Thornton weekly report week ending 5th October

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Weekly Report ending 5th October

87 rods recorded 89 trout for the week for a rod average 0.9

Similar returns as last week, anglers again reported seeing trout move but proved difficult to tempt  On Saturday when the wind freshened fish were prepared to chase a surface fly pulled through the wave, but again actually hooking these trout proved difficult.

Trout remain out over the deeper water with the stones & main dam continuing to be favourite.

With a dramatic change to the weather during the last 48 hours, good frost Sunday morning with wind & rain today (Monday) its hoped it will freshen the water & bring the fish back on the take.

Again no real pattern on flies some caught on fast sinking lines & a booby while others persevered with a floating line with daddies, hopper, buzzer, damsel & muddler.

Usually during early / mid October the trout will start to move back into the arms with the area in front of the lodge & pontoon starting to produce.

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