Thornton fishing report week ending 13/05/2012

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135 rods caught 298 trout returning 98 for a weekly average 2.2

Our water level is at the “Full” mark it’s actually running over the overflow but our water clarity is good once again.

We need some settled weather, what a fickle lot we are a few weeks ago I was praying for rain, but as were in the middle of May some settled warmer winds would certainly help.

Our evening rise is patchy in the main due to the drop in temperature were experiencing almost nightly, with us waking up Saturday and Sunday morning to a sharp frost.

T. Pegg anchored to the small orange buoy and fished a black cruncher catching 12 trout, Jim Foxall fished buzzers to take trout up to 3lb8oz, J. Considine fished a damsel to take fish up to 5lb, while Mick Cutis and J. Spick fished buzzers and crunchers to catch 15 for their morning visit.

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Thornton fishing report week ending 06/05/2012

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The rain has filled the reservoir, it’s actually overflowing.

With the heavy rain and a rapidly filling reservoir the water was unfishable for most of the week but by Saturday conditions improved and the anglers who took to the water enjoyed excellent sport.

Over Saturday and Sunday 49 rods caught 198 trout for a rod average 4.0
Woodbank, lonesome pine and stones fished best with cruncher, diawl bach & buzzers fished on a floater taking the majority of the fish.

We are starting to see an evening rise although the sudden drop in temperature were experiencing in the evening can make the rise short lived.

With the first Hawthorn Fly blowing onto the water this morning and with our water clarity good we should start to see an increasing number of trout feeding off the surface.

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Thornton fishing report week ending 29/04/2012

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We wanted rain, we needed rain, we didn’t want it all in one week, the reservoir is full and overflowing, its been 13 months since water ran down the spillway.

Its great to see the reservoir full, unfortunately all the rain and mass of water running in has coloured the water, it will I feel be Thursday or possibly Friday before it’s fishable.

With a fresh stocking gone in it should fish well once the water clears.

Obviously the wind and rain kept rods away with only 56 rods last week but they caught 175 trout for a respectable rod average 3.1.

My advice call the lodge and get the latest report before you travel 01530 230807.


Thornton fishing report week ending 22/04/2012

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Welcome rain for most of last week has put the levels up at Thornton we are currently just over 2ft down, and still rising, water clarity is still good.

The rain as welcome as it was kept the rods away with only 72 rods fishing last week, however the rods who put on the warm waterproof gear and ventured out enjoyed excellent sport recording 351 trout caught for a rod average 4.9

Despite the weather in between the rain we had our first good week of top of the water sport with increasing buzzer hatches ensuring good numbers of fish could be seen moving at times. During the colder spells an intermediate or sinking line kept you in contact with the feeding trout.

Green bay and stones stood out as the two main productive areas with damsel, orange fritz, buzzer and cruncher producing best.

We had our first good consistent evening rise with our last four hour permit offering excellent value for this productive fishing time, Last four hours Boat £4.00 and 1 fish permit + Catch & release £10.00.

With the rising levels I would expect the wood, lonesome pine and farm bank to start producing for the bank anglers, late April early May the farm bank area does usually fish well for the bank.

Lodge, main gate & bank fishing open 7.30am.

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Last 4 Hour 4.15pm – 8.15pm

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Thornton fishing report week ending 15/04/2012

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Despite the changeable weather and the bitterly cold north wind we enjoyed a reasonable weeks fishing with 124 rods catching 422 trout for a rod average 3.4.

Water clarity is as good as it gets with visibility easily 12ft+.

Trout spooned have bloodworm, buzzers daphnia in them with increasing numbers of buzzer on the water when weather conditions allow.

Intermediate and sinking lines with buzzer, orange blob, dawsons olive and booby have worked best with the stones, farm bank and lonesome pine being the favourite areas.

Andre Russell fishing from his tube caught 8 trout for 18lb while John Smith and Melvyn Pepper returned for another visit and caught over 20 fish on buzzer.

Full Day Boat 8.30am – 8.00pm
Part Day Boat 8.30am – 2.30pm / 2.30pm – 8.00pm
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Thornton fishing report week ending 08/04/2012

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A massive change in the weather, with the rain most welcome, helping to raise the level at Thornton.

Last week the weather kept the rods off the water but the 84 rods who ventured out caught 236 trout for a rod average 2.8.

With the colder weather sinking lines with booby, blobs & fritz worked best with the deeper water from green bay to the end of the stones fishing best.

Buzzer have worked for some with J. Smith & M. Pepper getting well into double figures all on buzzer fishing from an anchored boat off the corner of green bay.

On the warmer days our buzzer hatches continue to improve with increasing numbers of the large grey/black buzzer coming off.

Despite the rain and the reservoir up a good 8inch our water clarity remains excellent, gin clear.

Main gate, Lodge and bank fishing open from 7.30am
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All anglers off site by 8pm

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Thornton fishing report week ending 01/04/2012

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148 rods caught 466 trout returning 155 for a rod average 3.1

The warm spell last week certainly helped with good buzzer hatches during the day, in the main small black buzzers with the black blakestone size 14 buzzer working well. Fish spooned have large numbers of small buzzers & daphnia in them.

The trout have moved this week with the deeper water in front of the stones producing best with intermediate or floating lines with buzzer, orange blob & dawsons olive producing best. On Sunday and with the start of the cooler weather some anglers switched to a fast sinking line & booby which again worked well.

Currently our water level is 3ft8in down but the clarity is excellent.

Main Gate, bank fishing & lodge open 7.30am.

Full Day Boats 8.30am – 7.30pm
Part Day Boats 8.30am – 2.00pm / 2.00pm – 7.30pm

Contact the lodge 01530 230807


Thornton fishing report week ending 25/03/2012

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A mixed week for us with the colder easterly winds during the middle part of the week slowing catches, however by the weekend and improving weather the fishing improved.

During the week 140 rods 286 trout retuning 97 for a rod average 2 with Kirby Muxloe fly fishers fishing their first match of the year on Sunday with their match averaging 3.3.

Unusually for us at this time of year is the amount of daphnia in the water with the trout feeding hard on the daphnia over the past two weeks. With our water temperature still under 10 degrees our buzzer hatches are limited to the warmer part of the day, however this unseasonable weather were having will bring the water temperature up & with it improving buzzer hatches.

For bank anglers the stones, corner of the wood and farm bank are fishing best with boat anglers finding the wood, lonesome pine, farm and stones into green bay producing good numbers.

Best patterns: Blakestone Buzzer 14 black, orange blob, small cats whisker, green pea with a intermediate or floating line.

Full Day Boats: 8.30am – 7.00pm
Part Day Boats 8.30am – 2.00pm / 2.00pm – 7.00pm

Main Gate & Lodge open from 7.30am

Water level is currently 3ft down, water clarity is good

Contact the lodge 01530 230807.


Thornton fishing report week ending 18/03/2012

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A better weeks fishing for us with 133 rods catching 475 trout returning 238 for a rod average 3.6

The British Float Tubing Association fished with us on Saturday with 16 anglers taking to their tubes, catching 85 trout for a rod average of 5.3 Well done to Dave Carrie who came first in their match.

The trout are getting well spread throughout the reservoir with the stones fishing well this week with boat & bank anglers picking up good numbers from this area.

The Thornton Arm, Farm Bank & Stones continue to provide the best of the sport with an increasing number of trout feeding on the improving buzzer hatches & daphnia.

Intermediate or floating lines with orange blob, orange fritz goldhead, buzzer, diawl bach & green pea have been the most successful method & patterns, with buzzers fished under an indicator starting to take an increasing number of trout.

Our water clarity is good & our level is still 3ft down.

Full Day Boats 8.30am – 5.45pm
Part Day Boats 8.30am – 1.30pm / 1.30pm – 5.45pm

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Thornton fishing report for fortnight to week ending 11/03/2012

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During the past the fortnight 232 rods caught 489 trout returning 158 for a rod average 2.1

The bank opposite the lodge has been heavily fished since opening day which for us was 6 weeks ago, unsurprisingly therefore the fish have spread themselves out along the shallows of the Thornton & Markfield arm.

Surprisingly for us at this early stage of the season the bottom end of the stones has produced some fish, the stones do not normally produce until early April.

Water height continues to improve, if at times slowly with our water clarity being good.

Floating or intermediate lines with bloodworm, diawl bach, buzzers & small black & green tadpole have generally produced best.

If your coming to fish the bank be sure to bring your waders

Main gate & lodge open 7.30am

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Part Day Boat 8.30am – 1.30pm / 1.30pm – 6.00pm

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