Weekly report week ending 24th

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Thornton Weekly Report

Week ending 24th June

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The fresh northerly wind during the early part of the week certainly helped to counteract the warming surface temperatures with trout been caught in the top 5ft with some still being taken on dries.

As you would expect with us arriving at the longest day with a good 17hr of daylight the majority of the fishing is been concentrated over the deeper water, the channels at the entrance to both arms, stones, green bay and out in front of the main dam

Monday Keith Cowen caught 5 on blobs, Tuesday Peter Wrigley used the fresh breeze on Tuesday to catch 6 on dries for his mornings visit, Greg Weatherdon followed our advice fished the morning session and caught 5 trout on a fast sinking line and booby. Mark Hunt watched the weather and fished the much cooler evening session om Thursday catching 3 on dries

By Friday the heat of the day was taking its toll with the majority of rods struggling to catch, Liz Astill caught 5 trout during her two visits.

Saturday and the heat of the day continued to have its impact Martin Clay caught 5 for his visit, Mark Hunt struggled to find fish during the morning, although with a freshening breeze & increasing cloud cover found a pod of fish feeding on the surface & caught 14 on a big red cdc combo, he didn’t catch his first fish until 13.45 and was off the water by 16.30

Sunday with a flat calm & bright hot conditions it proved to be a struggle, Phill Mee took advantage of the cooler mornings water temperature taking 3 trout early on a DI3

The water level is down around 4ft currently as STW have some work to do on the spillway, our water clarity has a slight algae bloom.

As always we recommend you contact the lodge for latest updates

Rod Average 1.2

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