Weekly report Thornton 15th July

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Thornton Weekly Report

Week ending 15th July

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Another tough week due to the relentless hot weather. Towards the end of the week Friday & Saturday we were given a glimmer of an improvement with slightly cooler daytime temperatures bit more cloud & cooler evenings resulting in our water temperature at 7.30am in the morning registering 18c – 19c before climbing during the day and by 6.00pm registering 20c

With the water at 18c+ in the morning & some cloud we could see fish moving especially over the deeper water by green bay & the stones.

Mick Cross caught 4 for his short morning visit with Micks fish found to be feeding on tiny snails

Mark Hunt followed our advice and fished the cooler morning session, Mark fished an intermediate with cruncher & damsel pattern to catch 6 for his visit from the green bay & stones area.

The booby & snake patterns fished on sinking lines continue to catch a few fish

Not surprising we had very few rods out for the week with the rod average 0.9

The weather this week is giving a slight improvement which should see our surface water temperature at around 18c for the morning session but is likely to climb during the day.

We recommend you concentrate your fishing to the cooler morning session

Severn Trent have some engineering work to carry out on the spillway, for this reason they are dropping the level of the reservoir by 6ft

We have some algae in the water, visibility is around 2ft

Rod Average 0.9

Opening Times

Main Gate, Lodge & Bank fishing open 7.30am

Full Day Boat: 8.30am – 9.45pm

Morning Boat: 8.30am – 3.00pm

Afternoon Boat: 3.00pm – 9.45pm

Last 4hr hour 5.45pm – 9.4pm

All anglers offsite by 10.00pm