Thornton Weekly Report Week Ending 21st June

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Weekly Report Week ending 21st June 2015

Usually and under normal summer conditions we would be reporting “fast sinking lines & booby” but that’s not the case, far from it. Every morning at 7.30am this past week our surface water temperature was still a very fish friendly 18 degrees with huge hatch of small midge, sedges, caenis, damsel & this week good numbers of pinfry to be seen ensuring lots of trout to be seen moving on the surface feeding on this bonanza.

There is a downside, if you consider it a downside, with so much natural food it can at times be challenging, but that’s the beauty of our sport.

Mark Hunt is on a roll having now caught 39 trout in two visits, Len Hill found a red headed damsel in the boat put it on and caught 4 trout all averaging over 2lb for his mornings visit, Russ Martin fished a home tied dry to take 3 trout for his mornings visit while Chris Sayer opted for a morning boat to catch his 5 trout, David Price recorded a trout of 4lb1oz, Danny Lovegrove caught 5 on owls and green buzzer while Howard Davies caught 8 trout with 2 over 5lb

With no sign of the weather turning into a proper summer soon it will continue to be Floating Lines, Intermediates & slow sinkers this coming week with the small buzzer patterns to tempt the midge feeders, silver thorax phtail & small hares ears for the pinfry feeders, sparkle gnat & a tups for the caenis feeders & your favourite damsel patterns.

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