Weekly Report week ending 1st June 2014

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Weekly Report ending 1st June     Thornton 01530 230807

123 rods recorded 257 trout for the week for a rod average 2.1

Buzzer, sedges, damsel, daddies, caenis, pin fry, snails, bloodworm have all been available for the trout to feed on this past week, nature`s larder store is well & truly open

We have seen some good evening rises this week if at times the trout proved a bit tricky with the caenis showing in increasing numbers, although referred to as the anglers curse a single dry Sparkle gnat or tups will often work

Although our boats will fish better than the bank as we move into July,  Simon Giles who only took up fly fishing this year bank fished opposite the lodge using a daddy to catch 3 trout on Sunday morning.

Russ Martin has banked fished this week he also caught opposite the lodge but reported getting broken by some bigger fish down by the farm bank.

The deeper water in front of the dam, orange buoys, stones & green bay has produced best although in the late evening boat anglers have reported fish moving at the top of both the arms.

On the days its overcast or with showers forecast trout can be seen feeding off the top most of the day as a group of Scottish anglers, Mr Freter party of 6 anglers, enjoyed those conditions during their visit catching 30 trout on buzzers, before visiting Draycote on their second day.

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