Thornton weekly report week ending August 6th

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Thornton weekly report week ending 6th August 2017

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Our water temperature at 7.30am for most of the week was just under 19c degrees allowing us to introduce some fresh stock fish last Tuesday with another stocking due this week.

We still have algae on the water although any breeze is helping to clear it. Despite the stocking it has still been a relatively tough weeks fishing with the rod average at 1.0

Mornings are still fishing best although we are having some fish move in the evening, unfortunetly any evening rise is occurring during the last 15 minutes of daylight!

Most of the fish taken are coming to floating lines with claret emergers, dries or daddies with an intermediate and micro booby, cats whisker and booby.

Steve Windram caught 5 on a cats whisker in front of the main dam, Nev Welsh caught 3 for his mornings session from the same area. Andre Russell too to his float tube catching 3 but reporting plenty of nips and pulls before the hailstones and torrential cold rain forced him off the water. Mark Hunt reported a frustrating days fishing working hard on a variety of methods to eventually boating his 5 fish again enduring the hailstones and torrential downpours.

We will hopefully see our water temperature drop further this week with the cooler weekly forecast they have given for the midlands.

Our water temperature is always taken 18inch below the surface between 7.30am & 8.00am every morning.

Water clarity: We have an algae bloom, visibility is around 4ft

As we always advise, keep in touch with the lodge for latest updates.

Current Fishing Times:

Car Park, Lodge and bank fishing open 7.30am

Full Day Boats: 8.30am – 9.00pm

Part Day Boats: 8.30am – 3.00pm /  3.00pm – 9.00pm

Last 4 hours:   5.00pm – 9.00pm (last 4 hour permits on sale from 4.45pm)


All anglers off site by 9.15pm


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