Thornton Weekly Fishing Report w/e Sunday 26th July 2015

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Thornton Weekly Fishing Report w/e Sunday 26th July 2015

Another challenging week at Thornton, although the cooler weather has at
last helped the water temperature drop to a respectable 17 degrees.
Again the most notable feature of the week has been the quality of the
fish caught, with over 10% of them weighing in at 5lb plus.
The biggest catch of the week fell to regulars Norma and Bill, who during an
evening session, took 8 fish to the boat whilst anchored just off the dam.
Noteworthy fish caught included 2 over 6lb taken by Mr. Martindale and
Mr. Cross. Other notables  where  Mr.Hill, Mr. Ward and Mr Burr, who all caught 
fish over 5lb.
Mr Brian Sibley also netted yet another fish over  5 lb on Saturday.
Best bag of the week fell to Mr. Dunnett, who took 3 fish for 13 lb
whilst float tubing.

Anglers who kept in touch with the lodge and fished the cooler days did best, with the majority of the trout caught coming from the deep water in front of the main car park, dam wall and stones. The best methods were either a fast sinking line with short leaders and a booby, snakes and blobs or floating lines long leaders 20ft+ with weighted bloodworm and buzzer.
Prospects for the coming week look good with the water temperature dropping to more respectable levels.

Tight Lines.


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