bank from the end of the stones to the farm

Scotty Wilson caught 11 from the lonesome pine area on Monday. Dave Leavesley bank fished down by the lonesome pine catching 6 fish on buzzer and cats whisker patterns with the most productive time between 11am and 1pm

Pete Hunt caught 18 on Wednesday with Tony Lorrimer fishing his bunny patterns to catch 20 with L Sorreno fishing the afternoon session with buzzers, dawson olive and red holo cormorants to catch 23 trout

Neil James caught a rainbow of 5lb+ with D Ryalls catching a 4lb+ rainbow, photo on www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore

Over the weekend we had members of the Complete Fly Fisher forums visit Thornton for their annual competition notable catches were Kevin Dewey 17 trout, Ian Lindsey 19 trout, Paul Evans 16 trout catching on blobs, boobies and damsel patterns

The colder conditions are pegging back our evening rise sport, hopefully with the forecast giving improving air temperatures towards the middle of the week onwards we will see an evening rise as were certainly getting the buzzer hatches.

Water clarity is excellent

Our rod average 4.0

Our water levels are down 4ft due to the continued maintenance work on the overflow,

Main gate, lodge & bank fishing open 7.30am

Bank: 07:30 am till 8.00 pm

Boat All Day: 08:30 to 8.00pm

Morning Boats:   08:30 until 2.00pm

Afternoon Boats: 2.00pm until 8.00pm

Last 4 Hours from: 4.00pm until 8.00pm (Tickets on sale from 3.45pm)

All anglers to be off site by: 8.15pm

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